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Bishop Gregg, p. 71, says: "Of the Murfees there were four brothers, Moses, Malachi, Maurice and Michael. Of these, Malachi became the wealthiest. He is said to have given one hundred slaves to each of three sons; he died before the Revolution. Maurice had a son bearing his name, who was destined to occupy a prominent place in the subsequent history of the Pee Dee."

Maurice Murfee, of the second generation, was a Colonel in the Revolution, and did valiant service for his country. He was an ardent Whig, of daring and reckless courage; he was a man of violent passion, so much so, as to lead him to the commission of violent and brutal acts; he killed his uncle, Gideon Gibson, in a fit of anger, and for which he had no valid excuse or even palliation; he was a violent man through life, and finally died in prison for debt. Malachi Murfee, of the second generation, was a Captain in the Revolution; he was wounded and escaped at Bass' Mill in a fight with the Tories; another account says he was killed. He was a first cousin of Colonel Maurice Murfee. The Murfee family must have been numerous, not only in the name, but also in its connections. There were four brothers of them to start with; they all had descendants, males as well as females. They intermarried with the best families in both ways, males and females, and by the third and fourth generation must have been numerous. We have no account of their emigration to other parts, and yet in a period of one hundred and fifty years, the name (from that family) has entirely disappeared, and their connections are unknown. The last one of them has disappeared. Mrs. Arline Mooneyham, nee Murfee or Murphy, died childless, about ten years ago, in the Pee Dee slashes; she was the last; she had no children or known named relations to inherit her lands--some 600 or 800 acres in the slashes; she made a last will and gave all she had to Dr. J. D. Jarnigan; he attended her in her last illness.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Victoria Proctor, March 2000.

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