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Need info on a family cemetery/surname MABON in ? Edgehill,Columbia,S.C. 27 Sept. 2003 Jane Blalock
Old Macedonia Church Cemetery Hi, I was reveiwing the cemetery listing and noticed on the Old Macedonia Church Cemetery was moved from Fort Jackson in 1959. It is believed that I have ancestors that is buried in this cemetary. Do you know where the cemetary was moved to and how I can obtain information on the graves at this location? I would greatly appreciate your time in responding. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 7 Sept. 2004 TINA CAMPBELL
McIntosh Any information on John Richard McIntosh, (son of John Stewart MacIntosh) married to Anna T. Mahoney in Columbia, RC, S.C., parents of Redmond Joseph MacIntosh.  29 March 2007 Jon Niehaus
MACK Seek info on GF, Benjamin Mack, married Daisy Mae Kennedy. Son, Robert Lee Mack born 18 Dec.1919 in Columbia S.C. He left Richland County c1930's and came to New York State where he remained. He stated that his father, Benjamin Mack came to Richland County from Florida.  (4/20/98 9:48:26 PM) Roberta Mack-Goddard


Seek info on MACK family in Richland County in the 1700's. I have a copy of a will for a "CONROD MACK", dated 1796, and think this "Might" be the link I was looking for. Most of my Macks come from Orangeburg County, and I can prove back to John Mack, but cannot go any further. I honestly think this may be a Mack of mine, and wondered if you had ANY info on the Mack family in Richland County in the 1700's. As a matter of interest, the other names mentioned in his will are: Isaac Clark and Dr. Robert Knox, (as Executors..) and Samuel Thompson as witness. Several Macks (John Mack, Lewis Mack and "Half-Sister" Yeuly Mack) mentioned in the will. 17 Feb. 2001 Gene Mack
MANNING Seek info on g-g-g-f, Charles John Manning, born 1808 in Richland, SC, married Mary Elizabeth Harris who was born 1809 in Richland Co, SC. Children: JOHN BARLOW born 1841 married Mary P. Brent, Green married Eliza Landrethd Carolin BORN 1837, Charles W, born 1839, Delitha born 1843, Brown born 1847 married Emma Chapman, Mack born 1850 married his cousin Nancy Ann Hall, Dalachi born 1847. Most of these children were born in SC, all lived in Richland Co., some moved to Hot Springs Co, Ark. (3/9/98 6:44:00 PM) Sarah White


Seek an obit for Kenneth Carl "Ken" Marlow died: March 15, 1996 in Columbia, Richland, SC.  (according to SSDI).  26 Sept. 2003 John Turner


Looking for a Marsh family.  Mary Lillian Marsh was born in Culumbia I think in 1858, parents unknown. Father killed in war.  7 Nov. 2002 John Kyle


Seek info on John Marshall, will dated 1 Dec 1800, he was born in Lincolnshire, England c1730. Children: Sarah Marshall Bigbea, Martin Marshall, and William Marshall, born in Lincolnshire in 1752 and immigrated to America with his Father "at an early age". Settled in "Richland District, SC" near Columbia. Info states John owned 1000 acres in Richland County, a grist mill and supplied meal for the Revolutionary Army.  16 Janary 2000 R. Shelfer
MARTHERS John Wesley MARTHERS b. 1/23/1873 (place unknown) d. 1/17/1948 (buried Pine View Baptist Church Cemetery, Blythwood, SC). He may have been Cherokee. He married (1) Minnie DOVE abt. 1898. She was b. 9/4/1881 (place unknown) d. 11/24/1913 (buried Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery, near Winnsboro, SC?). Children: Maggie 1/23/1898-3/24/1920; Eliza Louise 4/16/1902-12/8/1967; Marie 4/20/1905-6/11/1931; Melvin; James died as infant. John married (2) Eugenia ? abt. 1914. She is also buried in the Pine View Baptist Church Cemetery. John married a third time to unknown. However, it was passed down that he murdered her in a jealous rage but he was never convicted. The children were born between Fairfield or Richland Counties. (8/27/97) Rosemary Alewine


