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RADCLIFFE Looking for descendants of Daniel Radcliffe who appears on the 1850 Richland Co. census. He is age 34 on the census. Under his name appear the following: Martha A. age 15,Julia A. age 12, John E.age 11, and Elizabeth age 9. (3/14/99 5:52:22 PM) S. Hovermale


Mark and Rebecca BUSBEY owned a plantation in Richland Co. They are on the 1860 Richland County Census. Jacob and Mary RAMSEY owned a plantation there and are also listed on the 1860 Census. Mark's daughter, Jane E. married Jacob's son, Robert M. Ramsey there in Richland by Mika Sharp according to civil war pension records. I have not been able to find a marriage date. Any help on these family or the family plantations, would be most appreciated. (3/14/99 5:28:25 PM) S. Patchen


I am researching the RAMSEY family. Jacob Ramsey and his family are listed in the 1850 census in Richland County. One of the Ramsey's Robert, removed to Alabama sometime after 1852.  Oct. 2005 Mark Haynes


I was doing a search to locate ancestry for my UDC application and found my great-great grandfather, William Raulerson on your site. I search the web for Westberry Raulerson in Florida. My family has always told stories of our antecedents but it was always an oral history with very little written. My father's mother was a Raulerson and was born and raised on the North Prong. The cemetaries there are full of Raulersons. I was able to get back to William Raulerson marrying Elizabeth "Battie" Moore but no farther back. I am looking for information on the family from the time of the War Between the States. I know my father's grandfather Raulerson fought at Olustee and Pensacola. I have pictures of the tombstones in Baker County, Fl. One of the family has a Seminole name as well as the English one and it says on her tombstone that she was the sister of Osceola. June 2005 Lisa Clary
RAUMILATT ELLA RAUMILATT - Married D.A. Sale, buried in lot #52 in St.Peters Cemetary in Columbia. Need to know if she had any siblings and family before and after her death in 1914 (12/28/97 1:00:01 PM) J Roland Hill
RAWINSON Looking for information on William Rawlinson, various spellings: Rolinson, Rollison etc. William was born 1756-1759 moved to Autauga County, Alabama in 1822. There he bought land with John P. DeJarnett.Known children include Nathaniel, Nancy, Lewis, Asa, Agnes also possibly Daniel. (2/9/99) Gail W. Rolison
RAWLINSON Looking for any information regarding a Josephine Rawlinson or her husband Sam Rawlinson from Columbia, SC. Know that they lived in Richland County around 1920. These are my grandparents and I have no other knowledge about them. I do not know my grandmother's maiden name. Would like to know more about both grandparents' families and their relatives. (3/14/99 5:54:13 PM) Adrain Brooks
RAWLINSON Looking for information on the RAWLINSON famiy in Camden District, Richland Co., SC that appeared in the 1820 census. Nathan Rawlinson (born 1790) was on that census with 3 females who appear to be children and a grown female about his age...later he moved to LA and MS and married in 1825 to Susannah Joiner in Amite Co., MS where he died about 1875. IF Nathan was married in SC...what was his wife's name? (7/6/98 9:08:07 PM) E. Randall English
RAWLINSON I am tracing the family of BENJAMIN RAWLINSON (d. 5-14-1810, Richland County SC). He was a blacksmith. Wife not known. (His father was also named Benjamin.) His children were: Samuel Benjamin (ca1764-<1810); John (-1816); George; and Johanna (1760-ca1850)(m. JOSEPH MARTIN Sr.). (3/14/99 5:49:07 PM) G. Kinard


my grandmother was a rawlinson.her father was benjamin elmore rawlinson. i would appreciate any information on rawlinsons or william rawlinson.  19 April 2002

ryan turner


James Rawlinson supposedly gave a deposition in 1850 at the age of 87 in Richland County, SC, listing the names of his brothers who had served with him in the Revolutionary War. Could anyone please advise me as to where I would be able to locate this record-the type record it would be considered as being and, possibly, the location. The SC Archives was unable to help me. Thanks!! 5 August 2002


