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If you have Bible records for your Marion County ancestors that you would be willing to share with your fellow researchers, please contact: Victoria and include as much information as possible. (For example: Were the pages loose or were they still bound in the Bible? When was the Bible published and where? Is the Bible privately owned or is it in a museum or library?)

BETHEA, George J. &
Flora M. Campbell
William Snipes,
BETHEA, Philip Yancey &
Florence Amanda Johnson
B.A. Bethea,
Dec 1977
CRAWFORD, Thomas Cochran &
1. Lizzie Morgan
2. Caroline McPherson
William Snipes,
EAGERTON, William & Alice Francine Jones,
23 Jun 2002
Rhoda Crawford
William Snipes,
ELVINGTON, George F. &
Julia Rogers
Jo Church Dickerson,
March 2000
HAYES/HAYS Roberta Hayes King,
Dec 1977
HUGGINS, Solomon &
Smithy ______
Jo Church Dickerson,
March 2000
LUPO, Alexander "Sandy" &
1. Bedia Rogers
2. Maryann Baker
Jo Church Dickerson,
Feb 2000
MUNN, Daniel Nathaniel &
Martha Ann Jane Elizabeth Caroline Cain
Ruth Munn Kilgallon,
March 2001
NORTON Helen B Moody,
April 1999
PRICE, David Andrew Al Munden,
Dec 2005
1. Charlotte Kilpatrick
2. Annie Thompson
Sandy Spivey,
6 Aug 2001
SCOTT, Aquilla &
Martha Amanda Hays
Sam Scott,
4 Jun 2003


From a paper in Isham Watson's bible.

Mary Hays, Daughter of John and Ann Hays was born the 24th day of August A.D. 1792.

Elenor Hays the 2d Daughter was born the 24th day of January 1795.

Newton Hays the 1st son of John & Ann Hays was born the 24th day of July 1797.

Coburn Hays the 2nd son was born the 3rd day of December 1799.

James Hays the 3rd son was born the 10th day of August 1802.

John Hays was born the 4 June in the year 1805.

David Hays the 5 son was born the 20th day of May in the year of our Lord 1808


Mary Hays married Isham Watson 15 Feb. 1810. Elenor Hays would marry a William Jackson.

I believe the mother Ann Hays is Nancy Ann Berry, the daughter of, I don't know.

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