Seek parents, siblings, ancestors, regarding SABRA "SALLY" MARTIN (b.c1788 in Georgia and lived in Richland Co., SC). Sabra married abt. 1807 BYRANT WELCH, son of MARY STEWART and RICHARD WELCH, and the family moved to Mississippi. Their children were: Martin, Elizabeth, James, Susan, John Ira, Timothy, Mercy "Massie", Judith, Cynthia, Tabita, and Desdemona WELCH. Judith WELCH married DRURY BYNUM, probably also from Richland County, and she and Drury lived and died in Mississippi so far as we know.Thanks for any help you can offer on SABRA MARTIN. 19 Dec. 1999 S. Wyatt
MARTIN Seek info on ancestry of Daniel Joseph Martin, appears in the household with his mother Luvenia Hodges Martin on the 1850 census of Richland County. Apparently his father Daniel James Martin was deceased by that time. Daniel Joseph eventually lived out his life in Wilcox County, Alabama after the Civil War. I don't know why or when he left Richland County. (11/5/98 9:11:48 PM) Martin Sheffield
MARTIN Seek info on William Noah Martin b July 19,1839 d April 10, 1913. Born and buried in Lexington Cty. After Civil War settled in Richland Cty. Had house near Silver Springs swimming hole? Was present at battle when Lee surrendered. Planning a trip to the area and would like to talk to relatives. William N. was my gg grandfather. Any information is appreciated, just beginning my search using information from my great aunt.  (5/21/99 10:59:13 PM) Gerald Martin
MARTIN Seek info on the ancestry of William MARTIN (1813-1887) and Eliz. Cobb MARTIN (1825-1911) (parents of: Halkard Asbury Martin, m. Charlotte Eliz. Harrison). Possibly Joel Martin (1793)/Sarah Gill and Thomas Cobb/Mary Van Dora Cole??  (11/11/96) Glenna Kinard
MARTIN Query for friend, LINDA HAIRSTON HAMPTON, who seeks a lost relative - HARRY MARTIN, supposedly from the Columbia, SC area. He would likely have been born in the 1920's & be in his mid-70's now. He worked in the Eden (then Leaksville), NC area around 1952 as a Brick Mason helping w/the construction of the local high school. He is believed to have been married prior to working in NC in 1952 but lived alone in a boarding house as part of a traveling construction crew.
(3/14/99 5:39:31 PM)
Sherry Bell


Seek info on following families in old Fairfield District, Richland County, SC: John J. Ross m. Tibatha (or Telitha). James J. Ross m. Eliza Miles; Robert Jacob (Jessie) Ross (b.3/1844;d.1909;m. Martha Jane Medlin (b.8/1856;d.6/16/1916) 1/20/1871; Susannah Eliza Ross (b.10/14/1874;d.11/28/1939)m.William Henry Martin abt.1906; Simon Martin m. Nancy Goins; James Henry Martin (b.6/7/1849; d.2/24/1930;) m. Christina C. Marsh (b.1/10/1850;d.7/23/1906)1867. (4/17/99) Faye Martin Killian



Seek info from Fairfield District, Richland County, SC probably in the late 1700's to early 1900's. GF was William Henry Martin m. Susannah Eliza Ross (Steiner) in early 1900's. Both are buried at Jackson Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.  Have "Ross" geneology, seek  "Martin" line. I think his father was "J.W. Martin" and Christina C. Marsh but nfi. (4/3/99) Faye M. Killian



I have relatives that was born and died in Richland county, Births were in the 1800's and most deaths were in the 1900's. I have Spears Creek, Midway Medodist, and Alpine. Can you please help me with the others. Some will be in the Poniact (sp) area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. May God Bless You. 11 Oct. 2000 M. Long


