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Richland County Will Index

Volume No. 1   1787-1853
Volume No. 2  1787-1853
Volume No. 3   1787-1853
Volume No. 4  1854-1864    

This index is compiled from W.P.A. copies of wills filed in the COUNTY PROBATE COURTS. The volumes indexed are a part of the South Carolina Collection of the Caroliniana Library at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.  1939 (I have this WPA book in my possession).  The page breakdown below is approximately from the original WPA index.  Please inform me of any errors.  Thanks!  

Note this is an INDEX.  Copies of the original wills may be obtained from Columbia or the SCDAH.  If you will Email me transcribed copies of any wills you obtain, I will add them to the web site.

  1. Abbott -  Braswell
  2. Bremar - Coon
  3. Cooper - Farrow
  4. Faust - Griffin
  5. Guignard - Hopkins
  6. Hornsby - Leadingham
  7. Learmont - Marshall
  8. Martin - Parker
  9. Parr - Romanstine
  10. Rosborough - Surginer
  11. Taylor - Wessinger
  12. Weston - Zanony

The inventory of records surviving Sherman's 1865 conflagration (and I quote: "War is Hell!") are given here.

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