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YARBOROUGH I believe that my ancestor, (Joseph? is this correct?) Vincent Yarborough was living in Richland County when he died about 1844-1848. It was thought that he may have been buried in COlumbia, SC. Where is he buried? Wife was Prudence Elder Robinson. He was born 1796, and lived most of his life in Chester County, SC. Children here: Joseph G.Y., William Mansfield Y., James Robinson Y., Rebecca Catherine Y., and Vincent Elder Y. (11/5/98 9:22:30 PM) Dorothy Y. Embr
YOUNG I am looking for information on my grandfather, Raymond Wess Young. He was born 15 Nov. 1925 and died in Jun. 1978. Where is he buried? His family was from Richland county and he was laid to rest somewhere in Columbia.  (6/3/99 10:10:49 PM) Melissa Young

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