I am looking for additional information on Ben Franklin MARTIN born about 1882 married to Mattie Beulah ODOM born about 1892. Found on the 1930 SC Census in Richland County - Columbia Township.   Household was: Ernest L [1919]; Etta M [1921]; Eva F [1923] my mother-in-law married a William Henry JASPER; Katie L [1925]; Ben F, Jr [1928].  Any information anyone has and is willing to share is greatly appreciated. I have some information on the MARTIN / JASPER. 26 Sept. 2003 Debbie Jasper
Mathews I am researching my father's family. His name was William Park Mathews, and his father was also William Park Mathews. The elder was married to Mary Brown and my father was born 31 Mar. 1914. I know that his mother was born in Agricola, Glascock Co. GA, but don't know the year. Evidently, my father's parents were divorced very unpleasantly, because there is no family record of any kind on Mathews, Sr. The closest I have come to valid information is the 1920 census, where a family group consisting of Mary Brown Mathews and William P. Mathews and thier son, William, Jr., age 6, was found. The record lists my grandfather as the proprietor of a metal trimming shop in Columbia, and my grandmother as a bookkeeper at another firm. My father passed in 1981 and my mother in 1993, and as far as I know, there are no siblings of my father to contact. Is there hope????   8 August 2002 Mary Mathews Sanchez
McALLISTER Mary MCALLISTER m. William HEYSINGER on 17 Nov. 1886 in Columbia, SC. In his diary, he notes he met her at 1700 Columbia Ave. in 1881. He was from Franklin Co. PA. Mary MCALLISTER was the daughter of Christopher and Mary (Moffit/Maffit) McAllister. Christopher and Mary were married in Philadelphia in 1855. They appear on the 1860 census in Columbia, SC. A notation in the address book of Mary (McAllister) Heysinger indicates Christopher and Mary plus "two brothers" are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia. Searching for any information on the McAllister family. Was Christopher McAllister a Confederate soldier?  (4/16/97) Joyce Brown


I'm looking for info on the Michael and Jane McCarty. They were located in the Richland C. area in 1735. I don't know if they were husband/wife, brother/sister, of brother and sister - in - laws. Also serching for Raifords in this same area. Caroline Raiford, born ca 1820, married John McCarty ca 1840 In SC. Thanks for any help. 30 Sept. 2001 M. Oglesby
McCOMB Seek genealogical info and history of GF: William R. Mccomb Sr., born 1850 in Ga. Family lived in Columbia most of their lives. Wife was Mary Ellen Thomas McComb. Owned a grocery store in 1888 on West Gervais St. Died in 1908, buried in Greenwood cemetery in Columbia.  (9/14/97) Joan Chadwick


Looking for any information on MAURICE MCGOVERN.  b. Sept 1886 NYC d. Sept 1974 Columbia, Richland Co, SC.  My gf , Edward V. McGovern was born 1894 in NYC. Family notes say he had a brother Maurice, John and unknown. While searching the ssdi, I found the above person, who could be my McGovern ancestor. Please send any info on him or help me locate an obituary, please send email..   8 August 2001 S.h Biles
McDONALD Seek father of John MacDonald; two of his children (from wife Sarah) are named: Thomas Williams MacDonald, b.1840 Moses Eugene MacDonald  (12/30/98 9:38:06 AM) Melinda Lucka
McDONALD Looking for Matthew McDonald who lived in Columbia and joined the Union army during the Civil War. After the Civil War, he fought in the Indian Wars serving with Custer. Remained in Columbia in his later years.  (11/5/98 9:18:13 PM) Donna Poteat
McDONALD I wonder if you have any records on Jesse Tillman McDonald?  He was my grandfather-married to Emily Jane Ross--daughter of James Huriah Ross. My mother is Elise Erline McDonald (married Homer Adkins) her brother is Ernest Tillman McDonald and her Sister was Sally Viola McDonald (married Frank Hagood of Blythewood). I believe his father might have been John and mother Sally but am not sure. He retired from the RR. When he died his residence was at 8328 Parkland rd. Columbia, where the Sears Service Center is now. They lived in between Ralph Cooper and His sons Ralph Jr and Tommy.  There have been some family stories that he may have been raised by the Shannon Family of Dentsville (not sure why) and related to the Nates Family but I am not sure.  July 2006 Linda Sue Adkins Frye


I'm looking for information on Dr. Michael McGarity, thought to be buried in or near Columbia, SC. I do not have his birthdate, but I am guessing that he was born in the 1780's. He may have been married to a woman named Sarah, born March 19, 1787, died August 14, 1868. Some of their children migrated to TX. Children were: Martha R. McGarity, Franklin Williamson McGarity, James Harvey McGarity, Mary Laura McGarity, William McGarity, and Michael Tice McGarity. One of these descendants was connected to the Boaz family in Arkansas, then Texas, but I don't know which one. I have the family bible passed down through the Boaz family, but surviving family members do not know whose line it came to us through. Any information will be greatly appreciated. 23 May 2000 L. Slaughter


