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THE PEE DEE INDEX ó Published every Tuesday

January 9, 1883

Married December 20, Mr. John M. LANE and Miss CYNTHIA BROWN.

Married Dec. 21, Mr. WILLIS DEW, son of SAMUEL DEW and Miss LILY MOODY, daughter of ERVIN MOODY.

Married Dec. 28, 1882, Mr. MITCHELL MARTIN, son of Mr. AARON MARTIN, and Miss EUGENIA BROWN, daughter of Mr. Wm. J. BROWN.

January 16, 1883

Died near Centenary, Marion, S.C. on Dec. 31, 1882, Mrs. W. T. COLLINS. Leaves husband, mother, sister and two brothers.

Mrs. E. H. GASQUE died last Thursday. (Sarah C.) Leaves husband and nine children, ages 19 years to 6 weeks. Buried at Methodist Church.

Willie, eldest son of Capt. P. LAUGHLIN of our town, died in Savannah, GA on the 11th inst. [also listed Jan. 23rd issue]

Mr. Orom WRIGHT died last week.

Ex-Sheriff, Archibald CARMICHAEL died at the residence of his son, Neil J. CARMICHAEL Esq., near Kentyre on Sunday the 7th inst. at age of 85 years.

January 23, l883

Married January 7, Mr. Isaac M. COLEMAN and Miss Maria JONES.

Married January 8, Mr. Carey EDWARDS and Miss Jennie BAKER.

Married Dec. 2, 1882, Mr. W. H. THOMPSON and Miss Elizabeth BROWN.

Married January 5, Mr. Henry SMITH and Miss Dora DEW, daughter of Mr. H. C. DEW.

Died 12th inst., at age 21 in Savannah, GA, William T., son of P. & J. S. LAUCHLIN. He was born in Virginia July 17, 1861.

January 30, 1883

Miss Jeanette McKINLAY, aged sister of Mr. Neill McKINLAY, died on the 24th inst.

Asa RICHARDSON, 87 years old, died near Little Rock on the 21st inst.

Died in Marion Co., Jan. 24, 1883, Hugh ATKINSON, aged 78 years.

Jody, son of W. J. and T. A. LEDINGHAM, died on the 17th inst., 23 months old.

February 6, 1883

Mrs. Martha LAMBERT, relict of late Robert LAMBERT died last Thursday.

Capt. Henry F. THOMPSON, son of Gov. THOMPSON, last week married Miss Fannie McIVER of Society Hill.

February 6, 1883

Master Emil CLARKE, son of Mr. and Mrs. HENRY CLARKE, was 13 last Sunday. [Jewish]

February 13, 1883

Mr. Samuel W. WALL, 42-year old brother of Mr. W. A. WALL, died on Feb. 7. Buried at Tabernacle.

February 20, 1883

Mr. L. B. ROGERS, of Marion Co. was presented with his 4th pair of twins last week. 1st set - boy and girl, 2nd set - both boys, 3rd set - both boys, 4th se t- both girls. Married 14 years and has 11 children, all living.

Amos ROGERS, colored, killed last week in Marlboro County.

February 27, 1883

Mr. J. L. McLAURIN married last Monday, Miss Nora BREEDEN, daughter of Mr. Thomas BREEDEN.

Married Feb. 21, Mr. John WILCOX, Jr. and Miss Leila I., eldest daughter of the late J. Albert SMITH, Esq.

March 13, 1883

Mrs. C. T. FORD died at Mullins today.

March 20, 1883

Married in Darlington Co., Feb. 23rd, Murry YARBOROUGH and Lucy, daughter of the late Joel ODOM.

Married Feb. 28, G. J. McCOWN of Darlington and Sallie F., daughter of the late David KENNEDY of Camden, Alabama.

Married Feb. 27, near Greenville, S.C., Rev. LeRoy F. BEATY and Miss Susie Robertson PENNAL of Charleston, S.C.

March 27, 1883

Mr. J. B. BRADDY died last Thursday.

Michael TALEY died last week.

Mr. W. W. McINTYRE of Carmichael Township died last Thursday.

Married on 22nd of Feb., Mr. Ashly COCKFIELD of Williamsburq to Miss Nelia POSTON, of Pee Dee.

Married on 28th of Feb., Mr. A. H. HINDS and Miss Fannie SUMMERFORD, both of Pee Dee.

April 3, 1883

Mrs. Lou M. FORD died March 13, 1883, member of Mullins Sunday School.

Married March 15, Mr. F. C. ROGERS to Miss Francis MOODY.

Married March 25, Mr. McEthan ARNETT to Miss Jane HORNE. April 10, 1883

Peter COOPER died April 4. He had celebrated his 92nd birthday on Feb. 12. Survived by son (Ex-mayor COOPER) and daughter (Mrs. Abram S. HEWITT.)

