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M arion District Administrations
Minute Book of the Ordinary
by Victoria Proctor
McDOWAL, William1803 Jane McDOWALNov 15 - Citation to Jane McDowal to administer on the Estate of William McDowal late of Marion District deceased. Dec 13 - Qualified Jane McDowal admx.
McKISSACK, Ann1800Mack McKissicJune 19 - Citation Granted; Estate of Ann McKissack of the Warhee Neck
June 27th - Citation returned; Admn. caviated by John JACKSON (case involving sale of slave)
October 7th - Letters of Administration given.
McREE, John
of Catfish
1803Andrew Paul & Patrick Donnelly Esq.

May 9 - Letters of Administration granted

MARTIN, Thomas1813Mary MARTIN

July 6 - Letters of Administration granted

of Catfish
1802Drury WHITE

Jan 9, 1802 - Letters of Administration granted;
1804 Drura WHITE to appraise est of Wm. Middleton

MOODY, Daniel1801Mary MOODY

Jany 10 - Citation Granted unto Mary Moody to administer on the Estate of Daniel Moody, her husband

MOODY, John1813Nancy MOODY

Feb 24 - Letters of Administration granted

MOODY, Robert Sr.1812Charles MOODY

May 24 - Letters of Administration granted

MUNNERLYN, Benjamin1800Ann MUNNERLYN June 18th - Citation Returned, Qualified the admrx and appraisers.
Septr 25 - Granted permission for sale
MURFEE, Malachi1802Mary MURFEE

July 8 - Citation Granted, Estate of Malachi Murfee late of Pee Dee Deceased.
April 15, 1803 - Letters of Administration granted Mary Murfee.

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