Florence Anabel McGregor b. 28 Oct 1889 Stewart Co., TN. Parents Florence  Rossetter and Daniel McGregor. She married Grover Cleveland Holstein 15 Jul  1915 in SC. She died 10 Feb 1986 in Columbia, Richland Co., SC. Looking for  descendants of my Rossetter family.   15 March 2001 K. Fleming


I am researching my husband's g-grandmother Lillie McGregor nee Bollin,. b.1848, d. 1933. Her address in Columbia was 1790 Senate St. She was a member of St. Peter's Catholic Church. If you can provide any information on either the McGregor or Bollin family, I would be most appreciative.  20 Nov. 2002 Joan Jenkins
MCKENNA Searching for information about Ella Virginia McKenna married William Pincknet Blume. Family information handed down is that she came from Columbia. DOB 1/7/1861 Died 2/17/1926  (11/3/99 8:25:32 PM) Miriam Bradford
MCLAUGHLIN I am searching for information on Frederick and Sophia McLaughlin who were born in Richland County around 1813-1815. Frederick's parents were John and Mary I think. Need information on them also.Frederick had seven children. I am researching my family tree and would appreciate any help. (11/3/99 8:33:55 PM)(Email address updated 10/2010) Sharon Mclaughlin


I continually hunt for information on the McLarrins. My first information was that Hugh McLarrin came to America from Scotland as a boy with his parents. They landed in Charleston and stayed someplace in SC until Hugh married. I found his son Duncan in Tennessee in the 1850 census. 12Feb2000

B. Webb

MCLEMORE & WYCHE Seek info on ancestors of McLemore and Wyche families of Virginia settled Richland County c1775. Captain Joel McLemore(Amer. Rev.) born in VA c1750 married c1774 Elizabeth Wyche born VA c1755. John and Elizabeth died in Richland County 1794. Have line from SC to GA. Where are they buried and does Joel McLemore have Amer Rev soldier's marker on his grave? Had son Major John McLemore (RS?) born SC 1775 (Richland Co.?) died in 1836, married Crissy (Crise) Clifton in SC sometime <1797, she mentioned in will of her father William Clifton, Chester Co., SC 1803. (11/5/98 9:07:43 PM) Jake Adams
McLemore I am seeking information on a Hezekiah McLemore who is supposed to have died in 1818 in Richland County SC, according to a well respected and published McLemore genealogist, the late Rudy Leverett. He may not have been closely related (though likely related in some way) to Joel McLemore (d. 1795) and his son Maj. John McLemore, far better known Richland County McLemores. Looking for confirmation of his death here, names of heirs, any other info. Dec. 2007 James L. McLemore, III


Am looking for details of James Samuel McMahon, and family. He was married in Columbia in 1864. He was reportedly a Capt. in the Richland Rifles. He died 26 Dec., 1870 and was burried somewhere in the Columbia area. This information was passed along to me as being factual and am trying to obtain addn'l data. 20 June 2001 J.S.Judson
McMANUS Seek info on ARTHUR MCMANUS &ALICE FIDELIA ELLINGER MCMANUS. Children: JOHN LUTHER LEROY MCMANUS & FRANK LESLIE MCMANUS. Resided 1910 at 617 Richland in Columbia, 1921 Alice resided at 1401 Cherokee in Columbia after she and Arthur split up. Alice was a nurse by profession. Arthur had worked at Columbia Lumber and Mill Co. (3/14/99 5:47:36 PM) Ruth Krems
McMANUS Seek family of Amos A McManus b Mar 1879 and (poss 2nd) wife, ?Nell b 1893. 1910 Richland Co., SC Soundex ,no children but with his brother, Samuel McManus b1881 residing in the hh. These brothers were sons of Mackaster and Laura (Belk) McManus of Lancaster and Kershaw Cos, SC I have the ancestry of Amos and Samuel and will share any info available. 1/25/98 Barbara Roesch
McNEIL Malcolm McNeil arrived (Charleston?) c1773-74, from Isle of Barra, Scotland. Revolutionary War, married, and settled near Columbia, S.C., raised 5 children. Died near Columbia?  Malcolm's name not on any ship manifest located. 8/22/99 June McNeil Hazelton


