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Dillon County researchers please note that the county was not formed until 1910. Prior census data for the area that became Dillon County, South Carolina will be found among the census records of Marion County.



Federal Census Population Schedules

"Article I, section 2, of the U.S. Constitution requires that a decennial population census, a nationwide enumeration or count of the population, be taken every 10 years. Congress uses the census figures to apportion seats in the House of Representatives. The census also determines each state's number of votes in the electoral college, which selects the President and Vice President; and affects apportionment in state and local legislatures. Section 9 provides that 'no capitation or other direct tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.'

The population schedules, first prepared in 1790, contain a wealth of information for historians, economists, and other researchers interested in topics such as Revolutionary War pensioners, Civil War veterans, western expansion, regional and local history, immigration, and naturalization. To ensure the privacy of individuals, Congress has provided for a 72-year restriction to access of Federal census schedules. The 1920 census was released in 1992; the 1930 census will be opened in 2002."
Source: United States Census Bureau


Please note that while every effort is made to provide accurate transcriptions of census data on this site, our transcriptions are intended to be used as a locating guide. Always consult the original of any document(s) before adding data to your family files.

  • 1790 - 1900 Federal Census Records - (See Marion County Census Records )

    NOTE: While Dillon County was not created until 1910, and census records for our area up until 1910 will be found under "Marion County", we can identify Dillon County records through the townships which were created in 1868.

  • 1869 State Census - Population Schedule

  • 1910 Federal Census
    • Dillon County, SC NARA Microfilm # T624_1458

    • Robeson County, NC 1910 Census Extractions
      Transcribed and contributed by Sam West.
      Shows all South Carolinians ages 18 and up listed in the 1910 Federal Census of Precinct 1 of White House Township in lower Robeson Co NC. Today this area is known as Marietta Township, and is located just north across the state line from Lakeview, SC (Dillon County). Although the county of birth is not given, those identified were most likely from Dillon, formerly Marion Co SC.
  • 1920 Federal Census (offsite)
    1920 Census Index and Census Images

  • 1930 Federal Census (offsite)
    1930 Census Index and Census Images

  • 1940 Federal Census Index (offsite)
    NARA Microfilm #T627 Roll 3804


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