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Prince George Return, Hugh Giles.

Contributed by Victoria Proctor 1997

Captain Haraldson's Company:

ALLEN, Courtney2005
ATKINSON, Isaac4250
BAXLEY, John Snr.--0
BLACKMAN, Solomon500
BROWN, John2500
BURKET, Uriah500
CAMPBELL, John1500
CAMPBELL, Willm.330
CRIBB, John500
CRIBB, Thos Junr1000
DEER, Joseph2000
GASQUE, Thos1000
GRICE, James500
HALL, Burwell4502
HERALDSON, Benjn.4007
HERALDSON, Benja. Miner500
HERALDSON, Benjn. Jur.5000
HERALDSON, Jeremh.660
HERALDSON, Joseph500
HERALDSON, Lewis2750
HERALDSON, Mycagah750
HERRINGTON, Jameshead right0
HICKMAN, Nathl.1000
JOHNSTON, Saml1000
JONES, Joseph500
MARTIN, John2000
MARTIN, Moses1500
McCORMACK, Shadrick2000
MILLAR, Elias500
MILLAR, Richd.1500
MILLAR, Richd. Junr500
MOODY, Charles505
MOODY, Daniel1000
MOODY, Robart3502
MORGAN, William1000
OBRIANT, Lydia750
OBRYANT, Sarah750
OWENS, Zedekiah1500
POUNDS, John500
PRICE, Charles5000
REVEL, Durham1250
ROGERS, Elisha1000
ROGERS, Robart2000
ROGERS, Robert Junr1000
ROZER, David500
SANFORD, Samuel--1
SHELLY, Joseph1500
SINETH, James2001
SNEED, Thomas--2
TAYLOR, Fredrick1000
TAYLOR, Philip500
WATSON, Barnaby1501
WIGGANS, Willm.1000

Captain Stephen Godbold's Company:

BACHELOR, James Junr1001
BLOCKER, Jacob1000
BRADLY, Henry500
BRIAN, Jesse500
BROWN, Shadrick1000
COLLINS, Dempsey2060
DAUGE, Tully2000
DAVIS, David4384
DAVIS, James10276
EVINS, Nathan5001
FINLEA, Willis1830
FLOWERS, Archibald500
FLOWERS, Harmon1000
FLOWERS, Henry500
FLOWERS, Henry Junr.500
FLOWERS, John500
GASQUE, Saml.1000
GODBOLD, James1000
GODBOLD, Jesse501
GODBOLD, John2003
GODBOLD, Thomas4005
GODBOLD, Zachariah1000
GODBOLD, Zachariah500
HODGES, James1000
HOLDEN, John250
HUX, Joseph2000
JAMES, William6403
JOHNSTON, James250
JONES, James750
JONES, Jesse1000
JONES, John1500
LAMBARD, Richard750
LEGETT, Abner150
LEGETT, Absalom1000
LEGETT, James250
MARTIN, Elias100
MARTIN, Thos500
POWERS, Gibs--1
POWERS, John1000
RICE, Shadrick1000
RICHISON, Hardy1000
SMITH, James1000
SMITH, John1750
SMITH, John Senr.14508
SMITH, Saml2005
THENIR, Jacob1000
TRIPLETT, Nathaniel1000
WOODARD, Hartwell750
WOODWARD, Jacob750

Captain Odom's Company:

Estate of, paid by Joshua Barfield
ARD, Reuben500
BAREFIELD, Joshua141010
BAREFIELD, Nathan2000
BAREFIELD, Prissilla2000
BAREFIELD, Thomas1000
BARNS, James1500
CAMPBELL, Peter1000
DAVIS, Thos2871
DAVIS, Zion1000
EDWARDS, Saml3000
FORD, Joseph--1
FORD, James2504
FORDS, Ebenezer3000
FORDS, James500
FORDS, John2600
FORDS, Joseph500
FORDS, Preserved3007
FORDS, Stephen1000
GALE, Samuel1000
GOODYEAR, William1001
GOWING, John2000
GOWING, John1000
HART, Henry1501
HAZE, Benjamin500
HAZE, Joseph Senr1500
HOLLAND, Isaac2000
JOHNSTON, Nicholas500
JONES, Daniel1000
JOY, Micajah1000
LEE, John3000
LEE, Lazarus2000
MAGBY, Saml250
MILLER, Jonathan Jur.500
MILER, Saml.1000
NORTON, James1000
OATS, Francis3900
ODOM, Archibald3001
ODOM, James--2
PAGE, Joseph2000
PAGE, Thos500
PERRET, William4500
PRITCHET, John1000
REVEL, James--0
SINETH, Williamhead right0
STATEN, Griffin2500
THOMPSON, Margaret1500
WARD, William1000
WISE (?), Ambrois1000

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