War of 1812
Keith's 5th Regt. SC Militia
SC Flag

Keith's 5th Regiment SC Militia

Allen, Robert, Private
Allen, Shadrack, Private
Allen, William, Private
Altman, James, Private
Altman, Thomas, Private
Anderson, Henry, Private
Arnet, John, Private
Askins, John, Private
Askins, William, Private
Atkinson, Henry, Private
Bailey, Matthew, Private
Barfield, James, Private
Barfield, Keithey L., Sergeant
Barfield, Miles, Private
Barfield, Robert, Private
Barfield, Roger, Private
Baker, Zuchary, Private
Barker, Moses, Private
Barkley, William, Private
Barnes, Thomas, Private
Bartell, Peter, Private
Bartell, William, Private
Bass, John, Private
Baxley, Hugh, Private
Baxley, Joshua, Private
Bell, James, Private
Benton, Elijah, Private
Berry, John, Private
Bethea, Elisha, Captain
Bigham, James, Sergeant
Bigham, Samuel, Corporal
Billups, George, Private
Billups, Thomas, Private
Blackmon, Solomon, Private
Blakely, John, Private
Blanchard, Benjamin, Private
Blunt, Dempsey, Private
Boatner, Samuel, Private
Bowman, Samuel, Corporal
Brown, Kensey, 2nd Sergeant
Brown, Stephen, Private
Brown, Thomas, Private
Bruce, John H., Private
Brunson, Isaac, Private
Bryan, Joel, Private
Burd, Tobias, Private
Butler, Stephen, Private
Camlin, William, Sergeant
Camp, Alexander, Private
Campbell, Charles, Private
Campbell, Duncan, Private
Cantey, Charles, Captain
Cantey, Samuel, Private
Caps, Joshua, Private
Caps, Thomas, Private
Capps, Bannabas, Private
Capps, Keith, Private
Capps, Samuel, Private
Capps, Thomas, Private
Careless, John, Private
Carmichael, Daniel, Private
Carter, John, Private
Carter, Obadiah, Private
Carty, John I., Private
Cartret, Ezequel, Private
Case, William, Private
Caulder, Peter, Private
Chestnut, William, Private
Christian, John, Private
Clark, Archibald, Private
Clark, John, Private
Clark, Kenneth, Private
Coburn, Ezekiel, Private
Colcough, William Alexander, Lieut.
Coleman, Benjamin, Private
Collins, John, Private
Compton, Thomas, Private
Compton, William, Private
Conner, Ira, Sergeant
Connor, Ira, Sergeant
Cooper, James, Private
Courtney, Samuel, Private
Coward, Burrell, Private
Coward, Lewis, Private
Coward, Wilson, Private
Crapps, William, Private
Craps, Samuel, Private
Crawford, Gade, Lieut.
Crawford, Stephen, Private
Cribb, Eiu, Private
Criel, John, Private
Crosby, William, Private
Cumbo, Elijah, Private
Curry, William, Sergeant
Cuttino, Amos, Musician
Cuttino, George, Musician
David, Abraham, Private
Davis, Joseph, Private
Davis, Thomas P., Sergeant
Deer, James, Private
Dennis, Joshua, Private
Dickey, James, Corporal
Dickey, Samuel E., Sergeant
Drew, Blake, Private
Drew, Lewis, Private
Driggers, Isaac, Private
Driggers, John, Private
Driggers, Isaac, Private
Dukes, George, Private
Eagerton, Henry, Private
Edge, William, Private
Edwards, Charles, Private
Edwards, Sampson, Private
Egerton, Henry, Private
Ellis, Evan, Private
Elvin, John, Private
Evans, Thomas, Private
Fenhill, Joseph, Private
Finklea, James, Private
Finklea, Thomas, Private
Fipps, Thomas, Private
Fivash, John, Private
Fledger, Henry, Private
Fleming, George H., Corporal
Flemming, George H., Corporal
Flowers, John, Private
Flowers, Nance, Private
Floyd, Lemuel, Private
Floyd, Pugh, Ensign
Ford, Stephen, Private
Fore, James, Private
Fore, John, Private
Fore, William, Private
Forehands, James, Private
Forehands, Myre, Private
Fowler, Israel, Private
Foxworth, Abraham, Sergeant
Foxworth, Stephen, Private
Freeman, John, Private
Frierson, James, Sergeant
Frost, John, Private
Furmace, Joseph, Private
Fuvash, John, Private
Gaines, Thomas, Private
Gamble, James, Private
Gandy, James, Private
Gasque, Eli, Private
Gasque, Loveless, Captain
Gaudy, James, Private
Gerald, Richard S., Private
Gibson, Hampton, Private
Gibson, Robert R., Corporal
Gotea, John, Ensign
Gowdy, James, Private
Graham, James, Corporal
Graham, Thomas, Private
Graham, William, Sergeant
Granger, Thomas, Private
Green, George, Private
Grigg, Robert, Private
Gregg, Robert, Private
Gunter, John, Private
Hairgrove, Asa, Private
Hamilton, David, Private
Hannah, Richard, Corporal
Hardick, John, Private
Hardy, Joseph, Private
Harrell, James, 1st Sgt.