RAWLS Looking for any info. on ALL RAWLS families of RICHLAND county, SOUTH CAROLINA, from the 1760's before RICHLAND county was formed to present, especially REV. GABRIEL RAWLS and family including sons, ABEL, JOSEPH, JOHN, SILAS & LUKE, and the connections to the following families, LEWIS, KINSALOE (KINSLER ), BASS, BEASLEY, DASH & COON ( KUHN ) families. many thanks (6/15/99 12:26:32 AM) BOBBY RAWLS
RAWLS I am trying to establish a connection between Willis Ralls and Gabriel Rawls a resident of Richland County between circa 1770 to 1790. To help me connect to Gabriel, I am trying to find collateral evidence that Willis may have originated from Richland County by tracking his neighbors in Hopkins County, KY to Richland County. Willis arrived in Hopkins County by July 25, 1806. He is found on early land transactions involving William Owen, John McCormack, Jesse Walker, William Stewart, James Wilson, John Robertson, Calvin Merry, Joseph Henderson, Samuel Whiteside and William Whiteside. I am interested in corresponding with anyone who can assist me in connecting these families to Richland County. (3/14/99 5:29:44 PM) David A. Ralls
RAY I am looking for information about Dr. W. W. Ray of Congaree, S. C. who died in 1929. An obituary who be great or anything is appreciated. Anyone working on Ray/MacRays our Scottish/Irish line is ask to contact us so we can compare. (1/25/98 1:12:10 PM) R. Ray


I am looking for information on William M. G. Reasoner. I know that he was born 14 Oct, 1875 and died 20 Nov. 1890, he was 20 yrs. old when he died and the newspaper don't go that far back for an Obits on him. I know that he is buried at Greenlawn Memorial Gardens on Elmwood,Columbia,SC. His twin brother and wife, sister and mother are all buried there. I have information on all but, William and I cannot find him nowhere. Any information on this family would be very much appreciated. 2 Nov. 2000

V. Ellisor


I work for a law firm in Indianapolis and must file some UCC Financing Statements with the Richfield County Recorders office. I cannot find a website to write and get information on this? I need specific information on cost? address of where to send forms?   If you can be of any help, would sincerely appreciate.  N. Jean O'Connor, Legal Secretary, Wooden & McLaughlin LLP 30 Sept. 2001 N. Jean O'Connor
REES(E) I'm searching for REES(E) family connections in Richland, SC, from the early 1700 to the early 1800s. Key names are Rev. Joseph Rees (1732-1795) and son Ephraim Rees (1755-1823). (2/13/98 10:28:35 PM) Rod

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I am one of the many many great grandchildren of Henry Reeves and Eliza Coles Reeves. Our family in the area are primarily members of Zion Benevolent Church. If anyone has any information regarding the Reeves family prior to Henry Reeves and the Coles family's Jimsee (Yamassee) connections, i.e. information on Berry and Mary Coles, records prior to their being on the Adamses plantations, I would be greatly obliged.  Nov. 2005 Leeanne Bowen Atkins
REINHARDT I am looking for anyone who knew my mother, Jean Hampton Elder Reinhardt, during the year 1966. I was born in the old Columbia Hospital on July 8, 1967. My mother died in May of 1977 and I have not been able to get in touch with anyone who knew her so long ago. Does anyone know of her. This would mean a lot to someone with a lost past. My mothers residences would have included Charlotte, Columbia, and either Anchorage or Juno Alaska. She was formerly married to a Charles Reinhardt and beared 2 children, Mitzi and Michelle. (both of different relationships) (5/10/99 11:45:56 PM) Michelle Griffin


I am seeking information about my grandmother's brother and his family. They lived in Olympia, Richland, SC and are listed on the 1930 Federal Census as residents there. The family name is REINECKE. Henry "Herman" Reinecke was born in Stamford, CT in 1898, the son of Albert and Minnie Wittenbrock Reinecke. Herman married a Lelia Unknown, who was born abt 1902. Herman and Lelia had two daughters, Rose b. abt 1918 and Katharine b. abt 1925. Any info would be appreciated and I'm willing to exchange info in return. Thanks, Carol email: Carol  Reinecke
RENEW I would like to exchange information with anyone who is doing research on the RENEW family and related families. (8/22/99 7:09:45 PM) KEN RENAU
REVEL My ancestor Charles Revel is on the 1830 census in Richland County. I feel that he must have married there. He was born abt. 1812. His wife name was Nancy. Next found on 1840 census in Marion County, AL. Next found on 1850 census in Lowndes County, MS. First child Susan b. 1830 SC. Second Cela b. 1834 SC. The other children Jonathan, Didema, James, Sarah, Savine and Charles, Jr. were born in AL. Charles Revel is buried in Lowndes County, MS. I am searching for Charles Revel's father and also the last name of Nancy (need proof of their marriage). Thanks for any help. (5/18/98 10:11:38 PM) J.L. Nickles


I am searching information on the Rials family living in Richland Co., SC between 1830-1860. I understand they also settled around Columbia. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.  17 June 2001 J. Rolison Farren


