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The War Between the States

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The five eldest sons of James A. McDaniel, Sr. and his wife Martha Edwards McDaniel fought for the Confederacy.

This poem by Mandy Ruddick is dedicated to the James A. McDaniel Family.

                                 Martha's Song

                            Come on home to me my
                            confederate sons
                            sleep in peace, lay to rest
                            for your journey is done
                            and what I wouldn't give just
                            to see you at play
                            in the grasses and fields where
                            now you must lay
                            come home to me my
                            confederate sons
                            you will not die in vain for battles
                            not won
                            and what I wouldn't give just to
                            rock you once more
                            in this chair that I sit in
                            like my mother before
                            so I come home to you my
                            confederate sons
                            the waiting is over and now
                            we'll be one
                            but what I wouldn't give just
                            to be there today
                            in the fields of Carolina where
                            now we must lay. 


    The American Civil War
    is referred to by many names:
    War between the States
    War of Northern Aggression
    The Late Unpleasantness
    War of the Rebellion
    The Civil War
    • Timeline
      From South Carolina's secession in 1860 to 1865.
      You can use the timeline as a quick overview of the era, or explore links to more detailed information -- battle descriptions, photographs, contemporary documents, etc.

    • Experience of P.Y. Bethea when Sherman Made his March Through South Carolina
      March 1865
      (no longer online)
      on Barbara Bethea's website, written by Philip Y. Bethea in 1916.
      Mr. Bethea and his family lived on Catfish Creek (modern Dillon County) in 1865, and provides us with an exceptional view of local history for the era.

    • 1934 Anne Fulmore Harllee Chapter, U.D.C Meeting,
      Dillon, SC, Newspaper article

    • "General Lee's Cook"
      1915 Dillon, SC, Newspaper article

    • Some Historical Facts Relative to the Deserters or Outlaws who during the Civil War were a Terror to the People of Upper Marion County, now Dillon (no longer online)
      on Barbara Bethea's website, written by Philip Y. Bethea in 1915.
      Please keep in mind the difficulties of the era and that sensitivities still ran high in 1915. You may find it helpful, and will certainly find it interesting, to read the discussion that was held on this subject on the SCMARION-L list in January 2000.




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    • There are so many web pages out there that deal with the Civil War, and the URLs keep changing. I've removed the "Links" page for now but may add it back when there's more time to track them down.

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