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PARK Searching for information about JEREMIAH PARK, who was the president or dean of a seminary (college) for young ladies that was located in Columbia in the 1850s. I am told that the school still exists today and is affectionately called COLA College. JEREMIAH would have been born in the very late 1700s or the first decade of the 1800s. Our family records show that his wife's first name was CHARLOTTE, but we do not know her maiden name. They had a daughter named SUSAN CUTTINO PARK, who married JAMES HILLHOUSE GAILLARD, our gg-grandfather. Any information about the PARK family would be tremendously appreciated.  (3/14/99 5:31:13 PM) S. Wyatt
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Seeking any clues regarding John G. Parish, b ca 1790s, who married Eliza Ann Trevathan, b 1803, probably at Richland, County, SC, d/o or close relative of John Trevathan. They were married before 1821, but i have been unable to find marriage record. They moved to Alabama, Pike County, and possibly Misssiippi before that. Any other corresspondence on this or of any other Parish or Parrish surname will be answered.    (9/14/97) Randy DeCuir
PARROTT Looking for information on Eunice Daisy Elliot Perry(1st marriage) Lees (2nd marriage) Parrott (3rd marriage). She was born Jan 12, 1902 and died Sept. 1981. I know that she lived in Columbia, SC when she was married to ? Parrott. And that is where I think she died. Would welcome any info. (5/18/98 10:18:58 PM) D. Crabtree


Am interested in contacting descendants of Belle Browder Paschal who lived in Columbia in the early 1900's. She was born about 1880 and married Asa Paschal. Lawrence Browder

 I am trying to track down the grave of a former resident who was sent to Richland County  and died there.  Any help would be appreciated: Columbus R "Kit" Patton,  Birth:  1815 Kentucky, USA; Death:  Sep. 29, 1856, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA.  From the Texas Handbook of History: "The Patton family once owned what is now referred to as the Varner-Hogg Plantation here in Brazoria County, Texas."  “Of the twenty-three sugar producers in Brazoria County, the Patton plantation was the fifth most productive in 1849, producing 275,000 pounds of sugar and 22,000 gallons of molasses. Columbus Patton continued to operate the plantation until November 1854, when he was declared insane by a Brazoria County court and placed in an asylum in South Carolina. John Adriance, a Brazoria County merchant and plantation owner, was named to administer the Patton estate. Columbus Patton's death on September 29, 1856”  posted 31 July 2015

Mike Bailey


Seek info on family of Archie Paul, George Paul, William Paul, and Samuel Paul.  (see hypertext link at left) 23 Jan. 2000 George Paul


I am searching for a Pearle Minnie Walker Peacock born 11/13/1905, that was last known to reside in Richland, SC. She was briefly married to my grandfather, Curtis Dale Peacock in 1946 in St. Clair, MO. After their divorce she has not been heard from, so her surname may not be Peacock today. I believe her maiden name was Walker. She may have had two sisters, Ollie and Ivy. Her parents may have been Samuel and Dora Walker, from Stoddard Co., MO. Any help is greatly appreciated! 30 Jan. 2000 David Shearrer
PEARSON Pearson, John Maj Rev War, General War of 1811, His son is Philip Raiford Pearson, His wife is "Nancy" WIllingham? & what of her family & where & who are they. History of the Pearson family in Richland Co., and there family history back thru Va. to Barbadoes and Eng. Does anyone have any family history of the family before they came to the colonies.  (3/14/99 6:03:27 PM) John Philip Adams
PEARSON I am a GGGGGGrandson of Maj John Pearson husband of Mary Raiford, who served with Marion during the Rev. War. I am attempting to contact other decendants of Maj. John. His son Philip is my ancestor. (9/3/99 8:31:54 PM) John Philip Adams
PEARSON Like to find someone interested in a photo of Jonathan H. Pearson, taken in Columbia, SC circa 1880. He inscribed the back to Miss Edith Henderson.  Aug. 2005 Marvin Housworth
PEIXOTTO I am interested in obtaining information on a family named PEIXOTTO that possibly lived in Richland Co., SC in the early to mid 1800's. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. I only have limited information on my ancestors at this time, but if I can be of help please let me know.  The given names I am looking for are Solomon Cohen Peixotto (1785-1835) his brother Joshua Cohen Peixotto (b. Abt 1810), Solomon's son, David E. Cohen (b. Abt. 1841) and any decendants or siblings of David E Cohen Peixotto. This family came to America around 1820, and David E Cohen Peixotto had a brother, Solomon, that was born in New Orleans, LA in 1840. My great aunts told me that their grandfather (David) owned some sort of plantation, either in Alabama or South Carolina.  30 Sept. 2001 J. Peixotto Jurgens


