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South Carolina Tenth Regiment Infantry - "The Bloody Tenth"

The 10th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Marion, near Georgetown, South Carolina, in July, 1861. Its members were raised in the counties of Georgetown, Horry, Williamsburg, Marion, and Charleston. The regiment moved to Cat Island where many of the men suffered from typhoid fever, measles, and mumps.

In March, 1862, it was sent to Mississippi, then in the Kentucky Campaign it was involved in the capture of Munfordsville. During the war it was assigned to General Manigault's and Sharp's Brigade and from September, 1863 to April, 1864, was consolidated with the 19th Regiment. The unit served with the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter campaign in Tennessee, and saw action in North Carolina. It lost 16 killed, 91 wounded, and 2 missing at Murfreesboro, and the 10th/19th had 236 killed or wounded at Chickamauga and totalled 436 men and 293 arms in December, 1863. During the Atlanta Campaign, July 20-28, the 10th Regiment lost 19 of 24 officers engaged and surrendered on April 26, 1865, with no officers and 55 men.

The field officers were:
Colonels Arthur M. Manigault (Promoted to General 7/8/63)
and James F. Pressley, Lieutenant Colonels Julius T. Porcher and C. Irvine Walker, and Major A.J. Shaw.

According to the modern day 10th Infantry Re-enactment group: "Major battles and actions of the unit include garrison duty at Charleston, SC; Corinth, MS; Murfreesboro; and Chickamauga. The 10th SC was among the last to retreat from Missionary Ridge. After wintering at Dalton, GA the 10th fought the Atlanta Campaign against Sherman; Franklin; Nashville and Bentonville. It was surrendered with the remainder of the Army of Tennessee by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston in April of 1865. Only 80 of the original 1200 members remained with the unit at the end of the war."

From Manigault's memoirs:

Late in December 1860, the legislature had divided South Carolina into 10 districts in each of which a regiment was to be formed for state defense. In the northern district along the coast, embracing the districts of Horry, Marion, Georgetown, Williamsburg and part of the Charleston District, the 10th South Carolina Volunteers was organized on May 31 and Arthur M. MANIGAULT elected its colonel. The recruits, whose only military qualifications were strong physiques, courage and ardent patriotism, assembled at Camp Marion near Georgetown on July 19 and the long and trying process of training in the school of the solider was begun.
--Arthur Middleton Manigault, A Carolinian Goes to War

Twelve companies in all, numbering twelve hundred men:

Company A - Georgetown, "Georgetown Rifle Guards"

Company B - Horry, "Brooks Rifle Guards"

Company C - Horry, "Lake Swamp Volunteers"

Company D - Marion, "Marion Volunteers"
known as "Harllee's Company" (Captain R.Z. Harllee).
Men who served in this company may be found on the
Volunteers in the Confederate Army from Marion County, SC pages.

Company E - Williamsburg, "Black Mingo Rifles"

Company F - Marion, "Pee Dee Rangers"
known as "Bostick's Company" (Captain F. J. Bostick) and "Miller's Company".
Men who served in this company may be found on the
Volunteers in the Confederate Army from Marion County, SC pages.

Company G - Horry, "Horry Rough and Ready's"

Company H - Williamsburg, "Liberty Volunteers"

Company I - Marion, "Swamp Fox Guards"
Captains: H. M. Lofton (resigned) and B.B. McWhite.
Men who served in this company may be found on the
Volunteers in the Confederate Army from Marion County, SC pages.

Company K - Charleston, "Eutaw Volunteers"

Company L - Marion, "Liberty Guards"
known as "Ford's Company" (Captain A. H. Ford) and as "McMillan's Company" (Captain Sidney E. McMillan) prior to McMillan's promotion.
Men who served in this company may be found on the
Volunteers in the Confederate Army from Marion County, SC pages.

Company M - Horry; added in November 1861

Corinth Campaign (April-June 1862)
Kentucky Campaign (August - Oct 1862)
Murfreesboro, TN (Dec 31, 1862-Jan 3, 1863)
Tullahoma Campaign (June 1863)
Chickamauga, GA (Sept 19-20, 1863)
Chattanooga Siege (Sept-Nov 1863)
Chattanooga (Nov 23-25, 1863)
Atlanta Campaign (May-Sept 1864)
New Hope Church (May 25-June 4, 1864)
Atlanta Siege (July-Sept 1864)
Franklin (Nov 30, 1864)
Nashville (Dec 15-16, 1864)
Carolinas Campaign (Feb-April 1865)

Rendition of the last SC 10th Flag
image created by Victoria Proctor,  2003 The tattered, last battle flag carried by the 10th at the surrender in North Carolina is at the Confederate Relic Room and Museum in Columbia, South Carolina. (Image at left is an enhanced rendition by the webmistress, and does not reflect the actual state of the original held at the museum.)

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