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Dothan Methodist Church Cemetery

Dillon County, S.C.

See also 1955 survey of Dothan Methodist Church Cemetery

Tombstone Photograph contributed by Phil Price, 17 Jun 2002

Mr. Price notes:
"I have been searching for years for my Miranda McKenzie Price Jackson. My mother (d) had told me that my ggf's mother was buried at Dothan Cemetery but it wasn't on the list and I had about given up on finding her. I found her headstone behind the Sellers plot, next to the wall, close to the 'Sarah Ann wife of Hugh P. Price' head stone.

Miranda's head stone reads:

Born Aug 15, 1816
Died Sept 22, 1864
(computer enhanced photo of tombstone)

March 2002 partial survey (Additions since the 1955 survey) with photographs
contributed by Sheila Berry, 29 Mar 2002.

Dothan Church Cemetery

Survey by Sheila Berry, March 2002

NOTE: This is on the brick wall that surrounds the cemetery:
Swinton Legare Bethea 1879----1932    

Memorial plaque photo by Sheila Berry, 27 March 2002 Fitzhugh Lee Bethea 7/1/1889-7/3/1971 A LOYAL HUSBAND AND FATHER Sarah W. Bethea 1/3/1894-5/16/1974 A.W. "Red" Bethea son of Fitzhugh Lee & Bonnie Keen Bethea 6/20/1916-9/13/1999 Clemson A&M B.S. 1938, Colorado A&M M.S. 1945, Lt. Colonel Army Air Corps WWII in North Africa & European Theaters, District Commander VFW 1953-1954, Post Commander Post 6091 1952, S.C. House of Representatives 1961-1966, US Chamber of Commerce 1959-1960, Board of Directors,Dillon County Farm Bureau,Life Long Farmer,Rotarian,Member main street & Dothan UMC,IPTAY member 61 years, Football teams Clemson A&M & Colorado A&M . married to Jo-Anne Dellinger daughter of Lester E.& Saidee Blanchard Dellinger 9/25/1928 Children: Kitty, Buddy, Shannon, Lesa, Cammie and Fitzhugh Caroline Elizabeth Gaddy McLean 5/16/1875-8/17/1962 married Michael Mims 2/25/1912 Lawrence Carl McLean 9/16/1898-10/6/1975 Catherine Elizabeth Bethea 7/14/1869-9/17/1951 daughter of Annie Godbold and Edwin A.Bethea Rev.George Emory Edwards 11/16/1873-12/27/1938 Julia Moore Edwards 5/13/1877-6/28/1968 Annie Laurie Harrell Manning 1883-1971 Eli Bethea Manning 7/15/1872-9/7/1959 Eugenia Smith Bethea 1/7/1879-8/15/1968 J.Frank Bethea 2/10/1876-5/30/1951 Mary Ethel Bethea 1/6/1903-7/7/1979 Thomas Howard Bethea 8/29/1901-12/14/1981 Truss B.Thompson Jr. 5/12/1912-11/7/1955 Ella Braddy Thompson 9/21/1888-1/3/1945 Russ B.Thompson 4/12/1889-10/26/1947 Mary Lutie Bethea 9/11/1886-1/3/1961 Robert Lee McLaurin 9/6/1907-4/3/1970 Duncan Bethea McLaurin Capt.U.S.Marine Corps. VIETNAM 10/28/1941-7/18/1988 William Lamar Bethea 8/19/1908-2/24/1972 Lillie Hotchkiss Bethea 10/28/1902-11/6/1976 Ethel May Bethea Cooper daughter of Dr. J. Frank Bethea & Hannah Jane Bethea born Dillon County S.C. 2/21/1884 died Mullins S.C. 4/14/1947 married John Purley Cooper 1/22/1908 HER LIFE RADIATED CHRISTIAN LOVE, KINDNESS LOYALTY,STRENGTH,FAITH,AND PATIENCE. SHE WAS CONTANT IN HER DEVOTION TO THE RIGHTEOUS CAUSES, AND EVER MINDFUL OF THE NEEDS OF OTHERS. John Purley Cooper son of Noah Bryant Cooper & Lucinda Jenerette Cooper born Mullins S.C. 6/30/1881 died Mullins 6/27/1963 THEIR CHILDREN John Jr.Franklin Bethea,Noah Bryant,Hannah Bethea,Flora Ethel. married Emma Sadie Parker 6/28/1948 HE WAS GENTLE IN MANNER,DEEP IN AFFECTION,FRIENDSHIP,AND CONVICTION.A LEADER IN CHURCH,CIVIC, CULTURAL,ECONOMIC AND PHILANTHROPIC AFFAIRS.A CHRISTIAN GENTLEMAN. Emma Sadie Parker Cooper daughter of Samuel Allen & Emma Jane Smart Parker born Murrells Inlet S.C.10/16/1889- died Mullins S.C.7/16/1969 PERCEPTIVE OF BEAUTY & LOYAL IN HEART. A GRACIOUS LADY. Clifford H.Hardy 5/11/1925-3/7/1987 Mary MacLeod Bethea Hardy 9/6/1895-7/2/1971 Benjamin Franklin Hardy M.D. 8/31/1887-9/21/1969 Alpheus Victor Bethea 5/6/1886-2/19/1954 CHRIST'S LIFE HIS CODE, CHRIST'S CROSS HIS CREED. Martha Rebecca Cooper Bethea 3/25/1886-8/14/1970 HER CHILDREN RISE UP AND CALL HER BLESSED.HER HUSBAND ALSO PRAISES HER. Martha Rebecca Bethea Williams daughter of Bass Partridge & A.V.Bethea Jr. 11/26/1949-10/15/1999 her daughter Susan B.