Little Pee Dee River,
 image  by Victoria Dillon County, South Carolina
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Little Pee Dee River,
 image  by Victoria
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Cemetery Name Location Inscriptions contributed by:
Saint George Cemetery ? (USGS) --
Saint Luke's Cemetery
Partial Survey: Aug 2001
Oakland Rd. near Little Rock, SC Sheila Berry, 18 Aug 2001
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Partial Survey: Aug 2001
Dillon, SC (directions in file) Sheila Berry, Aug 2001
Saint Paul's Methodist Church Cemetery
Partial Survey
Near Hwy 9 on S-17-23, near Little Rock Victoria Proctor
Sanderson Cemetery
Survey: July 2001
Gaddy's Mill Community, Rt. 3 near Oliver's Crossroads Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles, July 2001
Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery
Survey: June 1999
Update with additions: 2003
Latta Sandra Brumbles
and Penny Jackson, June 1999
Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry 2003
SCOTT Cemetery
Survey: Jan 2002
Photos added: March 2007
300 feet S.W. of Road S-17-74. S. of Lake View, NW of Nichols Sheila Berry and son Kenny Berry, 18 Jan 2002
SCOTT Cemetery 2 On Old Mullins Hwy going towards Lake View, turn left on Rabbit Island Road. Turn right at J & M Farm sign. Follow this road past the chicken barns, past the trailer on the right. From trailer follow the path till a clearing on the left. The cemetery is about 200 feet from the clearing. Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, 7 Feb 2002
Sherwood Cemetery
(African American)
Survey: Aug 2001 (partial)
completed Feb 2002
near Little Rock, SC. Sheila Berry, Aug 2001, Feb 2002
Shiloh Cemetery
Survey: Jan 2002
African American
on Shiloh Cemetery Rd. just off of Buck Swamp Rd. in the Fork Community Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, 19 Jan 2002
SHOOTER Cemetery
Survey: Jan 2002
south Lake View, 4 & 2/10 of a mile on Old Mullins Hwy or 5/10 of a mile from Rabbit Island Road.The cemetery is on the left and in the woods out through the field. Sheila Berry and son Kenny Berry, 20 Jan 2002
SHOOTER - LEWIS Family Cemetery
Survey: 2001
Buck Swamp Road near Allen's Bridge Survey by Daphne Brady Capps
and Jo Church Dickerson, 13 Jan 2001
Survey: Feb 2002
Sinclair Rd., Little Rock area Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, 22 Feb 2002
Site of Old Baptist Church
Survey: Jan 2002
Near intersection of Buck Swamp Road & Old River Road Sheila Berry, 21 Jan 2002
SMITH Cemetery
Surveys: 1952, 1982
Highway #917-8.2 Miles East of Latta, Smithboro, Dillon County Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling Drost, June 2000
SMITH Cemetery
Survey: Feb 2002
Pleasant Hill Community Sandra Brumbles & Mildred Hayes, 8 Feb 2002
(Old) SMITH Cemetery
Survey: 1951
Highway # 917-3.2 Miles East of Latta, Dillon County, S. C. Now owned by Murray Rogers (1951) Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling Drost, June 2000
SNEADS Cemetery
Survey: 2000
SR 23-61 - Oakland Road Dillon County Helen Lane Carmichael, June 2000
SPIVEY Cemetery
Survey: 2001
Photos added: 2006
On private property, East of Lake View, near Bear Swamp Baptist Church Al Munden, July 2001; Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles
Survey: Jan 2002
On Harllees Bridge Road; Little Rock area. Helen Lane Carmichael, 14 Jan 2002
SURLES Cemetery
Survey: Dec 2001
on Pee Dee (River Access Landing Road) Sheila Berry, 1 Jan 2002
SWEAT Cemetery
Survey: 1999
Photo added Jan 2003
Photos added April 2005
On dirt road off East Canal Rd. Sandra Brumbles
and Mildred Hayes, Oct. 99
TART Cemetery Off Pocosion Road, Oak Grove area Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling Drost, March 2000
Townsend Cemetery
Survey: Aug 2001
on Finn Road, NW of Lake View, near Robeson Co., NC border Sheila Berry, Aug 2001
Turner Family Cemetery
Surveys: 1999 (partial), completed 2001
located between Sellars and Latta on Bass Mill Road.
Directions provided by Debbie Smith, June 1999
Debbie Smith, 1999 (Partial); completed May 2001 by Sheila Berry & Sandra Brumbles
Tyndall Cemetery ? (USGS)--

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