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  • Marion District covered all of modern Dillon County (created 1910), all of Marion County, and the eastern part of modern Florence County (created 1888).

  • Population schedule for Marion County, SC:
    NARA Microfilm # M33-121

  • The census for our area is roughly alphabetized, i.e., not enumerated by order of visitation AND a page which is shown below as beginning with "Butler" may also contain "Baker" households.

Thanks to the generosity of Nancy Brister ( and the permission of S-K Publications, the 1820 census is viewable online as "virtual microfilm" (census image files).

The 1820 Marion County, South Carolina, Census contains 32 pages (census images), numbered 53, then 54A through 69A.

I created the list below to give you a guide to which page may contain the surname you seek. Remember, however, that the enumeration was only roughly alphabetized, so check the page before and/or after for all instances of a surname.

Image File
Page No.
53 Marshall's Page
54a Alford-Baker
54b Boatright-Blanchet
55a Butler-Barfeald
55b Beverly-Blue
56a Butler-Clark
56b Canady-Cook
57a Cook-Davis
57b Davis-Dees
58a Dees-Fore
58b Finklea-Godbold
59a Greaves-Green
59b Gibson-Holden
60a Harllee-Hatchel
60b Hall-Hutcheson
61a Hannah-Jolly
61b Jones-Long
62a Lambert-McDaniel
62b Moody-Mustlewhite
63a Murrie-McNeill
63b McCormic-Moody
64a Norton-Paul
64b Pryor-Poston
65a Powel-Rogers
65b Rozier-Snipes
66a Sawyer-Stackhouse
66b Stricklin-Thompson
67a Thompson-Wall
67b Woodberry-Whittington
68a Whittington-Yelvington
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