I am researching my family history, and I found that my 3rd great grandfather, John Samual McNure, was buried in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Cemetery in Richland County, SC around the late 1800s. Unfortunately I did not see his name on any of the selected tombstones. I would greatly appreciate any information or contact information that you may be able to provide regarding this church or my relative. 19 April 2002 R.L. McNure Settles


I am researching my McPherson family and I have traced the family to Thomas McPherson (B:7-6-1766 D: 10-20-1857). I believe he is the Thomas McPherson mentioned in the Martin's suit and the Peter Smith will. The entire family has been in Richland County for at least 3 generations. Do you happen to have any more information on Thomas McPherson? Thanks for your time.  8 August 2002 K. R. Heape


My query is to anyone with McPherson heritage in Richland County. Am trying to locate information on Thomas McPherson, born 7-6-1766. Any info would be helpful. Also trying to link my gg grandmother, Sarah McPherson with him if that is the case. Don't know for sure. 7 Nov. 2002 Barbara McCall
MEDLIN Seek info on descendants of Joel MEDLIN, Sr. (1748-1802) of Moore County, NC. Joel MEDLIN, Jr. listed in 1800 census of Darlington County, SC and in 1810 census of Marion County, SC . Joel MEDLIN III first listed in 1830 census of Richland County, SC. His son Joel MEDLIN Jr. (Joel IV) was an American soldier who died in 1847 in Mexico during the war there.  (3/29/97) Claude Medlin


I am looking for information on a James Medlin who married a Elizabeth(Lizzie) Lovett. I don't have anything on them at all. I do have the names of their children. I do know that some of them are buried at Spears Creek Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. I have James being born as abt.1857 and Lizzie abt.1857. Children: Charlie b. 13 May 1883 d. 17 June 1933, Thurmond b. 8 Aug. 1888 d. 23 dec. 1937, Logan b. 5 Jan. 1902 d. 8 Dec. 1959, Rena b. 5 Sept. 1902 d. 8 Dec. 1982,Lilla b.d.?, Hattie b. 1894 d. 31 Mar. 1935,Melton b. 10 Apr. 1896 d. 28 Oct. 1973, Cornelia b. 1885 d. 6 May 1922, Kate b. 1890. If any body can help me on this family I would very much appreciate it. 2 Nov. 2000

V. Ellisor


Does anyone have any information of Calvin Medlin who married Elizabeth Lovett? I found out that when Calvin died that his brother James married Elizabeth also and had some children by her also.If anyone has any information on this family that could help me I would appreciate it very much. I don't have any dates and I also don't know where they are buried at.  V. Ellisor  11 Dec. 200 V. Ellisor


Frederick William Meyer was a Col., married Mary Ridley Rives in 1814 in Richland by parson George Scott by candle light . Mary Ridley was daughter of Green Rives  (VA) and Mary Ridley Jones Rives (Charleston, born 1767 died 1843). Resided SC bought land AL after death of wife in 1835, died shortly after in SC.  Seek info on origins of Meyer.  Germany? 10 Jan. 2000 E. Dunklin Smith Thomas
MEYER Benjamin Franklin Meyer reported as born in Richland County or District, SC 1825. Married Sarah Ann Goin born SC June 14, 1831. They spent most of their lives in Florida. His father's name was Col Frederick Meyer, and mother's name was Mary Ridley Rives, born 1798 and died in 1831. I am interested in information re. the birth place and date for Col. Frederick Meyer, and information regarding the parents of Col Meyer. (7/6/98) P. J. Jenkins


Seeking Miles family of Richland 1810 census shows 1 family. Looking for a John Miles born Aug.6, 1811 S.C. John Miles gives place of birth as S.C. in the 1850 census of Appling Co., Ga. looking for parents of John Miles. 20 June 2001 Tommy Miles


I read in a Columbia obituary from 1891 that James E. Miles of Columbia was buried in White Church Cemetery about 15 miles from the city of Columbia. Can you tell me about that cemetery please? He is our ancestor. 26 Sept. 2003 Marjorie Reagan


