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Survey contributed by Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles, 06 Jan 2002.

RAY Cemetery
(aka Joan Cemetery)
[shown as Ray Cemetery on the Topographic Map from Arlington, Virginia]

Copied by Sheila Berry and Sandra Brumbles, Jan 2002

Direction: From Lake View west on highway #41 to May HillTop Community, turn right onto Bermuda Road. Traveling on this road about 3/4 of a mile and bare off to the left onto Jo Ann Branch Road. Exactly 1 mile on the right is a driveway that you turn in and what used to be wooded area. They have done alot of logging in this area and now you can see the cemetery from the road, also the cemetery has iron fencing around it.

W.D. Ray 12/11/1848-3/27/1927
  Photo by Sheila Berry
Catherine Ray 5/9/1852-4/1/1926
  Photo by Sheila Berry
Daniel H. Ray 8/27/1886-5/28/1924
 W.O.W. emblem
  Photo by Sheila Berry

Mattie Louise 10/15/1926-12/25/1927 daughter of J.D.& Eva Ray
Eva S. Ray 2/3/1904-10/18/1976
  Photo by Sheila Berry
Julius D. Ray 10/15/1876-12/21/1958
  Photo by Sheila Berry

In memory of John A.C. 10/10/1882-6/1/1883 son of W.D.& C.A.Ray
  Photo by Sheila Berry

In memory of Redin J.Hayse 1/1/1849-2/25/1893
  Photo by Sheila Berry
In memory of Henry son of L.& Elizabeth Hayse 10/22/1850-6/12/1877
In memory of Mary Ann daughter of L.& Elizabeth Hayse 5/9/1858-7/18/1867
In memory of Henry Hayse 3/13/1815-4/17/1894 aged 79 yrs. 1mth. 4dys.
  Photo by Sheila Berry
Elizabeth wife of Henry Hays (no e on the end of Hayse)
  3/17/1818-2/10/1897 aged 78yrs. 10 mths. 23 days

Martha Ann Hayes 6/19/1853-9/7/1942
Joan Hayes 1858-1926
Ella Nora Jane Hayes 1861-1925

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