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Remember the Maine

On the night of February 15, 1898, a great explosion shook the harbor at Havana, Cuba. The blast destroyed the United States battleship Maine, which burst into flames and sank in the harbor. Two hundred and sixty American seamen were killed. The sinking of the Maine set the stage for the war between the United States and Spain.
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The Spanish-American War began in April 1898 and ended four months later (August 1898) in American victory. By the Treaty of Paris, signed December 10, 1898, independence was given to Cuba and the United States became a reluctant colonial power, winning possession of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Phillipines. More history...


1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
Men from Dillon County were known to have served in this unit.

2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
Mustered into service between May 14 and August 23, 1898 at Columbia South Carolina, the 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry consisted of 47 officers and 1,010 enlisted men. With the cessation of hostilities by armistice on August 13, 1898, the unit found itself still in the continental United States but were sent to Cuba on January 3, 1899 as part of the occupation force. The 2nd South Carolina served in Cuba until March 28, 1899 when it left for home, arriving two days later. The 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry was mustered out of service on April 19, 1899 at Augusta, Georgia.



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