James Miles who died from a lightening strick in 1891, in Richland County. He married and had a family and when these children were grown, he married in later life having more children. The second wife was Emma Strickland. In the 1880 Census they were living in Columbia. If he left a will, I can find no reference to it. Have you knowledge of this family? 27 Sept. 2003 Marjorie Reagan
Milhous A property transfer for 400 acres on the Wateree River, from a 1750 grant to George Milhous Sr, then 1753 transfer to Robert Milhous to son John Milhous, then 1758 John Milhous and wife Abigail to Samuel Milhous, then 1768 Samuel Milhous to John Kershaw.  I am interested in the transfer from John Milhous and wife Abigail in 1758 to Samuel Milhous . I suspect that Samuel was their son. I wonder if John and Abgail could have had a daughter, Elizabeth Milhous, who was born early enough to have a son John Mickle, born in abt 1759.  If John and Abigail had a son, Samuel, who was receiving land in 1758, perhaps Samuel's sister, Elizabeth, could be delivering a child by 1759.  I believe that Abigail was born Abigail Sleigh.  My deceased wife, was descended from John Mickle of the Wateree River ferry Mickles and his second wife, ELizabeth (Starke) Peay. Elizabeth Starke was widow of George Peay when she married John Mickle (abt 1794 or 1795). I gather that her first husband, Peay, was a patriot, and that Mickle was not involved in the Revolution (perhaps then or once a Quaker).  I suspect strongly that John Mickle was son of Joseph Mickle and wife (likely Elizabeth Milhous, sister of Abgiail Milhous who married a Maxwell). These two Milhous sisters were apparently daughters of John Milhous and Abigail Sleigh.  My wife was descended from John MIckle (b abt 1759) and his second wife Elizabeth Starke through their daughter Mary Ann Mickle who married Rowlan Rugeley, son of a Tory, Col Henry Rugeley. If you have any thoughts on the date of birth of Elizabeth or Abigail Milhous (sisters), I would appreciate hearing them.  23 March 2005 Bill Reed
MILLER Richard Glover on 1810 Richland Co census. Need parents and mar record. (2/17/97) Marjorie Miller

MILLER / Hutson

I am looking for information on the families of my great grandparents Clinton Aspen Miller and Margaret Hutson. They lived in Columbia, SC.  I believe the Hutsons were from Charleston, SC: Margaret Hutson being the daughter of Timothy Hutson.  I believe Clinton Aspen Miller was the son of Walter Miller and Martha Bower of Columbia, SC. Can anyone help with any additional infomration or direct me to additional resources? W. Tim Miller
MILLS My gggrandmother was Martha Jane MILLS born 4 July 1835-38, maybe in Charlotte, NC, but I cannot prove it. We have a family ballad which says Martha came form the "North Carolina hills" and named her first son "Francis Marion" after the Swamp Fox. Oral tradition is that either her father or grandfather fought with Marion and were frontier scouts. Researching Mills, I have found three men, Hope Mills III (b. 1735, Jamaica, Queens Co., NY) and his sons, Amos (b. ?) and Thomas (b. 1760, NY) who fought in the 2nd SC Regiment, 3rd Company (Marion's Band) beginning 1775. Notes say Hope III and family came to SC prior to the Revolution. Notes say they settled "possibly near Colombia." I have quite a bit of info on Thomas, none on Hope III or Amos (except that Amos went to Hamilton Co., Ohio after the Revolution and freed his slaves there). I am looking for descendents/researchers of any of these lines. I am specifically interested to know the names of the children of Amos. I would also be interested in knowing about the children of any of Hope III's other sons; Edward, Jacob, Elijah, Peter, William and John. (9/3/99 8:39:02 PM) Jana Black
MIMS My grandfather was James Ashby Mims. He is buried at Elmwood in Columbia. He had a brother named Sam and another named Mooty or something like that. James Mims had children named Leon, Harold, Cecil and Clifton Mims. His wife was Eloise Stafford Mims. Any info? Thanks. (2/13/98 10:30:10 PM) Georgeana E. Mimms


Seeking any info about ggggrandfather, Jesse Daniel Mings, b. Richland County 1795. Jan. 2004 Jim Mings


