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Marion County Confederate Soldiers Service / Pension Records
1921 Dillon County pensioners


A South Carolina state law enacted December 24, 1887, permitted financially needy Confederate veterans and widows to apply for a pension; however, few applications survive from the 1888-1918 era. Beginning in 1889, the SC Comptroller began publishing lists of such veterans receiving pensions in his Annual Report. To obtain a copy of the pension application from the 1888-1918 era, the researcher needs to know the exact year in which the veteran or widow applied for a pension. From 1919 to 1925, South Carolina granted pensions to Confederate veterans and widows regardless of financial need. These files are arranged alphabetically. Pension application files are typically one sheet of paper with writing on both sides. Also available are Confederate Home applications and inmate records for veterans (1909-1957), and applications of wives, widows, sisters, and daughters (1925-1955).

The veteran was eligible to apply for a pension to the State in which he lived, even if he served in a unit from a different State.

For information on procedures and fees for requesting copies of records, contact:
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
8301 Parkland Road
Columbia, SC 29223
Telephone: 803-896-6100



In 1921 the Dillon Herald newspaper published two lists of Confederate pensioners. The first list contained the names and towns of residence of living CSA veterans. The second list contained the names of the widows of CSA veterans receiving a pension, together with their residence and the names of their deceased spouses. If you spot an ancestor in the list below, be sure to read the information above for how to get copies of your ancestor's pension application.

The Dillon Herald, April 28, 1921, Vol 27, No. 3.

A List of Veterans on Dillon County Pension Roll For 1921

Alford, James W., Dillon
Allen, Wm. A., Dillon
Allen, Wm. B., Latta
Berry, A. J., Latta
Bethea, James D., Latta
Bowen, J. W., Hamer
Brumbles, Andrew, Latta
Bryant, A. Bethel, Dillon
Campbell, Andrew J., Hamer
Carmichael, A. B., Hamer
Carmichael, M. C., Hamer
Cook, Moses C., Latta
Edwards, Richard J., Dillon
Ford, Trussie C., Dillon
Fore, Tracey R., Latta
Foxworth, Chesley W., Latta
Game, V. D., Latta
Gasque, J. Maston, Dillon
Graves, Joseph, Latta
Hayes, Lewis E., Latta
Huggins, Theophelus, Fork
Hyatt, Peter E., Latta
Hyatt, Solomon, Dillon
Jackson, Levi, Dillon
Johnson, Zeno, Latta
Kelly, John, Dillon
Lane, David S., Latta
Lane, J. M., Fork
Lester, Robt. H., Little Rock
McLaurin, Duncan, Dillon
McLendon, Robt. F., Dillon
Moody, Enoch C., Dillon
Moody, John Thomas, Dillon
Muldrow, John Thomas, Dillon
Muldrow, Elihu, Dillon
Myers, Bryan H., Latta
Parham, Henry W. Mallory
Porter, Gause, Hamer
Reaves, James R., Dillon
Roberts, R. R., Fork
Rogers, Wm. H., Fork
Rowell, Jesse, Dillon
Scott, Andrew, Lake View
Sessions, L. R. Latta
Sherwood, T. C., Little Rock
Smith, Edward W. Bingham
Smith, Hardy, D. Lake View
Smith James R., Dillon
Smith, Jacob W., Latta
Stephens, A. I., Dillon
Sweat, Noah, Dillon
Tart, Nathan C., Latta
Turbeville, George W., Dillon
Turbeville, James W., Hamer
Turveville, Stephens S., Latta
Wiggins, Jno. M., Lake View
Wise, J. Christopher, Selllers

The Dillon Herald, April 28, 1921, Vol 27, No. 3.