Miss Lillie WALL, daughter of Mr. Jasper WALL (who died 3 hours before her,) died in Irwin Co., Georgia.

Married March 22nd, Mr. G. CARMICHAEL and Miss F. ROGERS.

Married March 23, Marion AMMONS and Miss Sallie LAMBERT. April 17, 1883

Mr. S. Elijah GREGG, aged citizen of Mars Bluff, died Thursday. Buried at Hopewell. He was over 75 years old. He was the father of Rev. W. A. GREGG of Bishopville.

April 24, 1883

Dr. E. B. TURNIPSEED of Columbia, died last Thursday in Columbia.

Major John L. JONES of Liberty Hill, Kershaw Co., died of apoplexy on the 12th inst.

Rev. George HOWE died in Columbia this afternoon.

Married April 12, Mr. J. D. HAYES and Miss Fannie PRICE.

Married April 15, Mr. Isaac SPIVEY and Miss Magnolia BULLOCK.

Married April 12, Mr. J. D. MURCHISON of Bennettsville and Miss Hattie

LAMKIN of New York.

Died April 19, Eliza Matilda, infant daughter of J.E. and Hattie A. JOHNSON, aged 5 months and 26 days.

Mrs. Tobitha SOWLES, aged 76, was married to Mr. G. W. WIGGS, aged 74, at Whiteville, N.C. last week.

May 1, 1883

George MILLER, carpenter and bridge builder, died last Saturday.

Mrs. Washington WOODBERRY, sister of Mr. T. F. BROWN, died at Brittons Neck last Thursday.

May 8, 1883

Frank DICKSON, colored, drowned last week.

Mr. Joseph M. WILLIAMSON died May 2nd at the age of 82.

May 15, 1883

Funeral of Jesse B. PERRITT of Oak Grove, S.C. to be at Bethesda Church on the third Sunday of May. [also issue of June 5]

Mrs. Elizabeth SHAFFER died May 2nd, aged 82.

May 22, 1883

Mrs. MULLINS, mother of Dr. J. C. MULLINS, died last Saturday at the age of 83.

Mrs. BETHEA, widow of the late Co. Jim BETHEA, and mother of Mr. P.Y. BETHEA, died yesterday at the age of 68.

June 5, 1883

Jesse B. PERRITT died December 12, 1882, aged 83 years, 9 months and 2 days. He was born in 1799, and married Sept. 19, 1821 to Miss Mary DEW. After her death, he married Mrs. Elizabeth TOWNSEND on Dec. 3, 1869.

[Duncan A. CALHOUN is on a list of Petit Jurors ó June 1883 term]

Boyd WINGATE, colored, 10-year old son of Isaac WINGATE, beaten to death Thursday.

Died at Oak Grove, S.C. on May 25, "Trussie", adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. S.D. LANE, aged two months and 28 days.

Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. REVILL, died Saturday, aged 6 months.

June 12, 1883

Married May 31, Mr. John C. USHER to Miss Mollie, daughter of Mr. John P. SMITH. All of Marlboro County.

Married last evening, Mr. J. T. EASON and Miss Bettie STUBBS. All of Marlboro Co.

July 10, 1883

Married July 5, Mr. Charles DOZIER, son of Dr. T. J. DOZIER, and Miss Dora, daughter of J. H. BOSTICK. All of Marion County.

Died June 24, Carrie, daughter of Jehu and Elizabeth GASQUE, aged two years and five days.

Sol BRIGHT, of Florence, colored, died this morning.

[Mrs. W. C. POWER has a daughter, Lalla.]

July 17, 1883

Miss Sallie FOXWORTH to marry Mr. E. H. GASQUE tomorrow.

Dr. D. S. PRICE married Miss Ida DICKSON (daughter of Mr. W. J. DICKSON) last Thursday.

July 24, 1883

Mrs. TIMMONS, wife of Mr. John TIMMONS, died last Wednesday. Buried in Hopewell Cemetery. Leaves husband and 4 small children - youngest only 3 weeks old.

July 31, 1883

Capt. Henry B. LANE was married in Florence last Thursday, to Miss Annie Louise FOY.

Mr. Howard McINTYRE, son of Capt. R. C. McINTYRE, died at his fatherís home in Marlboro Co. on Friday.

August 7, 1883

Capt. D. A. SMITH died.

[Rev. S. R. TRAWICK, teacher from. North Carolina, new principal at Dothan Academy, Reedy Creek, Marion Co., S.C.]

August 14, 1883

Mr. Nye HERRING of Robeson, N.C. and Miss Angeline, daughter of A. B. SURLS, were married on August 2nd.