Seeking info on my great grandparents, John Martin Mitchell and Alma Mathews Mitchell. Alma was born Oct. 1, 1884 and died August 6 1906.  John and ALma had 2 children , Sellton Lee Roy Mitchell and Beulah Eulilah Mitchell. The latter child was my grandmother.  She went by the name Eula Mitchell. She was born in May of 1906.  I know that she was born in Lake City SC. I have been unable to locate any information on this portion of my family. I deeply apreciate  any help! 30 Sept. 2001 J. Bush
MITCHELL Seeking information on John Raine Mitchell (1895-1966) who settled in Columbia after WWI with his wife Virginia King Mitchell (d. 1967). Both were natives of Wentworth, Rockingham County, NC. I believe both are buried in Richland County. John R. Mitchell was the son of John W. Mitchell and Lucy Hancock Raine Mitchell. Seeking any descendants or individuals who are familiar with these individuals who were my cousins. 13 Feb. 2014 Michael Perdue
MOAK Interested in information on decendants of Andrew Moak (arrived from Switzerland in 1740, land grant at Saxe-Goetha 1745. His son Jacob Moak, Sr. land was next to Henry Gallman (as of Dec 1776). (9/29/97) Dan Moak
MOELLER If you can find me any information or records on my dad please email me to let me know. I know very little about his death and looking some more information. He passed away in columbia, South Carolina. (11/3/99 8:33:18 PM) Harry Edward moeller III


Please provide any and all information on the above name. I know most if not all are buried in Elmwood Cemetary. Any help will be appreciated.20APR2000 P. M. Green
MOONEY I am looking for any information on the Mooney family you are listed in the 1860 census in Richaland County (6/6/99 5:36:02 PM) Nancy
MOORE Robert Jackson Moore dob.1840 -Columbia, SC. - died 1929 Columbia, SC - Robert J. Moore's father John Kennedy(born in Dublin Ireland) was married to Peggy Margaret Simms and had children named; Janett, Samantha, William, George, John Kennedy, Andrew, David, Hugh, and Robert Jackson Moore. R. J. Moore married and had a daughter named Alice. His second wife was Carolina Crosland and they had children named as follows: John McGowan, George Everette, Howard, Lillian, Robert, Margaret, Carolina, Sally, Samantha, and Hugh Abraham. I am looking for other people that may have information on this family line that they would like to share. (4/24/97) H. E. Moore, Jr.
MOORE Joan MOORE died in Columbia, SC December ???, 1984. B. 29 September 1918 in North Dakota. Lived in Minnesota b/4 moving to SC. I need a copy of her death certificate and obituary. Where do I send request for either of these. Many thanx (11/3/99 8:31:45 PM) peggy qui
MOORE Searching for information on the family of Leonard Chapin Moore (born ca. 1850), a son of Joseph T. Moore and Elizabeth W. "Lizzie" Ramage of Abbeville County, South Carolina. Records indicate that Leonard Chapin Moore was living in Columbia, South Carolina at the turn of the century (1900). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! (6/7/98 5:17:24 PM) Marty Ramage
MOORE I am looking for information regarding the death of Hal Clark Moore. He was born 21 Jan 1873 in Ridgeway, Fairfield, SC, and died in Columbia, Richland, SC. and is supposedly buried in Blaney, Kershaw, Sc. He is reported to have been run over and cut in half by a train while working for the railroad. I would really like to find a printed obituary. He left behind a wife, Mattie Glover Moore, and 5-6 little girls, the youngest was only 4 months old, my husband's gg-graadmother, Thelma Moore. Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. (9/19/99 10:35:33 AM) Valeroia McIntyre-Pahl


am seeking information about birth/baptismal of ancestor Reese (Reece, Reice) Van (Vander, Vanderfer, Vanderveer) Morrel (Morrell, Murrell, Merril etc) born 4/1795 in "South" Camden District of South Carolina.  I suspect Dutch or French origins which may mean Reformed Dutch or Brethren Churches in the areas at that time.  I also suspect the Richland area of Camden District since Reese's final location of Dresden Tx near Waco/Corsicanna of Navarro Tx in 1845 was called Richland for a time.  I have seen a link of parentage to a Jonathan and Mary Morrel but failed to note that resource and it is unsubstantiated. I do see a John Morrel, Jonathan Morrell on the 1790 Fairfield Census as well as 1820, 1840 and 1850 Richland Census, and again there may be no connection.  Any information or direction in this quest would be greatly appreciated. 27 Sept. 2003 Marvin and Ann Lenz