I am looking for information regarding Spencer Lewis Percival b. 1823. I have him listed on the 1850 Richland Co. Census.. and have been told that his family orginally own land that is now Ft. Jackson .. in Columbia.. would appreciate any information that can be provided in regards to the Percival Family.I am also looking for connections between the family of Gillard Percival .. Both men married McDonald women.. Gilliard married Mary McDonald... and Spencer married Isabella McDonald.. Would appreciate information on the McDonald family also... I have a date of birth for Isabella of 5-20-1831....Any information regarding these families would  be appreciated! :) 2 Nov. 2000 C. McClay
PERRIN Joseph Perrin, b.c. 1769, s/o Samuel Perrin and Jane Ellis, m. Christianna (Kitty) Daniel at Halifax Co. VA 6 Feb 1790. In a deed of slaves to Christianna recorded at Halifax Co. 17 October 1817, she is of Richland District South Carolina. Would appreciate ANY information about Joseph Perrin and Christianna Daniel Perrin, and/or their children, and if they remained in Richland District. (11/5/98 9:22:00 PM) M. L. Bailey
PERRY I would like information regarding my family tree. Father's name is Samuel James Perry. My date of birth is October 5, 1947, we are Africian American, that lived at 1107 Zigler Street. My father mother's name is Della Perry, his father name is John Perry. They were reared in the Eastover area of the county. Mother name is Phylis Wearing, her father name is Edward Wearing and mother is Alma Wearing. (3/14/99 5:24:55 PM) Adam Alexander Perry


Charles Phillips and his wife Jemima Hardy Phillips are my great-great grandparents. They moved from Craven/Lenoir Co. NC to Richland and Newberry. Charles and Jemima Phillips lived in Richland County in 1802 and/or 1806. In the 1810 census they are listed in Newberry Co. Their sons were born in either Richland or Newberry: Hardy Phillips, Abraham Phillips (b. 1807), and Bright Phillips. Charles Phillips and William Phillips are named in the estate sale records of Thomas Gaines and Delilah Gaines in Newberry (1802-1806), and one entry indicated that Charles Phillips lived in Newberry at one time, and in Richland part of the time. In 1810 he was in Newberry with his whole family. I think that their son Pearson Phillips is named for the general. This Phillips family moved to the Hiwassee River in Tennessee, then to Clay Co. (now Owsley Co.) KY. 17 Feb. 2001 M.J. Phillips-Matz
PHILLIPS I am trying to find a death date and obituary for Alma Taylor Phillips and her husband, Robert S. Phillips. Robert Phillips was in the military. Alma Phillips was living in Columbia, SC in November 1967. Another family member has told me that Alma Phillips is buried in South Carolina.  Alma Taylor Phillips was born in Kentucky in 1908. Robert S. Phillips was born in 1914.  If you locate the cemetery information for this couple, please let me know who to contact about obtaining obituaries.  27 Sept. 2003 Pat Taylor


Alice Rosalee PHIN was born in 1906 in Charleston, South Carolina. She died in 1972 in Dade County, Florida. The 1920 U.S. Census shows she was raised in the Epworth Orphanage in Columbia, South Carolina. Her brother, Barry Drue PHIN was also raised in this orphanage. Barry was born in 1908 in Charleston, South Carolina and died in 1934 in Bamberg County, South Carolina. I would like to communicate with anyone with information about this PHIN family. 20 Oct. 2008 Fred Hagan


Seek ancestors/family history on the Plair family of Fairfield County. 19 Dec. 1999 Chanda Plair White
PLANT I am doing some family research and I would like to know it would be possible obtain proof of birth for a George B. Plant born in 1831 in Columbia, SC. His parents were Benjamin D. Plant and Maria Kaigler. I have also found that Benjamin had a bookstore on Main Street in the 1840's. I would like to know if there is any way I could find any records pertaining to the store. I thought perhaps there might be a way to obtain some information through tax or property records.  Thank you kindly for any information you may give me. 7 Feb. 2009 Diane Huck

POHL Alota Elizabeth Pohl born August 26,1948 is looking for Rita Gerda Pohl (Cole) born January 22,1927 in Leipzig,Germany. Were residents of Richland County 1960-1982. (11/3/99 8:34:16 PM) Steve Bailey
PONDS Looking for ancestors and descendants of Michael or Mark (1830) and Frances PONDS (1843) who lived in Richland/Lexington County, (Gilbert Hollow Township?) They were parents of John Bascom (1868), Cromwell (1879), Thomas (1874), Mary (1875), Estelle (1877), and George Ponds (1865). John Bascom moved to Arkansas between 1882-1887. Cromwell lived in Utah; Thomas lived in California. Cromwell worked on the railroad. I am a descendent of John Bascom and we are working on a history of the family. Do not know anything about M and Frances except their birthdates. They may have relatives still living in Richland County. (12/30/98 9:26:36 AM) Maggie B