Harrell, John, Private
Harrell, Levi, Private
Harstcock, Barnabas, Private
Harvin, John, Private
Harvin, William R., Private
Hays, Benjamin, Private
Herley, Arthur, Private
Herring, Aaron, Private
Herring, David, Private
Henderson, Robert, Private
Hicks, Britton, Private
Hicks, Elijah, Private
Hicks, Hennon, Private
Hickson, Solomon, Private
Hodges, Henry, Private
Hodges, John, Private
Holloway, Isaac, Private
Hoole, Tom, Fifer
Humphrey, James, Private
Jackson, Absalom, Private
Jackson, Stephen, Private
Jackson, Willias S., Private
James, Samuel, Private
Johnson, Benjamin, Private
Johnson, Richard, Private
Johnson, Robert, Private
Johnson, Thomas, Private
Johnstin, Aaron, Private
Johnston, James, Captain
Johnston, Richard A., Private
Johnston, Robert, Private
Jolly, Joseph A., Private
Jon, John, Musician
Jones, John, Private
Jones, Nathaniel, Private
Jones, Wiley, Private
Kearly, Arthur, Private
Keffe, William, Private
Kelly, Barnabas, Private
Kelly, William, Private
Kolb, Joshua, Private
Lane, Alexander, Private
Lane, James, Private
Lee, John, Private
Lee, Thomas, Private
Leger, William, Private
Leggett, John, Private
Levey, Samuel M., Private
Lewis, Isaac, Private
Lucas, Stephen, Private
Lynch, Daniel, Private
Lynch, Nathaniel, Private
Manning, John, Private
Manning, John, Lieut.
Marler, Luke, Private
Martin, Moses Jr., Private
Martin, Moses Sr., Private
Martin, John, Private
Martin, Thomas, Private
McAbee, William, Private
McArthur, Charles, Private
McCauley, Hugh, Private
McClain, Daniel, Private
McClennan, Daniel, Private
McCollough, Nathaniel, Private
McCracken, William, Private
McDaniel, Randal, Private
McDonald, Daniel, Sergeant
McDonald, James, Private
McDonald, Randol, Private
McDuffie, Duncan, Private
McDuffy, Alexander, Private
McInnis, Munlock, Private
McKalen, Peter, Sergeant
McKeller, Peter, Sergeant
McLaulin, John, Corporal
McLauren, Hugh, Private
McLellan, Archibald, Private
McLellan, Daniel, Private
McLellan, Neill, Private
McLeod, Roderick, Private
McNeill, Hector, Fifer
McQueen, John, Sergeant
McQueen, Samuel, Private
Mew, Jesse, Private
Mew, Kemme, Private
Middleton, John, Private
Miller, George, Private
Miller, Moses, Private
Miller, William, Private
Milligan, Benjamin, Private
Moody, Charles, Private
Moody, Robert Jr., Fifer
Moody, Selathiel, Private
Moody, Theofilus, Private
Moody, Thomas, Private
Morris, Benjamin, Private
Moss, Elias, Private
Moy, Thomas, Private
Munerlyn, Thomas, Private
Murdock, James, Private
Nettles, Hezekiah, Ensign
Nettles, Robert, Private
Odum, Dempsey, Private
Olford, Jesse, Private
Opry, Robert, Private
Owen, Elisah, Private
Owens, Solomon, Private
Pace, Archibald, Private
Pack, Isham, Private
Pack, Joseph, Corporal
Page, John, Private
Parker, John, Private
Parker, Simon, Private
Parsons, Johnson, Private
Paul, George, Private
Philips, David, Private
Philips, John, Private