Chester McCullough: retired teacher/principal near Columbia or Florence, SC. May be deceased by now, but looking for his family/descendants. 6 August 2002 John Henry, Jr.
MOYE Washington MOYE born 1817 NC is listed in 1850 Richland SC census with no wife, and the following children: Susanna born 1843, William W born 1844, and James E born 1846. His wife must have died 1846-1850. Susanna my great grandmother wife of J W BAUGHMAN. Looking for name of Washington MOYEs wife, and names of descendants of his other children. (12/30/98 9:26:02 AM) J W BAUGHMAN


Looking for a contact in the MOYE family to establish a connection with my great grandmother Susan Rebecca MOYE who married Jacob W. BAUGHMAN in 1860. The following are buried in the Baughman family cemetery in the Dixiana community in Lexington SC: Edwin W. MOYE 1876 - 1944, Katherine L. MOYE DUREN 1873 - 1944, and Annie E. MOYE BEARD 1871 - 1926. I think these persons are the children of Susan MOYE BAUGHMAN's brother.  27 March 2007 J. W. Baughman
Mt. Pleasant Methodist Do you know of a Mt. Pleasant Methodist cemetery?  26 Sept. 2003 Joe McGrady


Seeking info on Daniel Muhlinghaus who married MaryAnn Hodge 1-16-1838 in Columbia. They had 5 children in Columbia Sarah Adline, Henry Gero, John Milo, Ruth Lora, and Elvis. Three of the children are buried at the Ebenezer Lutheran Church Cem. I know that he was a Mason. I would also like any information on Mary Ann’s Family. I know that her grandfather Timothy Thomas died in their home on 3-30-1851.  30 June 2004 Pam Lee


I am searching for information on Daniel Muhlinghaus my ggggrandfather. He married Mary Ann Hodge in Columbia South Carolina on January 16, 1838. They lived in Columbia from 1838 to about 1851. They had three children in S.C. Sarah Adline, Henry Gero, and Ruth Lora. Henry died at the age of 6 and is buried in the Ebenezer Lutheran Church Cemetery. I think that Sarah may also be buried there but is unmarked. Ruth survived the move to Texas. Mary Ann was born on November 13, 1818 in Columbia according to bible records. I have no information on her family except that her grandfather Timothy Thomas who was 71 died in their home after a brief illness of five days. This was published in The South Carolinian on April 1, 1851. Any information on Daniel or Mary Ann would be greatly appreciated.  Jan. 2004 Tim Lee
MURPHY Hello, my name is Barbara Murphy-Reed. My fathers name was Bill William Murphy. I am adopted, but I know I have relatives brothers and a sister near Columbia. Any information on Bill Murphy or his family would be appreciated. (3/5/97) Barbara Murphy-Reed
MURTISHAW George B. MURTISHAW, born around 1810 in SC. He was married on 14 Feb 1831 to Ann Follin in Richland County. He died around 1844 in SC. Parents Thomas (b. abt 1785 in SC) and Mary (b. Oct 1784) MURTISHAW.  20 May 2001 Bobby G. Miller


trying to find info on zacariah musgrove died aug 1972 richland this us my granfather i would like to find some of his family 19 April 2002 Ray Musgrove


We are searching for information on Rudolph Myer & John Jacob Myers. We have found a lot on JJ’s son David Myers. Can you lead me to any information on Rudolph or John Jacob or their burial sites?  26 May 2006 Jon Myers


Looking for the burial site of Jacob (or John Jacob) Myers, who fought in the American Revolution and died in 1804. It is said he died in Lexington Co., but he owned numerous properties in Richland Co. 21 June 2008 William Allen (Bill) Myers
MYRICK I am looking for the parents of James Myrick that operated a ferry at Gills Creek in the 1740's. I have been told that they are possibly Richard Owen Myrick and wife Elizabeth. Any help would be greatly appreciated because there are many looking for the same answer. (7/6/98 9:05:51 PM)  (Note by FOC, check Allendale County) David Myrick

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