I am searching for Frank Richardson and Louanna Baker Richardson death records; I think he died in Nov.1923 in Richland County and she died March 15, 1942 in Richland County. 24 Jan. 2001 C. Baker
RIDDLESPERGER Searching for info. on David RIDDLESPERGER who d 1811 in Columbia SC. B in Charlston Co. Have more on rest of family nothing more on David. much thanks (3/9/98 6:42:02 PM) Mike Moss


I am searching for wife of William Rives (1767-1804), son of William Rives and Lucy Wyche. The book, Reliques of Rives states "Rebecca Jackson?"-period. Perhaps she is daughter of one of the early Jackson family men in Old 96th District. Any information or leads will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. 12MAR2000

M.S. Trigg


just started searching for information about my Rives ancestors. I'm particularly interested in Timothy Rives, Planter and Proprietor of Rives Tavern. Jan. 2006

Ann B. Hart





I am trying to research my father's family. His name was Moody Erskine Robbins. He was born in Cowpens, SC, in Sep 1911 (I think!). His father's name was Joseph Robbins and his mother was Daisy. He lived all his life in West Columbia, SC, and died in the Baptist Hospital in 1989. He served with Patton in WWII. 30 Oct. 2000 K. Robbins Belue
ROBERTS Searching for info on Hezikiah Roberts. He married Centelia Shannon and they had two daughters. One of them was my g-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth who married Joel Brown. My g-grandmother was born around 1862 and they lived in Richland County at least part of the time. (8/9/98 11:30:39 AM) J. Brown/Maxwell
ROBERTS I'm looking for the family of George P. ROBERTS(b.1857 d.12 March 1930) and Hattie BRAZELL ROBERTS(d.1927). They had several children.I am a decedent of their son William ROBERTS(b.22Mar.1914 d.12 June 1959)I would be grateful for any information on the ROBERTS or BRAZELLfamilies. (7/17/97) C. Passey
ROBERTS and ALLEN I'm researching Henry Roberts and Hannah Allen. 1st Ward Columbia, Richland, SC Henry b1856 and Hannah 1861---Henry's parents were both born in SC, while Hannah Allen was from Philadelphia and her parents were from Ireland. Henry was a stone cutter. 20 Nov. 2002 Nancy Roberts Saenz
ROBERTS I am looking for any leads to a Jerry Menton Roberts. This info I have is this: married to Irene or Mae Irene Dabbs. She died in approximately 1937 was probably born abt. 1900. They had a son, Joseph Roberts born in 1933, who was orphaned when she died along with his siblings Frank, John and Jerry. Jerry was the oldest and Joseph the youngest. Jerry or Jerred Menton was born abt 06/1877 and died abt 7/1952. He is supposedly buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, SC. This could also have been in Pontiac, SC which is Richland County? Some other Roberts names that have been mentioned in relation to this Roberts family are Clyde Lee Roberts, Bobby Roberts, Tom Roberts, John Roberts, Martin Roberts, Menton being a middle name carried down with some of the line, Effie Roberts and the surname of Thigpen In the Dabbs line ..Jesse Dabbs,..possibly Mae Irene's father, Frank Dabbs, Gussie Dabbs Jacobs (I found her childs name in the list of people buried in the Spears Creek Baptist Church Cemetery listing), Dwight Thigpen.  It is believed that Jerry/Jerred Roberts may have had brothers, Martin, John, and perhaps a sister Irene. Any help would be appreciated. July 2006 Maureen Hussey


Interested in info about Robert Riley Roddy, born in SC on 9 March 1820 and possible link to Ephreum Roddy, born in Pennsylvania 5 August 1786. Were they father and son or uncle and nephew? 19 Dec. 1999

In response to the Roddy post in 1999. I believe that Ephraim Roddy is the brother of Robert Riley Roddy although I am not entirely sure. I would be also be most interested in how you got the actual date of Ephraim Roddy? All I have is a month and year. If you have any more information, anyone on Ephraim Roddy, born in 1786 Pennyslvania than I would be happy for it. 27 May 2002  Adam Pearcy

