Little Pee Dee River,
 image  by Victoria Dillon County, South Carolina
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Little Pee Dee River,
 image  by Victoria
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Cemetery Name Location Inscriptions contributed by:
ALFORD Cemetery
Survey: Aug 2001
On county road 2 mi. west from Reedy Creek Cross Roads Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, Aug 2001
ALLEN Cemetery
Survey: 1953, 1999
Highway #917, 2.5 miles E. of Latta, Dillon County Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Allen-Hamilton-Ward-Byrd Cemetery
Survey: c. 1976
in a field between Interstate 95 and Highway 9 Victoria Proctor, 2002
ARNETTE Cemetery
Survey: Aug 2001
At the intersection of Brenwood and Lupo Road Sheila Berry, 5 Aug 2001
AYRES Cemetery
Survey: July 2001
On Hwy. 9, 3 mi. from Lake View (toward Nichols) Sheila Berry & Sandra Brumbles, July 2001
BAILEY Cemetery
Survey: Aug 2000
Off of Tobacco Land Rd. (#S-17-294) near Latta. Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, May 2000
BAKER Cemetery
Survey: Feb 2002
Historical note added 2013
At SC-NC Stateline, off of Oakland Rd. Sandra Brumbles, Feb 2002
Victoria Proctor, Aug 2013
Barrett "Writ" BARFIELD /
George COOK Cemetery

Survey: 1993
History (included with file)
In Kemper Community, on State Road #278, recently renamed Grain Bin Road. Jo Church Dickerson, June 1997
(Parker) BARFIELD Cemetery
(See Hayes Cemetery 1)
Near Kemper, just off Hwy. 41 between Kemper & Lake View Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles, 26 Jan 2002
BASS Cemetery
Survey: 1953
868 Stackhouse Road, Dillon County, S. C. Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Bear Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery
Transcriptions from Church History
Photos by Marie Cooke, Jan-Feb 2002
3 mi. NE of Lake View Tami, 2001
Photos Marie Cooke Jan 2002
Bermuda Cemetery
Survey: Dec 2001
Approx. 6 mi. east of Dillon on Hwy. 9, turn right on State Park Rd. 22 until road intersects with Hwy. 45 Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, 14 Dec 2001
Jane Moody Randall, March 2001
(Dennis) BERRY Cemetery
Surveys: (March 2000?), Nov 2001
Photos by Sheila Berry added Nov 2001
Near Oak Grove Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, May 2000
Victoria Proctor, Nov 2001
BERRY Family Cemetery
Survey: 1953
On land owned by Sam J. Berry, Near Oak Grove, Dillon County (1953) Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
(Old) BERRY Cemetery
Surveys: 1951, Feb 2002
Near Berry's Cross Roads. Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Sheila Berry, 24 Feb 2002
BETHEA Cemetery
Very old cemetery, also known as Bethea - Sherwood Sweat Swamp Cemetery.
Survey: March 2002
East side of Sweat Swamp, near Little Rock, SC Victoria Proctor, 1998 (Partial), with historical additions 2002
Full survey by Sheila Berry and son Kenny Berry, 7 March 2002
Bethel Hill Cemetery
(African American)
Partial survey: Dec 2001
Bethel Hill Road, Latta Sheila Berry, 28 Dec 2001
Bethesda Southern Methodist Church Cemetery
Survey: 1954, 2000
Photos added Feb 2002
Oak Grove Initial (partial) Linda DeRamus, 1998
Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery
Survey: July 2001
Little Rock, SC Victoria Proctor 1997 and 2001, David Jackson 1997, Helen Lane Carmichael 1999
Full survey July 2001 by Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles
BREWER / CHURCH Family Cemetery
Survey: 1997?
History (included with file)
In Kemper Community, off SC State Road 174 (Kemper Church Road) - full directions in file Jo Church Dickerson, June 1997
Buck Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery
(See Fork Baptist)
(Joel) BULLOCK Family Cemetery
Survey: Jan 2002
2-1/2 mi. from Lake View, (original Joel Bullock Plantation lands) Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, 19 Jan 2002
BUTLER Cemetery
Survey: March 2002
Sandy Acres Road, near Floydale Sheila Berry & Sandra Brumbles, 6 Mar 2002

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