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New Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

(African American)

Dillon County, S.C.

Contributed by Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry, 29 Dec 2001

                 New Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Copied by Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry, Dec 2001

Direction:  Coming from Dillon on Hwy# 57 South about 7 miles.  After you get 
to the intersection in Fork you will go 7/10's a mile and turn right onto 
Buck Swamp Road.  Travel on this road 4/10's of a mile and turn left onto 
Shiloh Cemetery Road.  The first cemetery on the left is Pleasant Hill Bapt.

Ulysses C.Johnson 1935-1994
Mr.French Johnson 1911-1989
Eva J.Johnson 1910-1987
???ila M.Mason 1905-1983
Raymond Johnson 1924-1994
Willie Lee Johnson 1937-1997

J.Larry Ford Jr. 1/29/? 8/15/1979
Mrs.elonia B.Ford "LOVELACE" 4/17/1902-1/24/1973
Mr.Frank Ford Sr. 5/25/1900-2/20/1989

E.D.Parker 8/16/1913-12/4/1954

Archie Edwards S.C. Pvt.Inf.    sunk in can't read dates

Charles Inman 1946-1998
John Wesley Rogers 1911-1975
Letha Rogers 1910-2000
Diane Leonard 10/25/1957-9/27/1977
Gloria L.Platt 6/14/1954-7/9/1993

Nelson Grice Sr. 1923-1985
Willie D.Grice 4/3/1996
Daisy Grice 1926-1984

Ellis Pitman 2/27/1903-5/26/1961
Lena B.Pittman 8/4/1909-6/10/1981

Mr.Eugene Smith 8/23/1923-8/21/1963
Dorothy Jean Rowell b.41-d.67
Geraldine Sampson b.42-d.69
Mrs.Varginia Edwards Page 1907-1953
Mr.Eutah Davis 1904-1959
Gertrude Davis 11/10/1910-1/30/1963    LOVING MOTHER
Huston P.Billups STM2 U.S.Navy WWII 12/18/1916-12/21/1996
Ruth G.Billups 2/11/1923

Lonnie Davis 1915-1972

Evelyn McClellan 1935-1953
Mr. Lee G.Clark 1915-1994

Johnny G.McDuffie 1938-1967

Rozena S.Lewis 3/26/1911-8/5/1965
James Frison Lewis 4/7/1911-10/3/1986
Mr.Elliolt Mason ?missing from FHM/1953
FHM broken can't read paper
Rueben Lewis Pvt.U.S.Army WWI 1893-1976
FHM can't read

Slab no name
grave sunk in no name
Willie Johnson 1919-1987

Mrs.Jenn??? 4/20/190?
Slab no name    MOTHER
Henry Johnson 1914-1997   FATHER

Maggie R.E.Brown 1897-1976

Baby Reaves no dates
Carlton T.Reaves 1944-1980
Wilson Smith 5/23/1899-3/1/1970
Ella Rebecca Reaves 1921-1996
Henry Reaves 1913-1976

Odessie Ford 3/25/1912-9/14/1955
Slab no name b.6/1946
FHM broken can't read

FHM can't read
John F.Rogers 1948
Celia H.Rogers 1966
Claudia Rogers 1913-1978
FHM can't read

Eller Frances Robinson 1871-1949
Josephine Ellerbee 1892-1983
Charlie Levern Swinton 6/8/1933-5/15/1972

Limous Dozier Eaddy 3/5/1930-2/1/1999
Wallace Eaddy 1913-1986
Addie Mae Eaddy 1932-1982
Addie Eaddy 1905-1969
Frank F.Eaddy 1927-1950
Ruby N.Eaddy 1946-1993

William Salmon 19/26/54 

Martha Townsend 1911-1983
Jasper Townsend 1904-1975
Grady Moody 1933-1974
Slab no name
Larry Townsend 1950-1976
Jasper Townsend no dates

Raymond H.McClellon S.C.PFC Co.A 422 RES Labor BN QMS WWI 8/6/1893-1/7/1960

Mattie Lee Manning 3/4/1928-3/28/1993
Ed J.Washington sunk in can't read dates

Donetta Jones 1962-2001
Bonnie R. Jones 6/18/1939-5/13/1995
Mack Jones 1912-1987

Marvin T.Williams Sr. homemade no dates
Slab no name

Duffy Williams 2/13/1888-1/5/1961 S.C.Pvt.346 Service BN QMC WWI

Carlotte H.McCormick 1977-1977
Baby (Slab no name)

William L.Salmon CPL U.S.Marine Corps. VIETNAM 7/2/1943-12/24/1995

Rufus Hamilton 10/27/1924-6/12/1993 STM1U.S.Navy WWII
Louise Hamilton 3/22/1927-5/1/1976
Slab no name
Slab no name

Mr.James O.Edwards 1928-1986
Anthony Edwards 9/24/1959-12/31/1988
Slab no name

Benjamin Riley Davis 5/17/1891-12/10/1965
FHM can't read
Ma Hamilton 8/12/1907-1960

James Felton Legette 6/8/1948 S.C.SP4 89 Trans.Co. VIETNAM

Carl W.Hamilton 1927-1993
Slab no name
Slab no name

James Salmon 1990
James P.Salmons 12/25/1946-2/11/1967 ARMY Marker can't read sunk in

Rev.James D.Brown 1947-1995

Curtis Campbell 4/6/1896-9/1/1962 S.C. PFC 812 Co.Trans.Corps.WWI

Aaron Spengel Ellerbe 1/22/1941-11/16/1970
Aaron Ellerbee 1943-1977
Edna Smith 7/27/1914-6/30/1972
Georgiana Smith 1903-1982
Julia Ellerbe 1984-2000
Clarence Renwick 1917-1983

Joe E.Brown 1951-1986
Harley Arthur Brown 7/3/1924-11/20/1986 U.S.Navy WWII

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