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We have a few church histories and photographs and it would be wonderful to have more. If you can provide any information on Dillon churches - date established, membership rolls, historical sketches, photographs, what have you - please let me know. Thank you!--Victoria


On October 10, 1809, the Presbyterian synod of the Carolinas created Harmony Presbytery, which included most of the Little Pee Dee Valley. In November 1889, the Pee Dee Presbytery was formed from a portion of Harmony and it is the regional governing organization to which the Dillon County Presbyterian churches belong today.

Some Presbyterian church records for congregations of Southern states are archived at the regional office of the Presbyterian Historical Society in Montreat, N.C.

Presbyterian Historical Society
The Montreat Office
P.O. Box 849, Montreat, NC 28757
Telephone (828) 669-7061 Fax (828) 669-5369
(Address and telephone as of 2000)


Mr. Stokes, in his "History of Dillon County" (1978), states "There have never been any Quaker meetings or congregations of Lutherans, German or French Evangelical and Reformed, Congregationalists, or Unitarians in the county." Quakers would have traveled to nearby Marlboro County.

Monthly Meetings (MM) for our area, from "Quaker Families of South Carolina and Georgia" by William F. Medlin

  • GUM SWAMP: Located on Gum Swamp near the Marlboro-Dillon line and the North Carlina border. May have existed before 1750 when this area was disputed by the two states; meetings for worship were still being held here about 1830. (All records for this meeting are lost.)

  • LITTLE'S CREEK: Located near Pee Dee River at Little's Creek just a short distance into North Carolina in the area disputed by the two states. Members lived in both North & South Carolina.

  • PEE DEE: Existed as early as 1740. A small meeting apparently under the care of many other meetings over time... Carver's Creek MM, Piney Grove MM. One of the locations of this Meeting was probably in Marlboro County midway between the Great Pee Dee River and Three Creeks, where several large Quaker families lived.

  • PINEY GROVE: Monthly Meeting established in 1801 and laid down (closed) in 1815, and members transferred to Back Creek Monthly meeting in 1816.



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  • Marion churches and churchmen, 1735-1935 : a narrative of the Church of England and its successor, the Episcopal Church Stanley, Victor Bland, Jr
    (Charleston, S.C. : Southern Print. & Pub., c1938 )
    Copy available through LDS
  • Prince Frederick Winyah, 1729-1763 : W.P.A. Project 165-33-7172 Polk, Mrs. Louie H
    LDS Microfilm
  • The Register book for the parish Prince Frederick Winyaw, Ann: Dom: 1713 Prince Frederick Parish
    LDS Microfilm


  • Minutes of meetings and lists of members, 1802-1971 Catfish Creek Baptist Church
    LDS Microfilm
  • Church minutes, 1833-1867 Gapway Baptist Church
    (Nashville : Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1967)
    Available through LDS
  • Minutes of the union meetings of Ebenezer, Elim and High Hill Creek Baptist Churches, 1818-1843 : including minutes from Lake Swamp, Willow Creek, Sparrow Swamp, Swift Creek, Gapway, Terrills Bay, Little Pee Dee, Bosticks, Bethlehem, Mizpah, Mount Moriah, Mount Zion, and Bethel Baptist churches Smith, Thomas E and Eaddy, Elaine Y
    (Hemingway, S.C. : Three Rivers Historical Society, 1983 )
  • Welsh Neck Baptist Church, South Carolina, 1737-1841
    Available through LDS


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    (Nashville, TN, Abingdon Press, 1958) Bibliography:
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Some Dillon County churches not listed above

