Little Pee Dee Presbyterian Church
Dillon County, SC

BRIEF HISTORY by Victoria Proctor

Pee Dee Presbyterian Church, also known as Little Pee Dee, is located five miles southeast of Dillon. Until this church was founded, Presbyterians in the upper Marion District (Dillon County) who worshipped in a house of their faith were forced to make the long journey to Ashpole Church, near Rowland, North Carolina. For years the services there were conducted in Gaelic, then with a mixture of that tongue and English until the Civil War, when Gaelic was discontinued. As trips to Ashpole were necessarily infrequent, services were held in private homes from 1790 until 1820 when the Pee Dee Church was organized and received into Harmony Presbytery.

One account gives the founding date as 1838, but this is believed to be erroneous. The first pastor, Duncan McIntyre, Sr., was the leader in founding the church. The charter members included:
J.C. McIntyre
Dougald McIntyre
Joseph McIntyre
John Carmichael
Malcom Carmichael
and the Ray, Stafford and Clark families

A log building was erected for a church, located about one mile east of Campbell's Bridge on Little Pee Dee and seven miles southeast of present Dillon. In 1855, a new church was built on the present site, which was donated by Christian, Arch, John and Neil M. Carmichael, and Mary McDuffie. The building was remodeled in 1912.

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