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Cemetery Name Location Inscriptions contributed by:
Anderson Cemetery in modern Darlington County 
Aimwell Cemetery335644N 0793330W Pamplico South  
Baxley Cemetery334956N 0793230W Prospect Crossroads  
Bethany Cemetery335940N 0795256W Olanta  
Bethel F.W.B. Church Cemetery Bethel Road, State Road 610, between Mars Bluff and Claussen Kathie Webber, 1999
Brown Cemetery334930N 0793801W Lake City East  
Browns Chapel Cemetery334952N 0793752W Lake City East  
Burch Cemetery340902N 0794324W Florence East  
Byrd Cemetery340739N 0795709W Timmonsville  
Camp Branch Cemetery335431N 0794902W Mill Bay 
Carter Cemetery335153N 0793631W Prospect Crossroads 
Claussen Cemetery340726N 0793648W Pamplico North 
Cockfield Cemetery335316N 0794018W Scranton 
Cook Cemetery335205N 0794831W Lake City West 
Coward Cemetery340107N 0794305W Evergreen 
Creel Cemetery335342N 0793750W Scranton 
Eaddy Cemetery334923N 0793116W Prospect Crossroads 
Eaddy-Ford Cemetery334824N 0793100W Prospect Crossroads 
Elim Baptist Church Cemetery outside of Effingham 
Evergreen Cemetery340406N 0794048W Evergreen 
Field Cemetery340531N 0800311W Lynchburg 
First Baptist Cemetery335231N 0794459W Scranton 
Florence Memorial Gardens340947N 0795033W Florence West 
Fraternity Cemetery341135N 0794451W Florence East 
Friendfield Cemetery335848N 0794034W Scranton 
Garden of Devotion Cemetery334733N 0792637W Johnsonville 
Garden of Memories Cemetery340557N 0794203W Evergreen 
Gaskin Cemetery334947N 0794023W Lake City East 
Gaskins Cemetery335130N 0793655W Prospect Crossroads 
Gaskins Cemetery335203N 0793434W Prospect Crossroads 
Gause Cemetery335923N 0794232W Scranton 
Gibbs Cemetery340143N 0793559W Pamplico North 
Godwin Cemetery335329N 0794353W Scranton 
Grier Cemetery334924N 0792711W Johnsonville 
Grimsley Cemetery341321N 0793934W Florence East 
Hanna Cemetery334911N 0793440W Prospect Crossroads 
Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery 8655 Francis Marion Road, Scranton 
Hewitt Cemetery340606N 0794259W Evergreen 
High Hill Cemetery335456N 0794141W Scranton 
Hinds Cemetery341422N 0794120W Florence East 
Howe Cemetery340820N 0794441W Florence East 
Johnson Cemetery335030N 0792809W Johnsonville 
Jones Cemetery334858N 0794220W Lake City East 
Kelly Cemetery335258N 0794453W Scranton 
Lake Chapel Cemetery334833N 0792916W Johnsonville 
Lake City Presbyterian Cemetery335213N 0794503W Lake City West 
(Old) Lebanon Methodist Cemetery
near Friendville William Smith, 2000
Lee Cemetery335237N 0793855W Scranton 
Leo Cemetery335014N 0793657W Prospect Crossroads 
Lynch Cemetery Coward, SC 
Lynchs Memorial Gardens Cemetery340159N 0794718W Effingham 
McPherson Cemetery340915N 0794231W Florence East 
Meadow Prong Cemetery340214N 0794937W Effingham 
Mill Branch Cemetery335124N 0792914W Johnsonville 
Moody Cemetery341318N 0793712W Pee Dee 
Mossy Grove Cemetery340040N 0794744W Effingham 
Mount Hope Cemetery341053N 0794551W Florence West 
Mount Zion Cemetery335702N 0793314W Pamplico South 
New Hope Cemetery334930N 0792529W Johnsonville 
New Town Baptist Church Cemetery
Near Lake City, SC Martin Graves, 2004
North Vista Cemetery341232N 0794537W Florence West 
Ola Neck Cemetery335144N 0793312W Prospect Crossroads 
Olanta Cemetery335615N 0795606W Olanta 
Old Johnsonville Cemetery334714N 0792640W Johnsonville 
Old Liberty Cemetery335350N 0794003W Scranton 
Old Salem Cemetery335346N 0793048W Pamplico South 
Olive Grove Cemetery340115N 0794318W Evergreen 
Owens Cemetery334746N 0792859W Johnsonville 
Phillips Cemetery340834N 0795521W Timmonsville 
Pigiott Field Cemetery341102N 0794143W Florence East 
Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery 1501 North Old River Road, Pamplico Ruth Kilgallon, 30 Dec 2004
Poston Cemetery335525N 0793333W Pamplico South 
Powell Cemetery335002N 0793404W Prospect Crossroads 
Powell Cemetery334903N 0792420W Johnsonville 
Power-DuRant Cemetery334820N 0793240W Prospect Crossroads 
Prosser Cemetery335400N 0793230W Pamplico South 
Rush Cemetery335359N 0795631W Olanta 
Saint Johns Cemetery335408N 0793742W Scranton 
Saint Paul Cemetery340553N 0793820W Evergreen 
Salem Cemetery335314N 0793046W Pamplico South 
Sansbury Hill Cemetery340334N 0795540W Sardis 
Sparrow Swamp Cemetery340315N 0795238W Sardis 
Stone Chapel Cemetery335348N 0793723W Pamplico South 
Sunset Memory Gardens340905N 0794910W Florence West 
Tabernacle Cemetery340333N 0793848W Evergreen 
Thompson Cemetery341230N 0793754W Florence East 
Trinity Cemetery335140N 0792650W Johnsonville 
Turner Cemetery340511N 0794258W Evergreen 
Turner Cemetery335200N 0793448W Prospect Crossroads 
Union Cemetery335303N 0793405W Pamplico South  

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