A List of Widows on Dillon County Pension Roll, 1921

Elizabeth Abbott - Simeon Abbott, Hamer
Annie B. Alford - Ferguson Alford, Dillon
Annie M. Allen - Elmore Allen, Latta
Marian A. Allen - Joseph Allen, Latta
Samantha Ayers - Enoch S. Ayers, Nichols
Mary Ann Bailey - Henry Bailey, Latta
Anna Eliza Barfield - Harley Barfield, Lake View
Alice Bethea - Holden Bethea, Dillon
Sophie Bond - William Bond, Dillon
Smith A. Booth - Robert A. Booth, Lake View
Annie E. Brigman - Benj. Brigman, Latta
Flora M. Bethea - George Betha, Latta
Annie Calder - Macombs Calder, Latta
Jensey Calder - James Calder, Fork
Julia Ann Coats - John Coats, Dillon
Martha Ann Cottingham, - Wesley H. Cottingham, Mallory
Mary Jane Cottingham - Jno. C. Cottingham, Dillon
Sallie Jane Cottingham - Thos. F. Cottingham, Fork
Pennye Edwards - Albert P. Edwards, Dillon
Emeline Ellis - Hugh G. Ellis, Bingham
M. Sue Evans - William B. Evans, Latta
Mary Ann Freeman - Franklin Freeman, Mallory
Margaret E. Galloway - William A. Galloway, Mallory
Helen L. Gibson - Raiford Gibson, Dillon
Ann Gilbert - James F. Gilbert, Bingham
Sarah V. Godbold - Asa Godbold, Dillon
Charity Goud - Clelan B. Goud, Dillon
Nancy J. Greenwood - E. B. Greenwood, Latta
Mary J. Hargorve - Jas. Hargrove, Dillon
Lena Harper - John M. Harper, Latta,
Margaret G. Hatchell - Elihah C. Hatchell, Latta
Irene Hayes, William D. Hayes, Kemper
Elizabeth Herring - Harmon Herring, Hamer
Salina Herring - Edmond B. Herring, Dillon
Jennie Hodge - Randolph Hodge, Hamer
Nancy Hulon - Wylie Hulon, Dillon
Gatsey Hyatt - C. Hyatt, Dillon
Jonah Jackson - Labon E. Jackson. Latta
Sarah A. Johnson - Hugh G. Johnson, Latta
Orphy King - Alex King, Latta
Charity R. Lane - Robert L. Lane, Dillon
Lillian Lane, Robert Lane, Latta
Nellie Locke - William Locke, Dillon
Mary J. McEacheon - John C. McEacheon, Hamer
Dallie McKenzie - Eli McKenzie, Dillon
Sarah E. McLean - Robert B. McLean, Dillon
Clara E. Manning - Holland D. Manning, Latta
Emily J. Miller - Neill Miller, Nichols
Elizabeth C. Moore - Alfred Y. Moore, Latta
Amanda B. Oliver - Jos. R. Oliver, Hamer
Deller Pace - William J. Pace, Lake View
Mollie A. Pope - Ashen Pope, Latta
Sara E. Reason - Jos. T. Reason, Sellers
Amanda Rogers - Ervin Rogers, Dillon
Redia Rogers - Robert H. Rogers, Dillon
Mary H. Rogers - Tristram B. Rogers, Fork
Nancy J. Rogers - Enoch A. Rogers, Fork
Sara G. Sanderson - Solomon A. Sanderson, Lake View
Candis Simpson - Benj. G. Simpson, Dillon
Mary E. Snead - Isreal B. Snead, Hamer
Elizabeth Ward - Colon Ward, Dillon
Nancy Walters - Lukel Walters, Lake View
Flora Ellen Watson - James R. Watson, Dillon
Nancy M. Watson - Meridth Watson, Latta
Nancy M. Weatherford - John L. Weatherford, Dillon
Caroline Wiggins - William Henry Williams, Hamer (transcribed as written)
Catherine M. Wise - Gilbert B. Wise, Dillon
Hannah Jane Wise - Evander Wise, Latta

Lists transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, 25 Jan 2002

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