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Contributed by Felix and Dianne McLellan, 26 Aug 2003.

Updated August, 1998 by Felix A. McLellan, Jr.; submitted by Dianne H. McLellan.
(NOTE: McDuffie families moved to Kentyre Cemetery during 1997-1998)
Original compilation August, 1975 by Mrs. Autrey Carmichael, Mr. G. Worth Stuart and Mrs. Howard Sloan

Directions to cemetery:

Take Hwy. 301 North and turn right onto Kentyre Road (if heading south on Hwy. 301, make a left onto Kentyre Road). Take the 2nd right (E. Country Club Road). Road ends at Mt. Calvary Road. Make a right. Go 3/10 mile and the cemetery is on a hill (west side/right) of Mt. Calvary Road.

1st row, right to left, west side:

Areen, son of F.A. and P.A. Smith, b. 6-29-1882, d. 9-27-1906

George McDaniel, b. 3-3-1853, d. 5-17-1947

Minerva McDaniel, b. 6-4-1851, d. 1-27-1927

Rosa S. McDaniel, b. 6-7-1861, d. 9-29-1888

McDaniel, Father Robert, 1851-1933

Vioila, daughter of L.A. McDaniel, b. 3-2-1896, d. 1-11-1898

Robert, son of C.C. and B.A. McDaniel, b. 10-20-1916, d. 2-11-1918

Albert, son of C.C. and B.A. McDaniel, b. 10-10-1906, d. 12-3-1906

Unmarked grave

2nd row, right to left:

Mrs. M.A. Carmichael, b. 10-4-1834, d. 10-25-1866

Several unmarked graves

Maxie McDaniel, b. 12-29-1909, d. 12-31-1913

Martha A., wife of J.A. McDaniel, b. 8-12-1810, d. 1-02-1882

J.A. McDaniel, b. 2-02-1801, d. 6-02-1892

Nancy J. McDaniel, b. 11-1-1841, d. 1-15-1882

3rd row, right to left:

Flora Jane McLellan, b. 11-11-1844, d. 2-28-1916

Sarah McLellan, b. 6-25-1838, d. 5-27-1914

Robert Lot McLellan, b. 12-11-1855, d. 1-10-1879

A.K. McLellan, b. 4-9-1807, d. 1-21-1887

Harriet McLellan, wife of A.K. McLellan, died 6-7-1874 in the 62nd year of her age

W.B. McLellan, b. 8-21-1844, d. 9-10-1872

Duncan McLellan, died 5-25-1872 in the 68th year of his age

Daniel Colin McLellan, son of A.B. and Frances McLellan, b. 11-27-1868, d. 12-30-1868

Daniel B. McLellan, b. 7-11-1846, d. 9-29-1868

Daniel McLellan, died 5-18-1861 in the 60th year of his age

Rebecca McLellan, wife of Colin McLellan, b. 6-25-1805, d. January, 1873

Colin McLellan, died 2-14-1859 in the 48th of his age

William Henry McLellan, Jr., son of William Henry McLellan, Sr., and Blanche

Melvin McLellan, b. 6-30-1925, d. 9-19-1951

Alexander McLellan, a native of Scotland, died 8-17-1839 in the 77th year of his age

Mary McLellan, a native of Scotland, died in the 42nd year of her age

Malcolm McLellan, a native of Scotland, born in the year 1751 and died of apoplexy in the 72nd year of his age

W.C.P. McDaniel, b. 1-18-1843, d. 1-3-1862

Joseph McDaniel, b. 2-10-1838, d. 8-20-1862

M. McDaniel, b. 7-1-1848, d. 8-9-1866

4th row, right to left:

D.C. Carmichael, b. 8-26-1834, d. 5-19-1904

Martha, wife of D.C. Carmichael, b. 9-12-1846, d. 10-12-1905

Sara Elizabeth McKinnon, wife of Duncan C. Carmichael, b. 1836, d. 9-30-1871 at age 35

Mrs. Flora Carmichael, wife of Dougal B. Carmichael, b. 4-4-1797, d. 5-13-1877

Flora H.C. Carmichael, daughter of H.C. and S.R. Carmichael, died February 1872, aged 7 years, 5 months and 24 days

Neill Campbell, d. 1-14-1841, age 20 years

Edward Campbell, d. 1-10-1850, age 34

Nancy, wife of ________, daughter of Duncan and Margaret Campbell, d. 7-27-1853, age 27

Mary Campbell

Margaret Campbell, d. 8-29-1839, age 13 years, 8 months

Duncan Campbell, d. 9-26-1830, age 51 years

5th row, right to left:

J.A. McQueen, b. 4-12-1862, d. 4-26-1912

Addie Estelle Campbell, daughter of Daniel and Eliza Anne Campbell, b. 6-11-1870, d., 2-3-1970

Daniel Campbell, b. 3-9-1829, d. 5-21-1903

Eliza Ann, wife of Daniel Campbell, b. 12-5-1831, d. 8-2-1920

John E. Campbell, b. 5-12-1854, d. 9-9-1852

Duncan M. Campbell, b. 12-5-1852, d. 9-12-1888

Nancy D., daughter of Daniel and Eliza A. Campbell, b. 8-5-1858, d. 7-15-1859

Infant son of Daniel and E.A. Carmichael, 2-3-1868

Neil M. Campbell, b. 5-19-1860, d. 10-28-1917

Ulila Von Campbell, b. 6-24-1872, d. 3-6-1930

Oscar Campbell, b. 8-27-1877, d. 9-15-1945

6th row, right to left:

William J. Herring, b. 7-19-1867, d. 5-1-1890

Artemus Herring, b. July, 1855, d. 12-1887

Lutin F. Herring

Harmon Herring, b. 6-30-1908, aged 84 years

Elizabeth, wife of Harmon Herring, b. 6-20-1834, d. 9-18-1922

7th row, right to left:

Kittie A., daughter of F.D. and M.J. Herring, b. 12-25-1868, d. 12-19-1892

Mahaley H., wife of F.D. Herring, b. 4-7-1842, d. 4-10-1897

Rody M., daughter of F.D. and M.J. Herring, b. 2-20-1874, d. 1-29-1890

David Lock, b. 5-18-1871, d. 7-29-1892, age of 21 years

8th row, right to left:

Florence Herring, b. 3-5-1886, d. 1-24-1910

Hugh Cable Meller, b. 12-3-1910, d. 5-10-1911

Lacy Herring, b. 6-20-1915, d. 2-21-1916

Joseph E. Herring, b. 3-9-1913, d. 7-20-1914

Two unmarked graves.

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