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This family, bearing the name, is not very extensive, but may in time become so. John F. Spencer (late) came from Greenville District, I think, in 1845, than an old-young man - at least thirty years of age; he was a dancing master and a most excellent violinist, an adept in the art; he dressed well and made a fine appearance; he captivated and married a Miss Godbold, then only thirteen years of age, a young girl going to school in Marion; she was the daughter of old, Stephen Godbold, in Wahee; the marriage created some flutter in the family, as also in the community at the time, an elopement; the marriage was an accomplished fact and could not be undone - the staus quo could not be restored. Old man Stephen Godbold did not long survive the marriage and his land, where she now lives, with a number of Negroes and other property, fell into the hands of his daughter, Mrs. Spencer. (...) J. F. Spencer and his wife had and raised eleven children to be grown - five daughters and six daughters. The sons are John, William, Thomas, Henry and Nathan; of the daughters, one died unmarried, when about grown, the other five are all married - don't know to whom, except one who married a Mr. Sessions.
--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)

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