Little Pee Dee River Dillon County, South Carolina
Little Pee Dee River
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Survey contributed by Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry, 11 August 2001.

(William) ROGERS Cemetery

Directions: Dillon on Hwy #34 West to Dothan Road turn left.Pass Dothan Church on right then pass first pave road on the right and then the next road to the right is a dirt road no name for it but turn right on dirt road .The iron gate to the right is the road to the cemetery. Once you turn on the dirt road there will be a iron gate in front of you.You will have to walk from there because the gate is locked.
note: first fence is chain link
John White Ivey                                     Mrs.M.A.Ivey
1/15/1866                                               2/20/1844
2/3/1951                                                 no date
Nancy Mc/Kinnon Ivey                           Julia Ida dau.of
wife of John W.Ivey                                H.W.& M.A.Ivey
2/14/1863                                                5/14/1877
5/18/1930                                                7/24/1897
May Pearle Ivey                                      H.W.Ivey
10/24/1892                                              8/12/1827
3/21/1946                                                12/8/1902
note: second fence is a Wrought iron fence
Mary Rogers                                          Wm.Rogers
wife of Wm.Rogers                                 6/20/1799
9/3/1799                                                  10/14/1874
note: Outside Wrt.iron fence
Elizabeth wife of                                    W& M.H.
E.M.Hays                                               Infants no dates
Minnie dau.of                                         beside the first infants
O.C.& C.Hays                                       is a headstone with Infants
9/27/1877                                             on it and it is broken so can't
9/1/1879                                               read it.
Elizabeth M.Hays                                    footstone with N.R.
6/17/1879                                                on it.The grass is to high to see
12/4/1929                                                 if the headstone is buried in the

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