& Jennifer C.Goodwin married Donald Edward Williams 7/16/1995 Donald Edward Williams son of Annie L. Harbison & E.Q.Williams Sr. 5/10/1944 his daughter Jessica Ann Alpheus Victor Bethea Jr. son of Martha Rebecca Cooper & Alpheus Sr.12/23/1916- 11/27/1983 married 9/6/1941 to Bess Partridge daughter of Ella Finley & Jessie Troup Partridge 2/6/1915 their children: Alpheus Victor III, Robert Partridge,& Martha Rebecca Infant son of Merry Farmer & A.Victor Bethea III 10/14/1968 Colonel Preston Bethea Hardy 9/3/1921-3/28/1985 married to Mary Rogers Hardy 10/13/1920 their children: Mary MacLeod 5/21/1942, Preston Jr.8/2/1945,Timothy Glenn 10/29/1952,Coline Jenelle 2/4/1954 Benjamin Franklin HardyJr. 3/22/1919-9/22/1989 married 5/12/1941 to Jacqueline Allen 3/28/1920 their children: Emily Shelton 10/25/1942, Josephine Elizabeth 3/4/1947,Patricia Allen 3/7/1949,Ann-Franklin 12/5/1950, Jacqueline Allen Jr. 10/25/1952 Edgar Frank Bostick son of Harriett Foxworth & Paul Bungah Bostick 1/28/1911- 9/23/1992 HE RAN BEAUTIFULLY AND WITH PRESEVERANCE THE RACE THAT WAS SET BEFORE HIM. Lucinda Bethea Bostick daughter of Martha Cooper & Alpheus Victor Bethea 1/5/1914 married 11/27/1937 1 daughter Martha Bethea Preston Lang Bethea II 10/27/1924-9/17/1971 Preston Lang Bethea 4/10/1870-4/15/1944 Frank H.Smith 7/27/1910-7/4/1976 Louise E.Smith 11/26/1912-8/9/1988 James W.McCutcheon 2/2/1906-3/3/1969 Margaret E.McCutcheon 11/10/1908- David William Galloway 7/27/1889-2/13/1950 "Daddy" Zimri Ellen S.C.Tec5 62 ABN Inf.BN WWII 7/31/1910-2/23/1964 Mary Tarte Manship 2/17/1900-12/10/1987 Eugene Hampton Tarte 10/4/1904-4/5/1967 John Hamilton Tart 1/8/1860-1/1/1928 Carrie Elizabeth Tart 8/20/1865-6/16/1951 THEY HAVE GONE TO BE WITH HIM WHOM THEY HAVE SAVED. Clyde B. Tart 5/1/1902 Mildred L.Tart 10/31/1926-1/1/1962
Tombstone photo by Sheila Berry, March 2002 David N.Bethea 3/19/1845-2/12/1901 son of Rev.Samuel J.& Mary "Rogers" Bethea Anna Jane Sellers 8/11/1850-1/17/1889 daughter of William W.& Martha Ann Bethea Sellers married 12/25/1867 to David N.Bethea Kate Jones 11/21/1861-1/17/1952 daughter of Thomas & Sarah Nichols wife of David N.Bethea married 11/28/1895 Lawrence Harrell Kilgo 5/16/1906-9/24/1981 James Earle "Red" Bethea Jr. 9/17/1922-6/25/2000 PFC U.S.Army WWII Elizabeth Manning "BeBe" Bethea 7/9/1924 married 9/8/1945 George A.Bethea 11/18/1821-1/2/1871 William John Scully 5/21/1915-3/11/1970 married Marie Gibson Bethea 11/25/1949 Marie Gibson Bethea 1/4/1895-1/13/1985 COLONIAL DAMES XVII CENTURY James Earle Bethea 5/6/1893-6/29/1943 married Sara Marie Gibson 10/15/1919 Andrew D.Bethea 7/13/1910-4/23/1974 Mary Sprunt Bethea 2/1/1904-7/5/1964 married 1/26/1924 Vernon Cogswell 4/1/1898-7/29/1969 William Thad Bethea 3/11/1896-1/6/1972 Oriana Berry Bethea 8/23/1898-7/14/1983 David Addison Hamilton 6/1/1891-7/27/1959 married 12/25/1910 Sallie McKenzie Hamilton 7/25/1889-6/18/1970 A MOST GRACIOUS LADY Robert H.Martin Sr. 1/13/1918-7/16/1970 S.C. PFC U.S. Army WWII Mildred Estelle Martin 1925-1995 Palmer Rogers 4/5/1887-12/16/1964 INTO THY HANDS O LORD Charles C.Seals 5/7/1907-3/11/1966 N.C.PFC 194 WWII Quartermaster Co. Mary J.Seals 10/31/1876-8/17/1959 Otto R.Edwards 5/19/1893-3/16/1964 N.C.CPL U.S.Army WWII Margaret Sellers Edwards 8/14/1900-3/27/1977 daughter of Benjamin Bethea & Norma Watson Sellers Ruth Sellers Smith Watson 10/17/1902-5/16/1990 daughter of Norma Watson & Benjamin Bethea Sellers married Clayton Smith 10/7/1939 Melletto Floy Bethea 12/26/1892-11/9/1953 Frances Marion 9/21/1892-8/24/1944 Bessie Stanton 1905-1990 Sara Marie Stanton 4/29/1923-7/19/1991 Augusta Bethea wife of H.H.Humphrey 11/20/1869-5/17/1957 Annie R.Sellers 11/23/1878-5/27/1956 daughter of Maggie Mace & John C. Sellers SHE LONGEST LIVES WHO MOST TO OTHERS GIVES HERSELF FORGOTTING Hannah Gardner Wallace 3/11/1861-10/25/1955 Lizzie Jones Long 11/11/1877-8/28/1954 Children: Nellie,Ada,Ernest,Earl,Hazel, James Earl Jones Long 6/10/1908-6/11/2001 Nancy Long Jarrett 12/5/1948-7/23/1997 OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER William A.McQueen 3/7/1881-11/7/1957 Sarah J.McQueen 11/16/1883-1/23/1968 IN HIS WILL IS OUR PEACE Everett M.Johnson 1/2/1913-6/7/1961 HE LIVES WITH US IN MEMORY AND WILL FOREVERMORE. Joseph C.Johnson 1/4/1889-2/1/1958 Jennie M.Johnson 7/18/1895-12/28/1989 GONE FROM OUR HOME BUT NOT FROM OUR HEARTS. Carl L.Johnson 7/23/1905-1/16/1976 Ivey Johnson 1/4/1860-7/4/1940 Ella Johnson 11/3/1866-4/12/1952 F.Monroe Campbell Sr.1886-1959 Cora J.Campbell 1891-1981

