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Riverside Cemetery
Dillon County, S.C.

Note: This is a very large cemetery located on Highway 9, East of Dillon.

Sketch of cemetery layout by Sheila Berry

Complete survey contributed by Sheila Berry, Sandra Brumbles and Laura Caulder, 5 Dec 2001.


Directions: From Dillon on Main Street, take Hwy # 9 toward Lake View. Cemetery is on the left across from the Dillon Applied Tec. Center.

NOTE: "Section" refers to layout sketch shown above.

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SECTION 1:coming in off of highway # 9

Harold Quick S.C. PVT U.S. Army 3/10/1935-3/3/1968

Aly Wallace 1802-died 1/22/1876 aged 74 yrs.

Dan J. Smith 8/25/1926-7/3/1982
Katherine M. dau.of Lucy K. & Dan J. Smith 3/20/1965-5/25/1973
Glenn D. Son of Mr.& Mrs. Dan J. Smith 8/12/1956-9/1/1956

Rosa Edens 1920-1997

James Franklin Miller S.C.CPL U.S. Army WWII 8/22/1920-12/21/1968
Thomas J.Miller S.C.PVT MED.Dept. 11/26/1934

Zeb V. Hunt 9/18/1882-6/19/1933

Rev.Roy B. Arnette 9/27/1889-3/19/1951
Mamie M. Arnette 2/1/1902-11/4/1980

Infant son of Mr.& Mrs. Tom Johnson 1/5/1941

Infant son of Reginald A.& Ann D. Isley died 11/17/1935
Infant son of Reginald A.& Ann D. Isley born & died 2/9/1934

Zack Bruen Carter 3/9/1864-9/5/1939
Onie Gainey Carter 11/25/1883-10/23/1932

W.O. Flowers 3/15/1880-8/17/1932
Lillian A. Flowers 1874-1957

H. Gerson Ammons 5/27/1909-2/2/1936
Joseph E. Ammons 4/23/1866
JoAnn Ammons 9/2/1872-5/4/1933

Edith dau.of H. & F. Hamilton 8/12/1930-12/31/1937
Flossie W. Hamilton 5/14/19??-3/15/1973
Fred Hamilton 2/28/1903-9/18/1950

Daniel Carl Jackson 1/6/1894-3/22/1915
Sudie Jackson Medlin 7/22/1897-8/14/1941

Lamar Parker PFC U. S.Army Korea 4/4/1930-2/12/1992
Lloyd Bruce Parker Sr.10/30/1904-10/7/1982
Aileen Lewellen Parker 4/4/1910-2/2/1936 married Lloyd Parker 1924
Howard Parker son of A.L.& L.Parker 7/10/1928-8/17/1930

Susan Herring Byrd 6/20/1884-10/10/1940
Sarah Ann Herring 9/9/1854-7/11/1947
Sylvester K.Herring  5/19/1853-1/24/1932

Marvin H. Daniels 8/25/1920-9/13/1921
Mamie Bethea Daniels 1/30/1901-4/14/1986
ďNickĒ N.H. Daniels 6/19/1897-2/11/1973
Christine D. Moody 9/11/1924-3/28/1993
McKay Daniels
son of N.H. & Mamie Daniels
7/10/1922-5/23/1943 PFC 676 AAA MG.U. S.A.

Infant son of T.E.& Kanawha Flowers 11/26/1928
Thomas Everett Flowers Sr. 11/7/1888-2/17/1976 U.S. Army WWI
Edward L.Flowers S2 U. S.Army WWII 5/29/1927-9/7/1987

T.Walter Wallace 9/13/1884-8/1/1931
Minnie L.Wallace 1/8/1885-11/8/1945

Polyann Smith 10/14/1840-8/15/1929
Gurley Price 8/16/1880-3/27/1940
Eliza Jane Smith Price 10/23/1882-7/29/1957

J.Bennie Herring 3/17/1882-10/12/1927
Addie C.Herring 1/28/1890-12/4/1964
Benjamin T. son of J.B.& Addie Herring 1/12/1921-12/16/1931

1 old marker canít read

Isla Jane McKellar McCormick 1/24/1901-10/28/1928
Desda Elizabeth McCormick 1925-1926
Alex Junior McCormick 1927-1927
Archie Redden McRae 10/19/1890-7/19/1929

Cora McKenzie 7/17/1907-12/1/1977

Charles Franklin Patten
 born in McLean County Ill. 11/29/1873
 died in Charlotte N.C. 5/2/1954
Martha Mason Patten
 born in McLean County Ill. 6/12/1875
 died in Charleston S.C. 1/9/1944
 married to Charles Franklin Patten 2/16/1898

Harry L. Cottingham 11/2/1928-4/16/1930
Lillian B.Harrelson wife of Bobbie Cottingham 9/25/1901-3/30/1931
Bobbie Cottingham 12/12/1902-10/2/1953

McKiver Hyatt 4/4/1906-9/7/1985
Barbara J.Parker dau.of Ann & L.Parker 1/3/&1/14/1942
Lloyd B.Parker Jr. son of A.L.& L.Parker 12/29/1931-2/8/1965

John Mack Jones 1874-1929
Georgia Emma Jones 1889-1948

Alma Gray wife of J.T.McColl 9/10/1881-8/17/1931
C.W.Gray 3/19/1877-5/24/1927

Peggie dau.of Annie Tolar & Walter L.Herring 4/3/1929-2/28/1931
Walter L.Herring 4/10/1900-9/1/1978
Annie Tolar Herring 12/5/1904-12/23/1939
Howard Herring Massachusetts PFC U. S.Army 10/23/1918-2/25/1968

