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Rev. Simeon Campbell's Diary
Marion County, SC

Rev. Simeon Campbell, a Methodist Minister of Millers Methodist Church East of and near Mullins kept a diary, or journal, of events (births, marriages, deaths) for old Marion County. The original Diary is kept at the Mullins branch of the Marion Public Library and I believe there may be a photocopy available at the main branch. For general research, however, you must work from a typewritten transcription. Excerpts from this wonderful resource are presented here courtesy of the contributors named below.

Contributed by Betty Jo Stewart, 21 Apr 2001

S.C. R. 22 Campbell - SC Room, Marion Co. Library

Rev. Simeon Campbell died Nov. 21, 1912 - 83 yr. 2 mo.
Parents - John Campbell (b. Jan. 6, 1752 - Scotland) married Ann  Cribb
Gadi Campbell (d. Oct. 13, 1862) 78 yrs. married Mary Norton

Robin Rogers died Nov. 1, 1872
Celia Rogers died Nov. 15, 1872

Solomon Collens died June 28, 1859

Henry Price died Sept. 16, 1892
Cady his wife died Jan. 9th 1874

John Price died Feb. 3, 1899

James Price died Dec. 1903

Mrs. Celia Smith died Aug. 23, 1898

James D. Smith Her Husband Age 88 } Served in the South 

Mrs. Jane Price May 21, 1898      } Carolina Conference

Dew Rogers died Dec. 1896

Mrs. Mosephene Rogers died suddenly in Georgia Christmas night 1896

Mrs. Elizabeth Norton died Dec. 3, 1882

David Rogers married Miss Margaret Ann Bryant Dec. 25 1869

Hon. James Norton married Rachel Sellers Dec. 11, 1911

Indianna Rogers married Riley Butler Oct. 22, 1871

David S. Edwards Married Miss Carmichael Mar. 14, 1872

Dew Rogers married Miss Martha Campbell Dec. 28, 1874

Henry Price 2 married Miss Jane Smith Apr. 15, 1874

Enock Rogers married Miss Jannie Britt Jan 28 1874

Whiteford Smith married Miss Eller Boatwrite Dec 3 1874

Calven Morgan married Miss Susan Carmichael Dec. 24, 1874

Levi H. Price married Miss Elizabeth Rogers June 10, 1875

Osker Galaway and Miss Bessie Norton married Jan. 10, 1905

March 13, 1907 Mr. Robert Rogers and Miss Susie Price married

Blanche Norton married Mr. Canady Feb. 21, 1912

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Price died Nov. 3, 1879

Buried Elly Rogers July 17, 1886

Buried Henry Price Sept. 17, 1892

(Simeon Campbell) assisted in burying John Smith Jan. 19, 1907
 – wife Celia died Feb. 6, 1900 buried Feb. 7, 1900

(Simeon Campbell married the following:)

Hemingway Wiggins and Elizabeth Price Feb. 13, 1884
John W. Norton to Sarah Ivy May 11, 1884
Mr. Prince to Miss Mary Price 1882
Gilbert Price to Miss Hetta Goodyear May 18, 1882
Willis Huggins to Miss Melvenia Rogers Oct. 25, 1882
Kemper Rogers to Miss Susanah McDuffe June 7, 1885
John Price to Miss Lettie Ann Goodyear Oct. 13, 1887
Eli Bryant to Miss Chloe Rogers Jan. 22, 1890
Laurance Price to Miss Martha Barfield Jan. 14, 1892
Mr. Ed, Huggins to Miss Celia Rogers Jan. 5th 1899
Henry Price to Miss Evie Morse Dec. 31, 1902
Mr. Fred Cribb to Miss Franie (Fronie) Wiggins 1912


Those buried at Millers Cemetary:

Father, Dugal Carmichael
H. C. Carmichael his Son and Wife Mahalea and their son John
James Carmichael and wife Elizabeth

Father Robin Rogers and wife Nancy, and 2, daughters Elizabeth and 

Father John Norton and wife Pency and one Grand son, Lewis
Henry Norton and Minnie Norton

Father Elly Rogers and wife Olive, and daughter Olive
B. M. Carmichael one child

Those buried at the Campbell Cemetary:

Unkle Gadi Campbell and Wife Mary and three Daughters Eliza, and 
Nancy and (Elizabeth’s 2 Children)
Gadi’s four Sons
John W, Warren
Charles D, La, Fletcher


Roben Rogers died June 5, 1907

Robert Rogers, wife Elizabeth was buried at Millers Feb.4, 1911

Mrs. Rachel Norton burried at Millers on Mon, Dec. 11, 1911

Mr. Enock Rogers died July 4, 1912

Contributed by Helen Moody, 1999-2000

Mullins Library, Mullins S C
I have typed the items in as they were written.  I have made a few 
corrections that I knew to be right in parenthesis.


Lewis Harrelson died Oct 3th 1884
Celia his wife died Sept 18th1868
Jesse Harrelson died Nov 3th 1899
Hugh Harrelson died Feb 27th 1855
Sarah his wife died Dec 18th 1863
Lewis their son died May 21st 1857
John, L, Killed in the Late War 1862

Mathew Martin Family
Father Mathew Martin died June 7th 1842
Susanah his wife died Sept 20th 1863
Their children all dead)  She was a Harrelson
l. John died Feb the 18th 1855
2 Susanah, L M Edwards  Wife died April 25th 1856
3 Stephen died March the 27th 1866
4 Martha-Samuel Edwards wife died Jan the 7th 1886
   Samuel Edwards her Husband died May the 19th 1890
5 Aaron Martin died Jan the 7th 1893
Cady (this shoud be Kada) his wife was a Rogers died March 31th 1884
Micheal (Mitchell ?) their son died Nov 22nd 1893
Mathew H Died March the 21st 1893
Ada his wife was a Rogers, died, Jan the 29th 1900

Smith Family
Father Samuel Smith  died Oct 19th 1857
Sarah his Wife died Feb 12 1860
Rev John L Smith died Aug the 5th 1879
Stephen Smith died Nov 25th 1880
Samuel Dec 1st
Wm C Ellis died Dec 22nd 1853
Cincy his wife died Dec 18th 1876
Reden Roberts  two brothers
Norton Roberts  livied up on Buck Swamp
Rev Hugh Moody died Nov 4th 1873
Salathel (Moody) died Oct 4 1882 
Richard (Moody) Died May the 15th 1892       
(Note: Hugh, Salathiel and Richard were brothers)
Charles S. (Moody) died July the 27 1899  

James Roberts died June 3th 1880
Wm Roberts died 1887
Helen Roberts died July 25th 1895
Reden their father died Aug 30 1873 

Father David Perritt died July 24 1872  Age 91
Wm his Son died July 7th 1872
Mary his wife died May 20th 1901
Bennett died Aug 29th 1901
David B died Aug 25 1892

