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A. B. Carmichael, CSA Veteran

The Dillon Herald, Dillon, South Carolina
July 8, 1926, Vol. 32, No. 35

Another Veteran Called to Rest
A. B. Carmichael Passed Away
at Home Near Gaddy's Mill

Death claimed another veteran of the Civil War when Mr. A. B. Carmichael passed away Monday at his home near Gaddy's Mill. Mr. Carmichael had been in fairly good health until a short while before his death. Born in 1844 he had reached the ripe old age of 83 years, but was active until a few months ago. Mr. Carmichael was a member of the large and influential Carmichael family which has for generations lived on the east side of Little Pee Dee river. He was son of Sheriff Archie Carmichael who was born 1797, who was twice sheriff of Marion county, declined a third nomination and died at the advanced age of 86 years, full of honors and greatly beloved by all who knew him. Mr. A. B Carmichael, the subject of this sketch was born in jail under circumstances so unusual and perhaps without parallel in the political history of the state that the story was taken from Seller's history of Marion count in not inappropriate.

"During his first term of Office," says Mr. Sellers, "there was a great money depression - the masses of the people were in debt. Money could not be raised, property had but little value and consequently there was great distress among the people. Fortunately for the debtor class they had a kind-hearted man in the sheriff's office and he would not force collections by levy and sale of property; some of the creditor portion, money sharks, who had executions in his office, had the sheriff ruled for not enforcing the collections of the demands and the result was the sheriff had to go to jail; he became a martyr to his kindness of heart, to his leniency in office. He was in jail for about 22 months. He and his family occupied the apartments in jail provided for the jailer's family. He moved his books, papers, etc., to the jail and there attended to the business of his office just as if he had remained in his office at the court house; collected money, paid it out, and to all intents and purposes was still sheriff except as to his personal liberty. He did not put his foot on the ground during his incarceration. His oldest son, A. B. Carmichael was born in jail." The creditors finally got their money while Sheriff Carmichael greatly multiplied his friends. He was re-elected almost unanimously and refused a third term, but was given the privilege of naming his successor. As Mr. Sellers said of the father, so can it be said of the son; "His private character was unsullied, was without spot or blemish. He was in every way a Christian gentleman."

Although yet in his teens Mr. Carmichael volunteered at the beginning of the war and served throughout the four years struggle. He signed the oath of allegiance, but always felt proud of the fact that he never surrendered. When it was rumored that General Lee would have to surrender or was about to surrender, Mr. Carmichael said he could not get the consent of his mind to lay down his arms and quietly left camp and returned home a few days before the meeting at Appomatox.

Early in life Mr. Carmichael was married to Miss Lizzie Gaddy, who preceded him to the grave by just one year. The only surviving children of this union are two sons, Clyde L. Carmichael, of Dillon, and Gaddy Carmichael who lives at the home palace. Mr. Carmichael is survived by two brothers, W. D. Carmichael of Marion and N. J. Carmichael of Raleigh.

This good man was laid to rest at the family burying ground at Pee Dee Church Tuesday morning where he will sleep by the side of his ancestors till the resurrection morn.

Transcribed by Helen B. Moody from microfilm at the Dillon Library, Dillon, South Carolina

Submitted by Helen Moody, 15 Sept 2003.

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