Herman Lewis Flowers 3/21/1931-8/12/1989
Everett Flowers 10/7/1851-2/9/1911
Margaret James Flowers 12/28/1859-5/15/1928

Orris Jones 1898-1973
Baby Mildred Britt
Mary B.Jones 1905-1994
Eli T.Britt S.C. Corp.Med.Dept.4/17/1932

Walter Brown Jr. 1/4/1922-3/5/1985

Ralph Thomas Medlin 9/11/1913-11/21/2000
  T/Sgt.U. S.Army PVT U. S.Marines
Vera Pearl Medlin 1/3/1915-11/28/1976
Claudine W.Medlin 9/28/1893-7/24/1968
Carlton Bethea Medlin 10/19/1890-2/26/1924
William John Galloway 6/22/1879-2/6/1942
Ora Hollard
 wife of W.J. Galloway
 born in Collins Ga.  3/9/1891
 died in Dillon S.C. 5/11/1925
 aged 34 yrs. 2 mos.& 2 days
Santo J.Bertino 2/28/1924-10/15/1985 Seaman 1st.Class
Edna Medlin Bertino 1/5/1924    DAUGHTER
Mary Carline Medlin Gray 12/11/1917-3/13/2000   DAUGHTER
Joseph F. Medlin 10/21/1919-8/27/2001
   CPC Headquarters Detachment 4954th service command unit

Marie B. Stewart 2/17/1932-11/11/1982
Lettie M. Brown 12/23/1904-6/15/1982
Walter L.Brown 12/25/1915-8/11/1960

Thomas James Britt Sr. U. S.Navy 10/20/1922-5/16/1999
Suzanne Britt 1957-1958

a slab of cement above ground no markers

William H. Hamilton 4/18/1860-2/15/1929
Lena Jeanette Sawyer Hamilton
   wife of W.H.Hamilton died 1/28/1956 aged 90yrs.
W. Spurgeon Hamilton 3/25/1893-8/23/1965

W.Arthur Burney 6/2/1866-3/20/1933
Alice Virginia Watson wife of W.Arthur Burney 7/10/1871-3/26/1954
C.Edwin Burney 4/5/1908-1/22/1940

John A.Ashby Jr. S.C.Pvt.Coast Arty.Corps. WWII 7/18/1916-3/23/1947
Ida Ashby Graham 8/21/1916-12/17/1990

D.Claude Barber 6/26/1910-5/1/1980
Walter J.Barber 2/12/1876-12/26/1960
Mae Wallace Barber 6/25/1884-2/13/1963
Thomas W.Wallace died 6/27/1925 aged 74 yrs.
Flora J.Wallace his wife canít read anything else

Mary Sheilds wife of Frank Parks 1859-1922

Robert L. Brown 10/10/1894-12/26/1926
Baby Brown 4/8/1923
Mattie Burney Brown 10/22/1900-12/2001

William Kirkland son of Mr.&Mrs.W.H.Hamilton 4/2/1910-4/15/1930

Robert Alford Moody 3/2/1895-10/9/1932

Lucille Margaret Minshew 2/12/1906-2/20/1985
Roland G.Minshew 8/5/1913-3/17/1965
Joseph Tucker Minshew 7/20/1910-8/25/1971

Betty Jones 1935-2000     DAUGHTER
Beatrice Evan 1912-1993     MOTHER

Walter O. Son of  J.W.& M.L. Spillers 10/1/1915-9/11/1925

Doris Vivian dau.of Mr.&Mrs. H.G.Reaves 5/19/1920-8/26/1922
Jessie Julia Gibson Reaves 1862-1941
John Hodges Reaves 1864-19?? canít read
Emily Reaves daughter of Joe & Annie Reaves 4/14/1926-12/27/1935

William Dewey Anderson Jr.
  son of Dewey & Thelma Anderson 11/9/1923-11/17/1923

Evelina Minshew 6/13/1925-6/13/1925
Ruby Ophelia Minshew 12/24/1908-1/1/1927
Margaret Gardner Minshew 3/27/1884-3/4/1955
Isaac Newton Minshew 3/16/1870-1/2/1931

Jessie M.Herring 6/28/1900-3/3/1978
Evelyn T.Herring 9/6/1907-2/19/1936

Edgar Franklin Humphrey N.C.BCLR U. S.Navy 4/11/1932

Minnie Fowler wife of A.D.Granger 11/12/1893-5/13/1951

George M.Caddel 10/4/1884-2/3/1938

Clyde Gray Hatch 3/12/1893-1/27/1945
Lula Reaves Hatch 8/3/1898-5/13/1961
Clyde Gray Hatch Jr. 1/19/1927-4/1/1929

Joseph son of J.L.& Grace Gamble 10/7/1921-1/5/1927
In memory of James Lynwood Gamble Jr.
   5/21/1916-died in WWII 6/23/1944 buried at sea.

Jenetti Brigman Hyatt 7/3/1875-9/4/1938
Lucindi Brigman Hall 6/22/1871-5/15/1942

John Q.Amason Georgia Pvt.Base Hospital WWI 6/24/1892-4/18/1947

Brumsy Ann Brumbles 1848-1945

Andrew Reedy Herring 6/5/1905-3/20/1948

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