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Little Pee Dee River
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McClellan / Mason Family Cemetery


Dillon County, S.C.

Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson, 27 Feb 2000.

Copied 26 Feb 2000 by Jo Church Dickerson

Location:  Fork Community, Dillon County, South Carolina

Directions:  On Hwy 41, going from Lake View toward Marion, turn 
right, just past Fork, onto Buck Swamp Road (formerly SR 72). 
Cemetery is approximately 1/2 mile from Hwy 41. Turn left on dirt 
field road just before you get to large white frame house on the hill. 
Field road runs behind the house on the hill (John B. McQueen 
homeplace). Cemetery is about 1/4 mile out field road, on the right,
on a knoll. There are crops planted all around the cemetery. 

History:  Unknown.  I just discovered it yesterday. Saw it from the 
road, turned in and copied it. A granddaughter of John B. McQueen 
lives nearby, and was able to give me a little recent history of the 
land. John B. McQueen came from Carolina Section of Dillon County. 
He purchased the land in early part of 20th Century, from whom she 
knows not, but believes original owner had lands on both sides of 
Buck Swamp. I have not had time to look up the deeds, so really can't 
say who owned this land prior to about 1910. However, it is just across 
Buck Swamp from known lands of old Samuel Smith. 

Not known if the individuals buried here are descended from slaves who 
were on this land at an earlier time, if they were sharecroppers during the 
time that McQueen owned the land, or some other history of burials here. 
There are new, bright red corner posts at all four corners of this cemetery. 
It has been recently cleared and cleaned, stones repaired, and appears 
to have been recently surveyed.

First Row:
Peter Hemingway
6 Dec 1940 (no other date)
SC Pvt 6/ Pioneer Inf.

two small markers or footstones
no inscriptions

Lon Smith 
died 20 Mar 1914 (no other date) 
Every joy to us is dead/ Since Mother is not here
[This stone has been broken and recently repaired.]

Footstone with no headstone: E.R.

Tiny stone:
Harnether Barr
27 Sep 1901 - 22 Feb 1933
We will meet again

Second Row:
Frank Mason
age 97 yrs. [no dates given]

Ornate marker, impressed with pebbles: 
no name or dates
To Heaven For Rest

Old, broken stone, no sign of top half of stone: 
...While friends in sorrow oer thee weep...

Broken pieces of stone under tree
Stacked up, no inscription found. 

Third Row:
Margaret K., wife of R.J. McLellan; 
18 Mar 1855 - [death date below ground level]

Broken stone
Inscription missing, along with top half of stone

Dollie Mason
age 80 yrs. [no dates given]
At Rest. 

Katie Ann Mason
Born 1892 - [death date firmly below ground]

[This, and Margaret McLellan stone above, 
appear to have been broken, and reset into
ground, with much of stone now inacessible.]

There are clearly other burials here, but no other markers found.

© 2000 Jo Church Dickerson

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