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CALDER, Boyd April 21, 19312 mos.#5897  Carolyn Klear, Oct 2003
CALDER, Ida Mae Sept 5, 19206 mos.#20234Lane Carolyn Klear, Oct 2003
CAMPBELL, John Albert May 6, 1941 #19252 Carolyn Klear, Oct 2003
CAULDER, Henry E April 1 1952 #004510  Carolyn Klear, Aug 2004
CAULDER, Maggie March 10, 1931 #5905  Carolyn Klear, Oct 2003
COLE, Claude O. May 9 1952 #005953  Carolyn Klear, Aug 2004
COLE, Etta Vernon May 7 1951 #012856Carmichael Carolyn Klear, Aug 2004
COOK, Boyd April 7 1951 #004734  Carolyn Klear, Aug 2004
COOK, Marie Sept 10 1950 #012837Cook Carolyn Klear, Aug 2004
COTTINGHAM, Bessie Sept 4, 194421#10700Pulley Carolyn Klear, Oct 2003
COX, Idella Oct 18, 1951 #012852McKellar Carolyn Klear, Aug 2004

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