Berean Church of Christ     "Latta"
Betheas Chapel Church (historical)     "Dillon West"
Bethel Church
(African Methodist Episcopal)
201 S. 4th Ave., Dillon 774-4631 "Dillon East"
Bethel Hill Church     "Latta"
Beulah Church     "Dillon West"
Bingham Church     "Bingham"
Bowling Green Church     "Dillon West"
Bright Star Church     "Latta"
Canaan Church     "Dillon East"
Carolina Branch     "Minturn"
Dickinson Church (historical)     "Dillon West"
Dillon Church of God 701 Hwy 301 S., Dillon 774-8021 "Dillon East"
Dothan Baptist Church
(Missionary Baptist)
Old Dothan Rd., Dillon 841-9112 "Dillon West"
East Dillon Baptist Church     "Dillon East"
Fairview Church     "Minturn"
Faith Tabernacle     "Dillon East"
Fellowship Baptist Church     "Dillon West"
First Baptist Church
(Missionary Baptist)
400 N. 4th Ave., Dillon 774-7387 "Dillon East"
First Baptist Church of Lake View Main Street, Lake View 759-2223 "Lake View"
First Presbyterian Church 200 E. Harrison Street, Dillon, SC 774-8351 "Dillon East"
Fork Church     "Lake View"
Fort Chapel Baptist Church 865 Fork Chapel Dr., Lake View 841-9090 "Fork"
Grace Apostolic Church 318 Judge Rd., Latta 752-5772  
Hamer African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church     "Dillon East"
Hamer Church
(Church of God)
2410 Hwy 301 N. Dillon 774-6756 "Dillon East"
Hamer Presbyterian Church (historical)     "Dillon East"
Hayestown Church     "Fork"
Hazel Grove Church     "Dillon East"
Holiness Church (historical)     "Latta"
Holiness Church (historical)     "Dillon West"
Judson Church (historical)     "Minturn"
Lake View United Methodist Church 3rd and Walnut St., Lake View 759-2811 "Lake View"
Latta Presbyterian Church 110 N. Richardson St., Latta 752-5041 "Latta"
Leland Grove Church     "Minturn"
Level Green Church     "Latta"
Mallory Church of God     "Bingham"
Manning Church (historical)     "Bingham"
Manning Baptist Church 305 E. Calhoun St., Dillon 774-8621 "Dillon East"
Mars Hill Bible Way Holiness Church 404 S. 4th Ave., Dillon 774-9612 "Dillon East"
Mill Creek Church     "Oak Grove"
Miller Chapel AME Zion 2465 Hwy. 57 North, Dillon 841-0606 "Minturn"
Minturn Church     "Minturn"
Mount Hermon Church of God     "Dillon West"
Mount Zion Church     "Minturn"
Mount Zion Church     "Dillon East"
Mount Zion Church     "Gaddysville"
New Bethel Apostolic Church 100 Lincoln St., Dillon 774-6557 "Dillon East"
New Holly Church (historical)     "Dillon West"
New Holy Church     "Minturn"
New Hope Baptist Church     "Latta"
New Jerusalem United Church of God     "Dillon East"
New Zion Church     "Lake View"
New Zion Church     "Minturn"
New Zion Church     "Fork"
Oak Grove Church     "Oak Grove"
Ohav Shalom Synagogue Calhoun St. & 10th Ave., Dillon 774-8763  
Pee Dee Chapel     "Minturn"
Pee Dee Church     "Fork"
Pine Hill Church     "Dillon West"
Pleasant Grove Church     "Dillon East"
Pleasant Hill Church     "Dillon West"
Pleasant Hill Church     "Dillon East"
Poplar Creek Church 953 Poplar Creek Rd, Lake View   "Gaddysville"
Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church 605 E. Cleveland St., Dillon 774-7382 "Dillon East"
Saint John Baptist Church 215 Covington Street, Latta 752-5051 "Latta"
Saint Lukes Church     "Rowland"
Saint Lukes Church     "Dillon East"
Saint Marks Church     "Dillon East"
Saint Matthews Church     "Dillon East"
Saint Stephens United Methodist Church N. 1st Ave., Dillon 774-5541 "Dillon East"
Second Baptist Church 1108 Highway 301 South, Dillon, SC 29536 843-774-4401  
Spring Grove Baptist Church 2035 Hwy. 917 East, Latta 752-7832 "Fork"
Spring Hill Church     "Fork"
State Line Church     "Rowland"
Tabernacle Church (historical)     "Lake View"
Union Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church     "Lake View"
Union Church     "Gaddysville"
Verges Chapel (historical)     "Minturn"

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