I am looking for information about Pierce Thornton, son of Caroline Hayes? Thornton and James Thornton. I would like to know if he or his family appear in the 1920 census of Lexington County and if there are any descendants of his children. I am his brother Columbus' great granddaughter and am working on the Thornton family history. Any response greatly appreciated.

1870: According to the census of Lexington County, Hollow Creek Township, Pearson Thornton is seven (7) years old and living in the household with his parents James and Caroline Thornton along with his other brothers and sisters. 1880: Pearson is not shown in the Thornton household. They were living in Saluda Township at that time and only seven children were in the household: Ellen, Julia, green, Henry, John, Columbus, and Lizzie.

1900: A Pierce Thornton is shown living in Hollow Creek Township in Lexington County, South Carolina on June 8, 1900. (Enumerator's District 41, Sheet B, Line 65, Household number 99, Family number 99. He is 40 years old and shows a birth date of December 1859. He has been married 21 years which would make his marriage date around 1879 when he would have been 20 years old. His wife is shown as Elizabeth with two children: Eddie, born September 1879, age 20 and Franklin, born March 1882, age 18 both living in the household. Pierce, Eddie and Franklin are shown as farm laborers renting the property. Farm schedule is shown as #92.

1910: A Pierce Thornton is shown in the May 6, 1910 census, living in Hollow Creek Township, Lexington County, South Carolina in Enumeration District 38, page 270, line 31. He is shown with wife Lizzie (Elizabeth?), age 48 and he is age 50 . It shows they have been married 30 years and that Lizzie is the mother of two living children. They have a daughter named Eddie C. age 15 who is listed as adopted by Pierce. (In 1900, they had a son named Eddie who was 20 and who would be 30 at this census. Perhaps this is his daughter.) They rent farm land and the farm schedule is #330. They are family #318 in dwelling #304

I wondered if this family moved to RICHLAND COUNTY at any point. Any information appreciated. 30 Dec. 00

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