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Oakey Point Cemetery

(African American)

Dillon County, S.C.

(Partial survey)

Contributed by Sheila Berry, 27 Dec 2001

                          Oakey Point Cemetery

Copied by Sheila Berry, Dec 2001

Direction:  From Latta on Hwy #301 North, turn right at stop light onto 
Academy Street.Stay on that road for 1 mile turning left onto Oakey Point Road.
Travel 1 to 2/10's of a mile and cemetery is on the right.

NOTE:That this cemetery is very badly neglected. As you see the cemetery 
from the road, someone keeps it clean as you enter, but around through the 
cemetery you can see where people are dumping trash, old torn-up
furniture and just not taking care of the cemetery.

Irwin C.Lewis 10/10/1950-11/27/2000

Taft Fore Sr.3/27/1903-6/23/1984
Roydin Lane Fore 4/29/1907-6/29/1989
Hattie B.Crawford 1931-1991

Charlie Davis 1920-1984

Emma McBryde Hennigan 1902-1986
FHM can't read
FHM can't read

Eddie R.German 1918-198?

Mary Kate Brown 19?4-19?2

Wm.Bill James 1924-1993 STM3 U.S.Navy WWII
Hannah W.James 1931-1995
Sheila D.James 1959-1990

Cynthia Williams 1922-1980
name missing 1947-1988  FHM
Sylvester Williams 1966-199?
Claudia Williams 1966-1998

Roosevelt Horne 1942-1982
Ronald Nicholas Horne 12-20/1994-2/27/1995
Florence Horne 1944-199?
Sterlyn Lee Horne 1964-1985
Vermell Horne 1914-1984
John E.D.Horne Sr. 7/12/1911-11/8/1993
Alexander Horne 1938-1988
John E.Horne 1/13/1937-1/4/2001

Marcella A.Manning 1915-1986
James Bethea Jr.1940-1987
Russell H.Bethea 1918-1988
FHM can't read
Phyllis Frazier 1954-1989

James Kenneth McCrae Jr.7/1/1946-7/19/1986 U.S.Army SP5 VIETNAM
Queenie H.McCrea 1919-1988

John T.Townsend 12/10/1919-8/27/1989 S1 U.S.Army WWII
Eloise B.Townsend 1922-1985

Flora Lane Williams 3/2/1909-11/3/1993
Pernell Williams 7/16/1915-2/24/1990

FHM can't read
Margaret C.Wilson 8/20/1892-6/18/1982
Robert Wilson 5/12/1934-6/27/1972
Mary Ann Wilson 12/14/1933-4/1/1981
James Wilson 8/9/1912-4/9/1971 S.C.Pvt.316 Base Unit AAF WWII

Robert W.Ladson 1945-1992
Marietta Ladson 12/26/1906-5/30/1977
Roosevelt Ladson 5/10/1905-6/28/1970
Lafon W.Ladson 2/22/1943-1/5/1968 S.C. PFC Co.C1 Inf. 196 Lt. Inf.BDE

Maggie B.Porter 1899-1987
Emery M.Porter 1893-1981

Mae Bell Lucas 1918-1992
Jimmy Davis 1915-1985
Rose Mae Henburg 1941-1988

Rev.Levi P.McGill 1915-1986
Elizabeth M.McGill 1923-1983

Clara Wall Brown 1908-1980
Jessie Mae Walker 1936-1988
Sherman Gray Brown 1936-1994

James Alexander McBryde 1928-1976
Robert L.McBryde 2/26/1892-8/27/1983 Pvt. U.S.Army WWI
Nora G.McBryde 1898-1984

Heyward A. Jones 3/28/1888-2/1/1962
Theresa B.Jones 10/24/1889-5/1/1970

Floyd H.Bethea Sr.8/30/1910-1/31/1979 CPF U.S.Army WWII
Fodie Jones 3/15/1884-1979

Charlie Bethea 2/16/1915-1/19/1986 ST3 U.S.Navy WWII
Etta Bethea 1915-1989
Alfred Bethea 1939-1990

Clarence James Sr. 1915-1983
Laura Jane James 1922-1985

Thad McRae Jr. 7/31/1921-2/16/1985
Ida Mae McRae 9/9/1925

Ida Mae Oxendine 1914-1982
Willie Bethea 1904-1981
Emily G.Bethea 1914-1994
Mrs.Rosa Thomas 1905-1999

Aar---at Thomas 1939-1991
Idella Bethea 6/6/1926
Isaiah Bethea 2/2/1924-5/22/1981
Jimmy Bethea 9/12/1945-6/26/1964
Rebecca Bethea 5/25/1952-6/3/1954

Prencess Bennett 3/19/1950-3/29/1993
Louis Windon 1969
Annie Windon 1906-1981

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