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Obituaries marked as "SCA, Wofford" can be obtained from the Sandor Teszler Library Archives of Wofford College. If you order a copy, please consider transcribing the obituary and sharing a copy with us here.
McCLELLAN, Evans T. June 15, 1911
McDANIEL, Autrey Phillip 1999
MCDANIEL, James A. Sr. Dec 15, 1892
McDANIEL, Ursula 1966
McDONALD, Marion Craig Jan 28, 2003
McDONALD, Neal April 16, 1908
McDONALD, William Asa 1970
McDOWELL, Amos Jan 4, 1950
McDOWELL, Addline Jackson July 24, 2001
McDUFFIE, Elizabeth July 16, 1949
McDUFFIE, Neal Nov 1 1903
McEACHERN, Peter Dec 10, 1902
McKENZIE, E. H. Feb 25, 1909
McKENZIE, Fred T. March 7 1973
McKENZIE, Jewel 2002
McKENZIE, John 2001
McKenzie, Louise Ann 4/6/1922
SCA, Wofford
McKENZIE, Mabel Ward Dec 1946
McKENZIE, Mrs Rosa Feb 1969
McKENZIE, Sarah Hamilton 1936
McKENZIE, Wallie J 1984
McKENZIE, Willie 1968
McLAURIN, Daniel W. July 19, 1928
McLaurin, Georgia A. 9/4/1913
SCA, Wofford
McMILLEN, S A 1931
McNEIL, Susan Letha Nov 01, 1961
McNEIL, Truss March 8, 1962
McPHERSON, Hugh David, Jr. 1945
MANNING, Florence Ellerbe 1930
MANNING, Capt. James L. March 08, 1945
MANNING, Mrs Orianna Hamer 1950
MARTIN, John W. June 28, 1906
MATHEWS, Katie Louise Hasty 10 Jul 2003
MEADORS, Joe H. Meadors, Jr. 1942
MEADORS, Mildred McDaniel April 16, 2002
MEDLIN, Mary Ellen Bethea 1936
MILLER, Delana Horne 1973
MILLER, Mrs. Ellen March 17, 1962
MILLER, Eugene Albre 1987
MILLER, Hazel Powell 2000
MILLER, Lester Laneau 1944
MILLER, Mildred McDaniel April 16, 2002
MONROE, Francis Marion 1911
Moody, Clarence 1/10/1963
SCA, Wofford
Moody, Dora 11/19/1964
SCA, Wofford
MOODY, Emma Sessions Sept 22, 1958
MOODY, Genevieve Wallace 2001
MOODY, James R. 1984
MOODY, John Thomas 1926
MOODY, Martin Craig July 2003
Moody, Olin 4/16/1964
SCA, Wofford
MOORE, Louise Tart July 3, 2001
MOORE, Mary Jane Herring 1958
MOORE, Olin Godbold September 10, 1896
MOORE, Sarah Bethea March 3, 1892

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