The American Revolution
South Carolina Infantry

A Muster Roll of the Grenadier Company in the
Second Regiment of South Carolina Infantry, on the Continental Establishment,
Commanded by Colonel Isaac Motte

August 25, 1778.

Commissioned Officers
Thomas DunbarCaptainNovember 9, 1777Present.
Albert Roux1st LieutenantDecember 15, 1777Do.
Staff-Commissioned Officers
John DownsAdjutantMarch 12, 1778Absent with leave.
Rev. Henry PurcellChaplainMay 7, 1776Do.
John HallQuarter-MasterJuly 1, 1776Do.
Henry GrayPay-MasterDecember 16, 1777Do.
Jeremiah ThewsSurgeonAugust 2, 1777Present.
John Henry Rusche1st Mate, doJune 11, 1778Do.
Silvester Springer2d Mate, doJune 27, 1778Do.
Staff Non-Commissioned Officers
Lewis CofferSergeant-MajorJune 16, 1778Discharged July 9, 1798.
John WickomSergeant-MajorOctober 5, 1778Present.
William FletcherQr.-master SergeantJuly 15, 1778Discharg'd July 16, 1778.
Daniel SimpsonQr.-master SergeantDuring the warSick in Gen. Hospital,
James ArnoldDrum-MajorSeptember 16, 1779,Present. [Charles Town]
Hugh CampbellFife-MajorJune 16, 1778Discharged July 1, 1778.
Non-Commissioned Officers
William JasperJuly 8, 1775July 8, 1778Discharged.
John MarlowJune 26, 1775June 26, 1778Discharged July 9, 1778.
John GemmellJuly 18, 1775July 18, 1778Discharged July 21, 1778.
Robert WattAugust 5, 1777During the warPresent.
William BrownJuly 6, 1778July 6, 1781Present.
Samuel ButlerJuly 7, 1775July 7, 1778Discharged.
John RobertsNov. 26, 1776Nov. 26, 1779Preferred in another Company.
Robert WattAugust 5, 1777During the warPreferred.
Frederick SimonsJuly 27, 1777During the warPresent.
John WheelerJuly 1, 1775July 1, 1778Discharged.
Peter UptegroveJuly 18, 1778Jan. 18, 1780On the recruiting service.
William AshfordJuly 11, 1777During the warOn Outpost.
William ArnoldJuly 8, 1775July 8, 1778Discharged July 15, 1778.
Barnaby BryanAugust 5, 1777During the warPresent.
John CookJuly 13, 1775July 13, 1778Discharged.
Charles CoxJuly 1, 1778March 1, 1779On the recruiting service.
John Baptist DeLaneyJune 25, 1775June 25, 1778Discharged July 1, 1778.
Owen GriffinJuly 11, 1777During the warPresent.
Silas GibsonJuly 16, 1778July 16, 1781Present.
Loami HusbandsAugust 2, 1775August 2, 1778Discharged.
John HumphreysJune 18, 1775June 18, 1778Discharged.
Aaron HarrisJanuary 31, 1777Jan. 21, 1780Present.
James HooperAugust 5, 1777During the warSick at Quarters.
William JonesJuly 7, 1777During the warOn Garrison guard.
Robert IveyJuly 8, 1775July 8, 1778Discharged.
Charles LucasJuly 19, 1775July 19, 1778Discharged July 1, 1778.
Joseph MartinJuly 10, 1775July 10, 1778Discharged July 18, 1778.
Martin MooreJuly 8, 1775July 8, 1778Discharged.
Jacob MurphJuly 8, 1775July 8, 1778Discharged.
John McCaidAugust 5, 1777During the warOn the recruiting service.
John McDowellJune 16, 1778During the warPreferred in another Company.
James McCleanAugust 5, 1777August 5, 1778Discharged.
Archibald McDonaldDuring the warPresent.
James OliverDuring the warPresent.
Edmund PenriceJuly 2, 1775July 2, 1778Discharged.
David ParsonsAugust 1, 1775August 1, 1778Discharged.
Richard RichardsonAugust 3, 1777During the warPresent.
William RobertsAugust 7, 1775August 7, 1778Discharged.
Frederick SimmonsJuly 27, 1777During the warPreferred.
Thomas StaffordJanuary 4, 1777During the warOn Duty.
John SteeleJuly 9, 1778During the warPresent.
Anthony UhthoffJuly 6, 1775July 6, 1778Discharged.
John WhitelyJuly 11, 1777During the warPresent.
Robert WhileyMarch 11, 1778During the warOn Duty.
Shadrack WilliamsonJuly 8, 1775July 8, 1778Discharged.
Richard WilliamsonJuly 9, 1777During the warConfined.
John KellyDuring the warPresent.

Present.-Captains, 1; 1st Lieutenants, 1; Surgeons, 1; Surgeon's Mates, 2; Sergeant-Major, 1; Drum-Major, 1; Sergeants, 2; Corporals, 1; Privates, 10.
Absent.-Adjutants, 1; Chaplains, 1; Quarter-Master, 1; Pay-Master, 1; Quarter-Master Sergeants, 1; Privates, 8.

We do swear the above Muster Roll is a true state of the Company, without fraud to the United States or any individual, according to the best of our knowledge.

THOS. DUNBAR, Captain.
ALBERT ROUX, 1st Lieutenant.

Sworn before me this
25th August, 1778.
Francis Marion, Second Colonial Regiment.
Then mustered, as certified by
THOS. JERVEY, Deputy Muster Master.

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