Photographs contributed by Carolyn Kellar, 2001

Please note the erosion, in just 10 years' time, of this old wooden marker for
George and Mary Jane Norton Herring:
1989 photo | 1999 photo

1955 survey of Dothan Methodist Church Cemetery

Dothan Cemetery

    Inscription provided by Michael Cole, 1998.

  • John W. McKENZIE, b. Nov. 6, 1837 - d. May 18, 1904
    A kind wife mournes in thee a husband lost;
    The poor, a friend who felt what friendship cost.

    Inscriptions provided by Victoria Proctor, 1997.

  • W. W. SELLERS, b. March 27, 1818 - d. March 28, 1902
  • Martha BETHEA SELLERS, b. Dec. 2, 1821 - d. Feb. 2, 1893
  • Allen McKENZIE, 1850 - 1923
  • Mary, Wife of Allen McKENZIE, b. April 6, 1855 - d. May 15, 1893
  • James McKENZIE, 1852 - 1914
  • Eli H. McKENZIE, March 10, 1844 Feb. 17, 1909
  • Dolly, His Wife, Nov. 8, 1851 - Juy 13, 1942
  • Robert Chauncey, Infant Son of David and Frances McKENZIE, b. Nov. 16, 1888 - d. July 17, 1889
  • Mary F., Wife of Allen McKENZIE, b. Feb. 28, 1858 - d. May 29, 1921
  • B.F. McKENZIE, b. June 16, 1854 - d. Dec. 30, 1920
  • Lizzie, Wife of Frank McKENZIE, b. April 30, 1850 - d. Jan. 7, 1906
  • JACKSON Inscriptions provided by David Jackson, 1997.

  • Alice Wagstaff Jackson................................1863......................5-28-1939
  • Debby Jackson....................................................................... ..8-26-1879
  • Dora D. Jackson..........................................2-4-1866.................7-25-1914
  • Flora Jackson..............................................3-19-1860...............10-10-1936
  • H.H. Jackson...............................................No dates
  • Nancy McCormick Jackson...........................9-28-1826...............11-16-1900
  • Reuben B. Jackson..............................4-20-1824...............8-15-1900
  • Sarah Ann Jackson Price...............................Age: 80 years

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