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The State Friday June 2 1905 issue pg 6 col 2

Killed On The Track
Young White Man Struck by the Train Near Dillon

Special to the State.

Dillon---May 30-Yesterday morning the dead body of a white man was found lying in a ditch on the east side of the railroad, just opposite the north end of Maple Cotton Mill. The fact was reported to proper authorities, and the usual formalities will be gone through today.

Your correspondent was on the spot before the body had been disturbed and found it lying in a semi-prone position; partly on the stomach and left side; face downward, left arm thrown out behind, the right arm and hand extended, left leg straight, right drawn partly flexed. He was a well built man, about 30 years of age, cleanly and neatly dressed; his coat was partly raised, exposing his hip pocket, from which protruded the neck of a pint bottle, which being removed was found to contain about 12 or 14 ounces of gin. The stopper was out and lying apparently where he first struck the ground.

From some of the bystanders the following information as to his identity was obtained: His name was Sam Calder, formerly a mill hand at McCall; since January he has been at Clio running a small farm, which he recently surrendered on account of the wet weather and grass, coming to Dillon, as he said, to enter one of the mills. Arriving at 8 o'clock on the Latta Branch train, it appears, that he began drinking early and was seen by several late in the afternoon, becoming more and more under the influence of beer and whiskey. It is supposed that towards 9 o'clock he tried to get to the Maple mill, where he had a married sister, sat down on the end of a crosstie and there, stupefied and perhaps dozing, No 32 came thundering along at full speed and knocked him about 15 feet into the ditch. His right hip was badly bruised, but the full force of the impact was received on his right shoulder. The part of the engine striking him crushed the right shoulder blade and several ribs, badly bruising but not breaking the skin.

Thus the S C O M I scores the third victim within less than 12 months, three tragedies within gunshot of each other, each victim a stalwart, robust man in the prime of young manhood, each a citizen and should have been an important factor in the social problems confronting us today.

Transcribed and contributed by Carolyn Klear, 10 Oct 2003

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