Salathial Moody to Mrs Sara martin Oct 25 1877
Michel Martin Married To Miss Elizabeth Martin    Nov 24 1870
Levi Edwards married To Mrs Patience Kieth    Nov 10 1870
Willis  Rogers Married To Miss Nancy Campbell  Nov 22 1866
W. H. Daniel first marriage To Miss Luezer Martin April 26 1871
Benja, Ellis  married To Miss Manda Smith  Oct 15 1871
Nathan Tart Married To Miss Caroline Ellis Aug 3 1872
A.T. Edward married to Miss Pency Roberts Nov 29 1871
Indianna Rogers married to Riley Buttler  Oct 22 1871
D,W,Ketchum first marriage to Mis Adda Huggins
2 Marriage to Miss Parker Dec 6 1871
Laven Rogers first married to Miss Sarah Susan Perritt   Dec 26 1871
2 Marriage to Miss Dora Nowell
Elmore Smith married to Miss Elizabeth Montgomery March 6 1872
David S Edwards married to Miss           Carmichael  March 14 1872
Allen Lewis first marriage to Miss Deller  Lee April 17 1872
2 Marriage to Miss Elizie Smith  June 24 1886
Jeneral Mareron, Huggins married to Miss Frandy Johnson June 13 1872
George W Huggins married  to Miss Sallie Porter Oct 23th 1872
Samuel Rogers married to Miss Mary Game Nov 21 1872
Thomas died Nov 11 1907
Thomas Jones 2 Marriage Dec 17 1872 to Mrs Eliza Hewet
Melton Norton Married to Miss Nelda Proctor Dec 25 1872
Samson Colmon and Miss Cathern Huggins Married about Christmas 1854
Archie Nicholeson Married to Miss Laura Martin  Jan 16 1873
Warren Williams Married to Miss Mary Proctor Jan 28 1873
Volintine (Volentine) Martin Married to Miss Margrett (Margaret) Norton April 
2 1873
John Smith 2 Marriage to Mrs Maggie Hicks  March 29 1900
Wesley McMillin 2 Marriage to Miss Mincy Smith  Sept 26 1900
Hamton Rogers to Miss Pency Martin April 30 1901
Johnie Harrelson Married to Miss Sidney Huggins May 5 1901
Miss Luby Nance Maried to Mr Travis Edwards Dec 4 1890
Re. J. P. Prichard Married to Miss Evritt July 19 1888
Charle McCoy to Miss Fannie Proctor Dec 24 1901
Mr. Brunson to Miss Bessie Smith Jan 2 1902
Mr John Sleutter to Miss May Smith Sept 10 1902
The first couple Married in the New Methodist Church at Mullins  by Rev A W 
Mr Osker Daniel and Miss Viola Owen was married June 24 1903
Mr Walter Fulton and Miss Mammie (?) Platt Married Oct 20 1903
Mr Olever Jones 2 Marriage to Miss Sallie Ellils Nov 25th 1903
Mr Victory Williams and Miss Cora Elvington Married  Dec 1st 1903
Mr Wilson Lewis and Miss Nanie Norton married Dec 1st 1903
Mr James R Williams and Miss Jannie Cooper married Dec 30 1903
Loneu(?)Norton Married Jan 13 1904
Mr Rufus Rogers Married June 8 1904
Mr. C. D. Jones Married 2 time to Mrs Baxley Dec 14 1904
Mr Wallac Platt married to Miss Nicholson (Etta) Dec 1904
Mr. H Vaughn married Miss Lulie Smith April 12 1905
Miss Dell smith to Mr Smith married Feb 2 week 1909
Mr. F. W. Floyd and Miss Violie Cribb married Jan 7 1906
Mr Osker Galaway and Miss Besse Norton Married Jan 10 1906
Mr Antine Huggins and Miss May Martin Married  on Sunday Evening March 4 1906
Mr Kemper McDuffe to the Widow Gilchrist 2 Marriage March 17 1909
Mr. Franklin Edwards married on Ester Sunday Miss Aselee (Azile) Martin to 
Mr. Latta (Lattie) Moody April 11 1909
Mr. Freeselen and Miss Cate Rogers Married July 14 1909
Me. Pearle Wiggins and Miss Annabell Rogers married Sept 1st 1909
Mr. Han Haselton and Mrs Lucy Edwards Married Sept 12 1909
Rev J Marion Rogers and Miss Kate Barron Glenn of York was married March 16th 
Mr Authur Bowles and Miss Paulene Norton was married at Mullins June 8th 1910
Mr Bradley Nicholson and Miss Mary Byrd was married June 22 1910
Mr Charlie Thomas and Miss Neettie Harrelson was married on Sunday evening 
July 3th 1910
Mr Judgson and Miss Maud Smith was married July 20 1910
Miss Pearl Norton Sellers and Mr. James S Bethea was married at Mullins Oct 
5th 1910
Oct 16 Sam Thomas a Son and Rev James E Floyed's Daughter Married
Oct 19th Henry Rogers and a Miss Wiggins Also  Mr Boyd Rogers the same day1910
Mr Wayman Webster and Miss Willie N Byrd was married Nov 1st 1910
Miss Lucrett Hayes and Mr A Cock of N C was married at Rowland N C. Dec 15 
Mr Ruffus Herring and Mrs Mary Lewis was Married Sun July 23 1911
Wm Capers Rogers and Miss Eloise Owen was married at Mullins in the M.E. 
Church South Dec the 12th at 2, Oclock 1911
Mr A. H Buchen to Miss Clara Smith was married at Mullins Feb 21st 1912
Miss Blanche Norton was Married to Mr Canady Sept 19 1912

