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Another family to be noticed is the Haselden family. There were three Haselden brothers, John, William and James, don't know which was the older, nor is anything known of their ancestors. John Haselden married Elizabeth Godbold, daughter of old General Thomas Godbold; by this marriage three children were born and raised, Cyrus B Hasleden, Hugh G. Haselden and Jane Haselden, John Haselden, the father, died , and the widow married the late David Monroe, and by her had two sons, Colonel James Monroe, of Confederate fame, and our respected fellow-citizen, Dr. F. M. Monroe of Latta. Of William Haselden's family, the writer can't say anything; they are, if living, in Darlington, Florence and Williamsburg Counties. Of Major James Hasledlen and family, the writer can speak with some certainty. Major James Haselden married Mary Godbold, another daughter and the youngest daughter of old General Thomas Godbold; the fruits of the marriage were Charles, Anna Sarah, Jane, James G. and Maggie - all now dead except Charles and Anna.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, March 2000.


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