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The Dillon Herald, Dillon South Carolina
May 20, 1920, Vol. 24. No. 37

John C. Sellers

It has been said "That death loves a shining mark" but seldom strikes among us of this section of South Carolina more markedly than when with his fatal scythe the rapacious Reaper came into our midst and took from among us our friend, brother, neighbor and partner Col. John Calhoun Sellers of Sellers, S. C.

On Wednesday night, 9 p.m. 12 May, 1920, after several days of illness his spirit winged its way into the great beyond leaving the mortal clay which was interred at the Sellers cemetery on Friday, the 14th May.

The religious services were conducted form the Methodist church at Sellers by his pastor, the Rev. Mr. Crosby, assisted by the Revs. Arail, Bethea and Watson. Mr. Watson making a prayer which in pathon elequence and heavenly benedictions upon the family, the occasion and friends caused a Mason to think of King Soloman; prayer dedicating the Temple, its beauteous grandeur and the people of Israel to Jehovah his God. Miss Trumblln, the music teacher at the graded school led the music in hallowed tones of love.

The active pall bearers were six young Past Masters and the honorary were the living members present of Camp E. T. Stackhouse of Latta and of Swamp Fox, Camp of Confederate Veterans. These remained around the grave during the Masonic ceremonies. He was buried in a Confederate gray uniform. Something more than 100 Masons were in line led by Past Grand Master Michie of Darlington. At the grave Past Grand Master Robt. A. Cooper now governor of South Carolina delivered a eulogy, the force, beauty, eloquence and appropriateness has never been excelled in this section of the State. For a quarter of a century as brother Masons and friends they had known and loved each other and with burning words of love and esteem and merits of the dead brother District Deputy Grand Master were told. Past Grand Master J. L. Michie conducted the funeral ceremonies with an exact correctness impressing upon the Masons present the sublime teachings of their order with all that is mortal in the grave and the spirit to the God who gave it. About 1,000 or 1,500 people attended the funeral.

Mr. Sellers was born in old Marion County, in that part now Dillon County, a little more than 73 years ago and had lived where he died the most of his life near Sellers Station on the Atlantic Coast Line.

John C. Sellers was the oldest child of Col. W. W. Sellers of Marion Bar, and Martha Ann Bethea, a daughter of Philip Bethea and Rachel Cockran Bethea. Three brothers Ben Bethea Sellers, William W. Bethea Jr., and Philip Bethea Sellers and two sisters Anna Jane Bethea and Rachel Cockran Norton preceded him to the grave and one sister Mary Osborn Godbold survives him. Mr. Sellers married first Maggie Mace by which marriage there are living Ben Bethea Sellers, Wallace Duncan Sellers, Lucy Watson, Pearl Norton Bethea, Annie Sellers and Lella Sellers. His second marriage was to Jacqueline Oliver by whom there are Elizabeth Sellers and Kathaleen Sellers. Mr Sellers was a bright precocious boy and out distanced most of his school mates. After a thorough training at Hofroyl Academy he entered the South Carolina Military Academy from which he entered the Confederate service and with General Johnson surrendered 16th April, 1865 in North Carolina. His services as Drill Master were worth more to the Confederate cause than as an active participant in battles. He did his duty well and faithfully as a soldier. After the war he entered the SC College and was graduated therefrom in 1868. He taught school and studied law and was admitted to the Bar 1869 becoming a member of the firm of Sellers and Sellers at Marion, SC.

He married, moved to the farm where he lived and gave his talents to agriculture.

Mr. Sellers received his M.M. degree at Mackey Lodge in 1868, wanting only a few months of 52 years as a Mason. He was on of the Charter Members of Dalcho Lodge No. 160 and the second Worshipful Master, his father W. W. Sellers being the first Worshipful Master. For near 25 years he had been District Deputy Grand Master of this Masonic District and well did he perform the duties. J. C. Sellers visited more lodges, conferred more degrees, delivered more eulogies and Masonic lectures than any Mason in the history of the Order.

He loved Masonry, he lived Masonry and died as a Mason He loved his church and Sunday School. The Quarterly and District and Annual Conference found him there. His life as a church member was Pauline - full of faith and works through out a consistent Christian life and worker. The Sunday School had an advocate and worker of no less abilities and services. In the Interdenominational Sunday School works as in his own church, faithful true and always there.

He was several times a member of the General Assembly. Was Captain of the Berry's Cross Roads Red Shirt Company in 1876 and did his part with purse and brains in redeeming SC from the horrors of those dark days.

In his community he was the general artorpey for the poor and friendless. He wrote their Wills, their deeds and contracts. As a financier he was not a great captain of Industry but what won grander, more noble by transforming his gold, his life's works into the gold of heaven and built wisely and lovingly amendment looking down through the corridors of time standing through the ages of an eternity above rubies and better than the brass and stone erected above the graves of the grasping greedy who taken all and saving nothing for mankind. A better power and more usefully generous man never lived than John C. Sellers

A Friend

Transcribed by Mary Lewis, 10 June 2002.

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