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1788 Petition
Inhabitants of Little Pee Dee

Transcribed by Jo Church Dickerson from a Xeroxed copy of a document found in SC Dept of Archives & History. Copyright 1994. Transcriber has made all efforts to maintain original spelling, capitalization, etc. Many names were almost illegible, and there was no standard hand with which to compare the letters, as all signatures are in a different hand. Some were just too faint to make out. Transcribers notes are in [brackets].

1788 No.41
Inhabitants of Little River (sic)
[I'm afraid this is how this is indexed! -jcd]

FOLD SIDE: Not copied by archives as requested

P 36 1788

To the Honorable the Legislature of the
State of South Carolina

The petition of divers Inhabitants of Little Peedee
Humbly sheweth

That your petitioners labour under great embarrassment from the
obstructions that hinder the Navigation of that portion of the said
river of Little Peedee which lies between the mouth of Drowning
Creek and the State line, which they concieve may be removed with
small labour and expence.

They therefore pray that your honorable body will take their case
into consideration and grant them such relief as to your wisdom
shall seem meet - And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever

Trism. Thomas -1
Wm. Easterling -2
Joseph harelson -3
Hugh Giles J.Q. -4
Benja harralson J.P. -5
Lewis Harralson -6
Benjamin Harralson junr -7
Joshua Barfield -8
Shaderack McCormack -9
James Barns -10
Jonathan Miller -11
Samuel Miller Junr.
Preserved Ford
James Sineth
John Baxley
thomas Tuchbary? 
James Ford Senr.
gorg miler
John Brown
Issac Atkeison
William Shelley
James? Martain
Archd. Odom
William Morgan
John Martain?
James altman? atkinson?
Wm. Campbell
Uriy? Burkit
Isom Coward
Samuel Magby
Lyas miller
William? forgesson? [Ferguson???]
William goder? [Goodyear???]
Richard Miller
Joseph Deer
John Cribb
David Rozor
John Campbell
Zedekiah Owen
Robert Moody
Charles Moody
Jesse Coward
Micajah Harralson
Robert Rogers
James leventon?
Richard Brown
Durham Revil
Samuel Johnston
Nicklis Johnston
Philip Taylor
James Grice
John Brown Jrnr.
David Blackman
James Norton
John Davis
William James
John Snead
Thomas James?
Joseph Jones
Thomas Cribb
Solomon Blackman
Lydia Obryan
Joseph haise
William Sineth
Thomas Barfield
Aron Wise
James Odom
John Sineth
James Barfield
William Price
John Wats
Joseph hase Junr
Jonathan Watson
James Norton
Benjamin McDonald
Willis? Donald
Nathanel Ford
Peter Campbell
Stephen Ford
Edmond Spivy
Benjamin haise
James Oats
Reuben ard
Joseph Ford
Charles Miller
James Singleton
John Savage
William foxworth
James Revill
Nathan Barfield
James Rains
Grifin staton
Lazars. Lee
William Phillips
william ward
John Lee
Lidge Wilson?
Jonathan Miller
Charles Malor? [Mallory???]
Thomas Page
Valentine Rowell Senr.
Thomas Parrit?
Benjaman Williams
Sherod Lee
Wm. Blyther
Moses Martnong? Senr?
Daniel Moodey
Luis Cowerd
James Alford
Thomas Shaw
Thos. Major
Richard Frances
Isom Butler
Benit Pate
Jno.? Lee
Philp. Bethea
Wm. Lewis
John Stackhouse
John Going
William Stackhouse (Senr?)
William Stackhouse
Shadrach Rogers
Robert McTyer
Thos. Williams
John McDonald
Robert Packmory? [Passmore???]
Mary? Holcomb
James Johnston
Nathan  x (his mark) [last name illegible - first letter may be B or R?]
David Oxendine
(Daniel? or Rancel?) Avant?
Malcolm  x (his mark) Swine? [McSwain???]
Mundley? Vaughn
Ben Vaughn
Zekiell Hyott
John McKay
Peter Smith
Daniel McKay
Wm. Cottrell Sr.
Isem Higins
Richd. Leverett
William Morris
Jesse Bryan? Broyer?
Benjamin Morris
edmond Brown
Thos. Harllee
Thomas Ammons
William Ammons
Moses Parker
( ? ) Brown [this name struck through]
John Kellee? or Keller? or Harlee?
William (?fery or ?bery? or ?ssery)
Orson Moris
James Warters
Thos. Adams
Richard Adams
Thomas Sumrall
Shadrach Fuller
James Bolton
Jonathan Cottingham Junr.
William Ganey?
Luke x (his mark) Robertson 
Absalom Giney?
Jonathan Marin? Maning?
Jerry Staford
James Usher
James Esterling
James Briant
Isach Sumrall?
Willibe Tucker
James Con(ner?)
Thos. Conner
Isach Wetherly
Thos. Wetherly
Wm. Leggitt senr.
William Leggitt Junr.
John Brigman
William Herring
Danial Herring
John Haring
Absalom Leggitt Junr.
Hardy  x (his mark) Flowers
Joshua Ammons
Jesse Bethea 
David Bethea
Jesse Bethea Junr.
Zachariah Foxworth
(?anny) Easterling
Shadrach Easterling
Goodman Bethea (Jr.?)
Jesse Bethea
Robert (?ney)
Bennet (Esterling?)
Lues Conner
Wm. Conner
wils? Conner
Thos. Conner
Firibut? Cotingham
Daniel Cotingham
(Dit?) Cotingham

Contributed Aug 1998.

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