Hugh Murphy b<1718 d1762 married Mary. Under a precept dated 13 Apr. 1739 had 150a surveyed near the Congarees bounding: Capt. Thomas Brown & Richard Jackson. What was the relationship between Richard Jackson & Hugh Murphy? The will of Hugh Murphy dated 1762 names wife Mary, sons: Richard, Hugh, Phillip, & Dennis; daughters: Sarah Hay, Agatha Gill, Grace, Amey, Anna. Ex: wife & Wm. Hay.  Nine Children of Hugh Murphy & Mary are listed in the will:

  1. Richard Murphy b<1762
  2. Hugh Murphy b<1762
  3. Phillip Murphy b<1762
  4. Dennis Murphy b<1762
  5. Sarah Murphy b<1741 married a Hay (or Haigh, perhaps William Hay?)
  6. Agatha Murphy b<1741 married a Gill.  I believe this was John Gill born c1733, but it could have been James Gill, Jr.  It can only be one of these two.
  7. Grace Murphy baptized 10 May 1749 (unmarried in 1762) (Andrea #192) sponsors Henry Snelling, Sarah Snelling, & Ann Ginnoway (Janeway) (Mr. Leonardo Andrea:) "usually some of the close kin acted as God Parents or sponsors in the Episcopal Church when infants were baptized, for a boy: two men & one woman, for a girl: one man & two women."
  8. Amey Murphy b<1762 (unmarried in 1762)
  9. Anna Murphy b<1762 (unmarried in 1762)

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