Phillips, David, Private
Phillips, John, Private
Pitman, Samuel, Private
Poole, Seth, Private
Pope, James, Private
Poston, Hugh, Private
Poston, Thomas, Private
Powell, Umphrey, Private
Powers, George, Private
Powers, Henry, Private
Powers, John, Private
Price, Henry, Private
Price, Isham, Private
Price, John, Private
Pringle, John, Private
Prosser, Joseph, Private
Ragin, David, Private
Ragin, John, Private
Ragin, Richard, Private
Rains, Rolin, Sergeant
Rawls, George, Private
Reily, Joseph, Private
Rembert, Alexander, Private
Rhames, Jesse, Private
Rials, Laizur, Private
Rice, John, Private
Rice, Shadrack, Private
Richardson, John, Private
Richbourg, John, Private
Richie, Abraham, Private
Rickets, Stephen, Private
Ridgell, Joel, Private
Riggell, Joel, Private
Riols,Laizur, Private
Roberts, Isaac, Private
Roberts, Norton, Private
Roberts, Reading, Private
Robertson, Caleb, Private
Robinson, Caleb, Private
Rodgers, Jonathan, Private
Rodgers, Timothy, Private
Rogers, John, Private
Rogers, Jonathan, Private
Rogers, Timothy, Private
Rogers, William, Private
Rowell, David, Private
Sanders, John, Private
Seals, Andrew, Private
Seals, Jacob, Private
Searles, Andrew, Private
Searles, Jacob, Private
Sessions, Isaac, Private
Sessions, Silas, Corporal
Shackleford, John, Lieut.
Shackleford, Stephen, Sergeant
Shumake, Blackley, Drummer
Simmons, Thomas, Private
Singleton, John, Private
Smith, David, Corporal
Smith, Frances, Private
Smith, John, Private
Smith, Reuben, Private
Snowden, John, Private
Sport, Benjamin, Private
Stafford, Daniel, Private
Stalboy, Jacob, Private
Stolboy, John, Private
Stone, Dottson, Private
Stone, Henry, Sergeant
Stone, Thomas, Private
Tarbox, Mark, Private
Taylor, George, Private
Taylor, Lewis, Private
Tennant, James, Private
Thigpen, John, Private
Thomas, Alexander, Private
Thomas, John, Private
Thompson, Hugh, Private
Thompson, William, Private
Thompson, William M., Private
Timmons, Moses, Private
Todd, William, Private
Townsend, John, Private
Townsend, William, Private
Troublefield, William, Private
Turbeville, John, Private
Turner, Martin, Private
Turner, Reuben, Private
Turner, Robert, Private
Tutrell, Joseph, Private
Vereen, John, Private
Vernum, Henry, Private
Ward, Samuel, Private
Ward, William, Private
Wells, Edward, Sergeant
West, Absalom, Private
White, Briley, Private
White, Josiah M., Private
Wilder, Thomas James, Sergeant
Williams, John, Drummer
Williams, John T., Private
Williamson, John, Private
Wilson, David, Private
Wilson, Hugh, Private
Wilson, Robert J., Private
Wilson, Samuel J., Private
Windom, Isham, Private
Windom, Peter, Private
Winkles, Stephen, Private
Wise, Elias, Private
Wise, Jared, Private
Wise, William, Private
Witherspoon, Robert B., Private
Woodward, William, Private

List of men compiled by Roxsanne Layton-Wells. Thanks, Roxsanne!

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