August 21, 1883 [First anniversary of Pee Dee Index]

Mrs. MARTIN, nee WILSON, died in Wilmington last Thursday.

Two-year old child of Charles EVANS, colored, died Sunday.

Fannie BROOKS, colored, died last week.

Thomas I. ROGERS of Marlboro, married Miss Cora McCORMAC of Marion Co. last week.

Miss Maria BRUNSON of Florence, 21 years old, died August 10.

August 28, 1883

Mr. Ezra GREGG died last week, also Miss Mary Brown of Sumter Co. [Mr. Gregg was the brother-in-law of Dr. W. R. JOHNSON, and elder brother of the late J. Eli GREGG]

September 4, 1883

Died August 23, Mary Eva, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. GASQUE, aged 4 years.

September 11, 1883

Leonidas, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. COVINGTON, has died.

Married Sept. 6, Mr. Charles M. PETERSON and Miss Emma E. COLLINS.

Married August 28, Mr. Duncan HUGGINS and Miss Lizzie HUGGINS.

September 18, 1883

Mr. W. H. BETHEA married Miss Ella SHERWOOD last Thursday.

Thomas E. MOODY, son of Mr. E. J. MOODY, died Monday. Leaves wife, mother and father.

Mrs. Mary HARGROVE, relict of late Stephen HARGROVE, died last Saturday.

Ten-day old infant of Mr. and Mrs. M. MANHEIM, died last Sunday.

Son of Mr. Albert BROWN died last Sunday.

Mrs. Alice SMITH is the widow of Mr. D. A. SMITH.

September 25, 1883

Florence, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McINTYRE, died last Friday.

October 2, 1883

Daniel SHERWOOD, father of Mrs. J. D. McLUCAS and Mrs. S. E. McMILLAN, died Friday, Sept. 28, at the age of 87.

October 9, 1883

Married Oct. 1, Mr. Thos. BRYANT of Georgetown Co., and Miss Virginia McDANIEL of Marion Co.

Mr. Alex PAGE of Hillsboro Township died on Sunday last.

Mrs. Levi SHELLEY died Sunday, Oct. 7.

October 16, 1883

Married Oct. 11, Mr. R. H. LESTER and Miss Kittie Jane PROCTOR.

Died Oct. 4, Mrs. Pency NORTON, relict of the late John NORTON.

October 23, 1883

Mars Bluff - Mr. Thos. McCALL, formerly of Mars Bluff, died and was buried in Dawson, GA where he had resided for the past several years. He was the brother of Mrs. W. J. DICKSON.

Mars Bluff - David G. ADAMS died in Columbia on Tuesday. Remains to be returned to here.

October 23, 1883

Mr. Jesse BRAND of Gibsonís has died, leaving wife and one grown son.

Nine-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McINTYRE died in Bennettsville a few days ago and was buried in Marion County.

Married Oct. 10, Dr. C. T. FORD of Mullins and Miss Sallie WILLIAMS of Robeson Co., N.C.

Mr. Ebby COOK died last Friday, aged citizen of Hillsboro Township.

October 30, 1883

Married Oct. 18, Mr. Pendleton J. AYERS and Miss Alice McMILLAN.

Married Oct. 24, Mr. Stephen MACE and Miss Azola PHILLIPS.

November 6, 1883

Mr. Armistead BURT died in Abbeville Oct. 30.

Mr. Willie MARTIN married Miss Annis RUSHING last Wednesday.

James COOK of Wahee, died Oct. 28.

Mr. Wilson WISE died Oct. 27.

Wright, 6-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McINTYRE, died last Friday.

Married Oct. 31, Mr. Waitus GODBOLD and Miss Josephine ROGERS.

November 13, 1883

Died in Brightsville on Sunday, Oct. 28, of apoplexy, Mr. James COVINGTON, aged about 20 years.

Died one day last week, Mrs. Phoebe BRISTOW. aged mother of Ephraim BRISTOW.

Died Nov. 3, Mr. Phillip S. THOMAS, aged 78 years, 8 months and 15 days. Buried at Hebron.

Died at Port Harrelson, S.C. on Oct. 26, Roger Moore PETTEWAY, age 24 years, 8 months and 20 days; second son of Jas. T. & Elizabeth Q. PETTEWAY of Laurinburg.

Died in Brittons Neck on Nov. 7, Sallie Dozier, daughter of Jacob and Pamela D. HAPRELL, aged 2 years, 3 months and 12 days.

November 27, 1883

Died last Tuesday, Miss Elizabeth GASQUE, aged 83 years.

Died in Carmichael Township, Mr. Neil McKINLAY, aged 65.

Died in Charleston on Wednesday last, Mr. Fielding McLEAN, aged 24, son of our townsman, Maj. Jesse R. McLEAN.

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