Little Pee Dee River
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Little Pee Dee River
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The Great War
aka The War To End All Wars
World War One
Honoring Those Who Served Their Country

HARPER, ErnestCPL, US Army     1963 Riverside tombstone--Victoria Proctor
HAYES, Owen JacksonPVT, U.S. Army Co.1 323 Infantry   1954 Riverside tombstone--Victoria Proctor
HERRING, Rufus M.?, US Army     14 Nov 1970
V.A Hospital, Fayetteville, NC
Riverside tombstone, obituary--Victoria Proctor
HULON, Lonzo T.SGT, U.S. Army     12 Nov 1975 Greenlawn tombstone--Victoria Proctor
HYATT, Marvin      1961 Riverside tombstone--Victoria Proctor

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