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New Holly Cemetery

Dillon County, S.C.

New Holly Cemetery

Dillon County, South Carolina

In years past New Holly School existed. New Holly is located northeast of Dillon County, South Carolina, near Free State community. Jennifer Woodle Lupo notified me concerning this abandon cemetery. Near this cemetery was Platt Crossroads where the Centerville Road sign is located that leads to New Holly Cemetery.

From Main Street, Dillon and highway 34 go east 8 miles-turn left on Centerville Road-go mile bear left on Free State Road-fenced cemetery is on right on wooded area.


Surveyed by Carley and Helen Lane Wiggins April 20, 2003


(inside of fence)


Unmarked grave – unreadable rusted funeral home marker 


 Margarette Fenegan-wife of B.T. Fenegan-b-Oct.26, 1849-d-Feb. 28, 1922

“For thou art my hope O Lord God thou art my trust from my youth”


B.T. Fenegan–b-Sept. 16, 1850-d-May 8, 1914

“I waited patiently for the Lord, and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry”


Mannie dau of B.T.& M.A. Fenegan-b Aug 10, 1880-d-Nov 20, 1890

“Just when we learned to love her most God called her back to heaven”


Infant of B.T. & M. A. Fenegan


Infant of B.T. & M.A. Fenegan


Roberta-dau of B.T. & M.A. Fenegan-b-Sept 4, 1876-d-Dec 4, 1877

“A fairer bud of promise never bloomed”


Jimmie-son of B.T. & M.A.Fenegan-b-May 23, 1873-d-Nov 18, 1877

“Weep not he is at rest”


Maria-dau of D.A. & Elizabeth J. Platt-b-May 21, 1854-d-Jan 25, 1863 age 8 years-8 mons 4dys


Charlotte-b-April 17, 1858-d-Feb 5, 1863-aged 4 yrs 9ms & 18ds  (inscribed at bottom) J II Villeneure & Co. Cheraw SC


In memory of John D. Platt who was born Feb 1, 1842 died Oct 8, 1873

“When musing sorrow weeps the past, and mourns the present pain; tis sweet to think of peace at last, and feel that death is gain”            D.A. Walker

(this marker is broken)


In memory of D.A. Platt who was born Sept 23rd 1816 and died Sept 8, 1875

“Jesus can make a dying bed; feel soft as downy pillows are; While on His breast I lean my head; and breath my life out sweetly there”   D.A. Walker


Our Mother-E.J. Platt-b-March 20, 1818-d-May 1st, 1886

“There is no union here of hearts that finds not here an end”

(marker turned over)


M.J. Platt-b-Dec 8, 1846-d-Dec 10, 1880

“Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep”


Wooden marker


In memory of our father W. M. Platt-b-Jan 24, 1848-d-April 19, 1886

(broken marker)


Flora E. wife of A.D. Ivey-b-June 4, 1851-d-Sept 11, 1898


Harriet wife of R.L. Ivey-b-May 30, 1856-d-Feb 8, 1881


Lizzie dau of Jas.K. & Eliza A. Fenegan-b-1857-d-1860


James K. Fenegan-Mar 15,1813-Mar 15, 1891


Eliz A. wife of James K. Fenegan-Nov 4, 1820-Oct 20, 1903

“Having served her generation by the will of God she fell asleep”


(outside of fence at one end)


Flossie Vivian dau of M.M. & Kate Porter wife of M.H. Hodge Oct 10, 1899-Aug 12, 1919

“Her toils are past her work is done she fought the fight the victory won”

Erected by her father


(outside the opposite end of fence)


Rock of Ages

F.M. Jackson April 12, 1846-May 18, 1911


Thos. Wetherly son of E.M. & M. J. Jackson -b-Feb 23-d-Oct 25, 1887

“Of such is the kingdom of Heaven”


Frank Monroe-son of F.M. & M.J. Jackson-Sep 2, 1875-Dec 25, 1877

“Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. In Jesus arms forever blest”


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