Little Pee Dee River,
 image  by Victoria Dillon County, South Carolina
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Little Pee Dee River,
 image  by Victoria
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Cemetery Name Location Inscriptions contributed by:
CAIN Cemetery
Survey: May 2001
near Latta Sheila Berry & Sandra Brumbles, 27 May 2001
Survey: April 2001
Survey: Jan 2002
Note: Mobile home lots surround cemetery as of April 2001
Photos by Sheila Berry added Jan 2002
SC Road 428, north of Floydale Ron Rowell, 22 Apr 2001; Sheila Berry, 26 Jan 2002
(Old) CARMICHAEL Cemetery
Survey: 1953, 1980's
near Little Pee Dee Presbyterian Church Debra Kerner & Jo Church Dickerson, 30 April 2000
Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, May 2000
Victoria Proctor, 1997
(Daniel Washington) CARMICHAEL Family Cemetery
Survey: [Date unknown]
1/4 mi. S.E. of Carmichael's Bridge, Fork, SC Debra Kerner and Jo Church Dickerson, 30 April 2000
(Major Daniel) CARMICHAEL Cemetery
Survey: Jan 2002
Historical notes
Little Pee Dee State Park Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry, 15 Feb 2002
Carolina Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Survey: Sept 2002
Between Little Rock and Clio, S.C. Sheila Berry and sons, 30 Sep 2002
Partials: Helen Lane Carmichael, 1998
Cathie Folan Johnson, 1999
Catfish Creek Cemetery
(African American)
Survey: May 2000
Latta Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Catfish Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Survey: 1953
Latta 1998: David Jackson, Herbert Turner
June 2000 Mrs. D.L.E. Drost
COOK Cemetery
Survey: August 2001
Photos by Marie Cooke added Jan 2002
intersection of S. Fordtown Rd. and Cooktown Rd. in Lake View, on private property Sandra Brumbles & Sheila Berry, Aug 2001
(Dempsey) CRIBB Cemetery SE of Fork Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles
(Dr. James) CULBRETH Cemetery
Survey: Sept. 2000
near Hamer, Dillon Co., S.C. Trey Cooper, 21 Oct 2000
Curtis Cemetery
Survey: July 2001
Near Regan Cemetery in Pleasant Hill Community, Hwy 17-22 Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles, July 2001
DEW Cemetery
Survey: March 2000
on #S-17-219 between Latta and Oak Grove. Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Dothan Methodist Church Cemetery
Survey: 1953-1955
Photos added Nov 2001
Intersection of Dothan Rd & Bethel Rd., Dillon County, S. C. Michael Cole
Victoria Proctor
David Jackson
Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000
Dunbarton Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Survey: 1957
Intersection of Burke & Buck Swamp Rds., near Floydale Mrs. D.L.E. Drost, June 2000

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