John Washington Salmonds listed in Richland Co. in 1830 as Salmonor, 1840 as Salmons, 1850 as Washington Salmonds. Family also related to Harris and Portee families. Family in Fairfield and Kershaw Counties also. 25 Nov. 2000 K. Simons Alexander
POSEY Is there someone who can do one lookup for me on the 1850 census in Richland Co.? After 15 years of looking for a particular William Posey, I just found out that there is a Posey family in Richland on the 1850 which isn't listed in the printed index. There is only one Posey family on page 19 A. I need to know the make up of this family. I will be very greatful for any help on this search. 12 April 2001

M. Willis

C.S.A. P.O.W. Camp I have a document stating that Capt. John Norris, 2nd Provisional Heavy Artillery, Pennsylvania Volunteers was captured at Petersburg, VA on 30 Jul 1864 and held prisoner until Dec of 1864. I would like to know where the P. O. W. camp was located and if it had a name.  7 Sept. 2004 Darrel Salisbury
PRICE Searching for information on the Robert Price family. He was born about 1745 and died in 1803 in Richland County, SC. He might have been married to Mary Spears. His children were Speer, William, John, Anna, Patience, Robert, Harriett, Sarah, Joseph, Leacy, and Mary.
(8/22/99 6:46:20 PM)
PRICE I am researching William Daniel Price, Sr., born December 25, 1861. I would appreciate any available information. I believe he was a member of College Place Methodist Church. He was married to Amanda Jane Cole, who was his second wife. His first wife was a Frost. (9/19/99 10:37:17 AM) J. Hill


Sarah Ann Leonorah Columbus Price (mid-1800's) If anyone from the Columbia area recognizes the above name in their research, please contact me. Thanks. 19 Jan. 2001 Troy W. Rogers


I am looking for information on the following Richland County families: Campbell PRICE( died in the 1930's) married to Bessie EARGLE (died in 1944 in Columbia,SC).They were the parents of at least four children : George, David, Frank and Beulah. I would appreciate any help with the PRICE or EARGLE families. (3/9/98 6:47:31 PM) C. Passey


Seek info on my grandfather, Bertred Hugh Campbell Price, born in Columbia,S.C. in 1868. I am looking for his parents name. 20 Nov. 2002 George Mooney


I am seeking information on Joseph PRICE, who may have come to South Carolina in 1818 from Wales. He arrived through the port of Charleston, and then settled in Columbia. He married Hepzibah MCCRELLES, whose father's name was John. Joseph was an Ordinary of Richland, and Lexington Districts. My ancestor Dr. Jon Edward PRICE was one of Joseph PRICE'S children. He may have also had a son named Joseph Thomas PRICE, born in 1831, who died in the War Between the States as a member of Co. K 31st Ga. Inf. Dr. PRICE was born in 1826 in Columbia. Anyone know of a PRICE plantation. 23 March 2005 Jacob L. Bateman
PRICE I am looking for information on a Price family that may have owned a plantation named Blythewood in the Richland area, they had a daughter,my greatgrandmother ,who used to talk about Blythewood to one of her other ggranddaughters all the time.I have found the town, I have heard about the School for Girls but no plantation. Also need to confirm Janes parents as Henry Price and Elizabeth Williamson. Jane Elizabeth Price was born Aug 1,1853 according to death cert but Aug 15, 1855 or 56 according to tombstone. Any help appreciated.  Oct. 2005 Sandi Casper


Searching for information on Joshua Pringle and his wife Laura Geter. They were both born in Columbia, SC (not sure which county). Joshua was born in 1836 and died 1939. They had a residence on Lady street in Columbia. Thanks in advance for any information that you may have. 26 APR 2000 A. Robinson
PRUITT Looking for Geraldine Pruitt that lived in Columbia in the fifties.In 1958 she lived on Mountain Drive.Her father was in the army at Fort Jackson.She married Charles Sykes. 16 Nov. 2008 Paul D. Bishop
PULLIG What information do you have regarding Anthony Pullig from Richmond County SC? Is there any information regarding his will, and other family members? Is there any information concerning when he came to that area, and where he came from? My mother's name was Doris Pullig, and, according to our records, we are his descendants. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.  3 June 2007 Anne Flaherty Brock
PURVIS Seeking information about the parents of Stephen Ashley Purvis, b. 1831 d. 1887 in Apping County, GA. Believe family came from Richland County, SC. (3/9/98 6:43:26 PM) J. Munn

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