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Obituaries marked as "SCA" can be obtained from the Sandor Teszler Library Archives of Wofford College. If you order a copy, please consider transcribing the obituary and sharing a copy with us here.

BAKER, William Nov 8, 1823
BANE, Mary Clark Nov 1962
Baxley, Emma M. SCA, 5/7/1959
Baxley, Mrs. Richard SCA, 5/14/1959
BELL, Claudia Gasque Feb 25, 1967
Berry, Julia Louisa SCA, 3/9/1911
Berry, Maude Miles SCA, 3/26/1964
BETHEA, Belle H April 1896
BETHEA, Catherine Jennett July 1866
BETHEA, Claudia M Aug 1895
BETHEA, D Ashby Aug 1897
BETHEA, (Capt) Elisha May 20, 1886
BETHEA, Mrs Elizabeth Sept 1868
BETHEA, Mrs Flora J April 1897
BETHEA, Florence Fore June 1900
BETHEA, Florence Johnson June 26, 1930
BETHEA, Goodman Jan 14, 1864/5
Bethea, Hannah Jane SCA, 4/8/1926
BETHEA, Mrs Harriet Bass April 1885
BETHEA, Mrs Jane Smith March 29, 1906
BETHEA, John C Nov 19, 1903
BETHEA, Mrs Kate J March 20, 1952
BETHEA, Mrs Katherine J Sept 1, 1843
BETHEA, Mrs Margaret Cochran March 16, 1849
BETHEA, Mary Edna July 9, 1873
BETHEA, May Jan 12, 1899
BETHEA, Pearl Jan 24, 1896
BETHEA, Mrs Sarah Jane July 9, 1873
BETHEA, W. H. Jan 11, 1892
BLUE, Kate Lilly April 22, 1954
BLUE, Victor (Rear Admiral) Jan 25, 1928
BLUE, William Evans Sept 7, 1927
BOATWRIGHT, Bessie Rogers Feb 1962
Boatwright, Francis Marion SCA, 1/8/1959
Boatwright, Royce W. SCA, 1/21/1960
BOATWRIGHT, Mrs. Sue Rowell 20 Oct 1952
BRADDY, Robert T. O. Oct 24, 1877
Brown, Jesse J. SCA, 1/9/1936
BROWN, Laura Sawyer Nov 1977
Bruce, Margaret Anne SCA, 10/23/1958
Bruce, Mrs. Thomas L. SCA, 6/1/1922
Brunson, William Matthew Junie SCA, 5/22/1958
BRYANT, Zada Fowler Oct 1999
Buffkin, Arch B., Sr. SCA, 11/13/1958
Bullard, Mattie Shaw SCA, 8/23/1962
Bullard, Ruby Lee Godwin SCA, 11/6/1958
Butler, Charlie Harrilson SCA, 5/25/1911
BUTLER, Indiana Sept 10, 1970
Byrd, Blanche Rodgers SCA, 9/26/1963
Byrd, Eliza SCA, 4/19/1928

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