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In May 1888, a United States Post Office was authorized for Latta. Frank M. Monroe supervised the mail service until Robert Rose Bethea was officially appointed postmaster in July 1890. Mr. Bethea was a respected African American merchant, who distributed the mail from a latticed corner of his store on Main Street.

The photo at right shows the original Post Office building, a one-room weatherboard structure and the first stand-alone post office.

Old Latta Post Office
Original photo owned and contributed by Sheila Berry, March 2002
modified version by Victoria Proctor Copyright 2002. All rights reserved.


31 May 1888
31 July 1890
16 Aug 1894
11 Sept 1899
10 Aug 1911
20 May 1922
18 Jan 1926
17 Jan 1935
01 Nov 1946
17 June 1948
26 April 1975

Frank M. Monroe
Robert R. Bethea (African-American)
Joseph J. Bethea
John L. Dew
E.C. Bethea
Hugh C. Finklea
Deans Crumpler
Houston Manning
Mac Tilden Atkins
Gerome H. Stafford
Mrs. Loris H. Flowers

Sources: History of Dillon County, Durwood T. Stokes (1978)

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