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S. Roddy Smith

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Adam Pearcy

ROGERS ROGERS - looking for info on "Al" or A.L. Rogers, married to Margaret Rose sometime in the late 1920's/early 1930's. They had one daughte (Gloria - my mother). They were supposedly divorced shortly after her birth in 1935. He then supposedly move "back" to Virginia and remarried. That was the last any one heard from him. ANY help or info would be appreciated. (6/15/99 6:09:01 PM) Kevin R. Murphy
ROGERS ROGERS - looking for info on "Al" or A.L. Rogers, married to Margaret Rose sometime in the late 1920's/early 1930's. They had one daughte (Gloria - my mother). They were supposedly divorced shortly after her birth in 1935. He then supposedly move "back" to Virginia and remarried. That was the last any one heard from him. ANY help or info would be appreciated (6/15/99 6:09:01 PM) Kevin R. Murphy


Seeking info on Julia Ann ROLLISON b. 1837 Richland Dist.;married Richard SANDERS, d. 1903(?). Mother was Joanna MARTIN b. 1815 Richland Dist. to Trinity ?. Can anyone help? Julia had 2 sisters- Nancy & Helen. (3/18/99) K. Bryant
Romanstine I am interested in the WPA index to Wills. I am particularly interested in George and John Romanstine.  Romanstine, John 5 1787-1853 L 97.  Romanstine, George 2 1787-1853 G 52.  My lines are Romanstine, Richbourg and Rigel. I am interested in finding out more about these families, though I know the Rigel's migrated to Georgia, as did the Richbourg's. The Richbourg and Romanstine families seem to be closely aligned and I am trying to piece the story together.  Is it possible for me to obtain copies of these wills and if so, how might I go about it? If you are aware of any other sources of information about these families, I would appreciate your assistance. Thank you so much.  July 2005 Robin Reynolds




I am researching the Rollison/Rawlinson/Rolison families which settled in South Carolina in the mid -1700s. They settled in Richland Co. and later shattered throughout the state. I understand there is a history of the family compiled some years ago by a (university) Director of Libraries in Columbia. Any help is appreciated. 17 June 2001 J. Rolison Farren
Rollison Rolison Rawlinson Raulerson I am looking for any information on my gg grandfather Benjamin G Rollison. He was born about 1832 in Richland County, SC. He died in the Civil War on September 30, 1864. On the 1850 census, he is living in the Richard Pomeroy household and is an apprentice. There is also a James Rollison living there. On the same census there is a Joanna Rollison as head of household (age 35) living with a Trinity Martin (age 70) and three daughters Julia, Nancy, and Helen. In 1860 James and Helen are living with a Samy family in Newberry, SC, and Benjamin G is living with his wife, Margaret, and two children in Anderson County, SC. I would like to know who Benjamin's parents are or any information anyone can give me.  1 July 2004 Teddie Griffith
ROOK My grandfather died while an inmate @ CCI 1935. The only facts I have came from vital stats records at Spartanburg County Library no code for cause of death listed grandmother (now deceased) had 7 cildren and lived in poverty yet he had private burial in another county any obituaries or any info needed please (12/5/99 6:11:38 PM) D. Rook Harrill
ROSE ROSE - looking for info on Margaret ROSE Rogers, married to A.L.or "Al" Rogers sometime in the late 1920's/early 1930's. They had one daughter (Gloria - my mother). They were supposedly divorced shortly after her birth in 1935. He then supposedly moved "back" to Virginia and remarried. That was the last any one heard from him. ANY help or info would be appreciated. (6/15/99 6:10:50 PM) Kevin R. Murphy


Looking for any information on the Andrew Row family that appears in the 1880 census for Richland Co. He was 70 years old at the time of the census. His wife was Margaret, age 60. Children include: Adam F. ROW age 26 ; John E. ROW age 48; Mary E. ROW age 18; Harriet ROW age 16; and Andrew J. ROW age 13. I would especially like to know who his parents were.  14 July 2008 Allan Rowe


I am trying to find someone to do a lookup in The State newspaper of Columbia, SC. I am looking for an obituary for my great-grandfather, ALVAH PETER RUDE, who died on 28 APR 1977 in COlumbia, SC. He was supposedly a resident in a nursing home in the Columbia area at the time of his death. 27 May 2002 M. Rude Davis


was interested in finding out about Clyde Thomas Rumph and Mary A. Rumph. They are buried in Pisgah Cemetery. Is there any way I can get a copy of their obits or do I need to contact someone else? I am trying to help my mother in law. Clyde Thomas Rumph was her father. Clyde Thomas Rumph was born 04/21/08 and died 10/24/85 in Columbia  Jan. 2004 Kem Barlow




Robert E. Russell and Martha Margret Taylor were married before 1824 in Columbia, South Carolina. Robert H. Russell was born July 5, 1825 in Columbia, South Carolina. They must have separated soon after this. 11 Aug. 2000

S. Taylor

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