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Using the table below, select the appropriate letter for the surname of interest. Note that women will be listed under their surname at time of death. Don't forget to check the Dillon County Obituaries page for children, siblings, and/or related lines.

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  • To see today's obituaries in South Carolina newspapers:

  • If the links above no longer work, or to see a listing of all South Carolina newspapers online, visit SC Newspapers

  • If you are looking for old Marion County obituaries and do not see them here, please note that The Marion Co Public Library in Marion, SC has the local newspaper The Marion Star on microfilm. (See Marion County Newspapers.)

  • Methodist Newspapers:

    An index to obituaries from the Southern Christian Advocate newspaper is searchable on the Wofford College library site: Methodist Obituary Archive

  • SCMARION mailing list at Rootsweb

    A good number of recent obituaries (from 2001 on) have been posted and you can search the mailing list archives.

    To search the SCMARION-L Archives:

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