Posted 1 September 2000 and transcribed from the original notes, typed as 
written by Rev. Campbell

Mr. I. M. Campbell married in GA Thurs night Dec. 31st 1908.
Mr. Charles Moody married to Miss Hattie Rogers Feb 24 1909.
Mr. Temper (?) McDuffe To the Widow Gilchrest 2 marriage March 17 1909.
Rev. Eli  Campbell married Jan 6 1874 to Miss Josephiene Huggins.
Dew Rogers married Dec 28 1874 to Miss Martha Campbell.
Mr. Neuham (?) married Feb 15 1874 to Miss June Lambert.
Henry Price 2 marriage April 15 1874 to Miss Jane Smith.

Genrl Wm Evans died June 6 1876.
President Davise died Dec 6 1889 (age 81).
Genrl W W Harllee died May 2nd 1879.
C. D. Evans, died May 24 1897 age 80 years.
Two lawyers at Marion
Conl. Durant died Dec 15th 1896 age 83.
Evaritt Nance died Pct 25 1896 age 79.
Evaritt Nichols died Jan 7 1896 .
Wilson Snips last of April 1896.
James Watson died Dec 20 1895.
Pickney Floyed killed by the train June 11th 1869.
Levi Campbell died suddenly Oct 30 1870.
Milley Ford died Aug 5th 1870.
Pharoah Scott died  June 23 1854.
Mary his wife died June 21 1870.
Their Children
Eli Scott died Sept. 28 1893 age 73.
Obedy his wife died Jan 29th 1892.
James Scott died March 25th 1894.
Salley his wife died Feb 12 1898.

Linnie Ann Ford died March 21 1898
J (?) W T Lewis died Feb 16th 1898.
Oliver Rogers died Jan 27, 1898.
Mayor H. B. Cook died Dec 26, 1897.
Aaron Oliver died Oct 18 1885.
Elizabeth his wife died June 29 1898.

Posted 2 September 2000 and transcribed from the original notes, typed as 
written by Rev. Campbell

The Huggins Family

Father John Huggins died Nov the 6th 1848 age in the 80s.
His wife,
Nancy Ann, who was a Campbel died Aug the 3th 1856 age 81 years.
Their Children who have died
Rev George W. died in October 1835
Rev Theophilus died Feb the 24th 1850
These two were members of the South Carolina Conference.
John C. was a Local Preacher.
He died suddenly May 28th 1864
Solomon died Nov the 29th 1875
Henry died Nov the 27th 1870
Evan died July the 19th 1879
Mary died March the 9th 1881
Stephen Smith her husband died Nov the 25th 1888 age 75
Enos T Huggins died in 1843

James Dudney was born October 29 1813

The Willis Huggins Family

Willis died Sept 19th 1857
His wife who was Mary Campbell died July the 16th 1887 age 60
Their Children all dead 
Nancy died in 1840
Jesse was killed April 29 1854
Elizabeth died June the 19th 1879
Mary died July 24th 1873
Martha died April 20th 1879
D. L. Bolynn died Nov 28 1880
John, Hill died Aug 1st 1895 age 78

The Norton Family
Father Wm Norton died Feb 10th 1874 age 93
Anna his wife died August 10th 1872 age 86
Their Children
Henry L died March 30th 1872
Melvena died Aug the 2, 1872
Jerusha died Sept 17th 1869
Who was married to A. H. Mayers
Sept the 8th 1834
Oly died Sept the 30 1855

Mrs Mattie Townsend died at Tifton GA, Aug 12 1905

D. W. Edwards died March 31 1908.
Rev Andrew Edwards died Oct 2nd 1897.
Sarah his sister died in Ga. 1897.
Mary Lane her sister died April 24 1897.
Sallie Bolyns little child died June 1st 1898.
Mrs. Abi Martin died suddenly July 12 1898.
E. T. Edwards two little babes July 25 1898.
Berry Rogers died July 30 1898.
John W Rogers died March 16th. 1898.
Nancy Rogers died March 20 1870.
Julia (?)  Rogers died Aug 27 1870.
Rev R. F. Boyd P E died Sept 3th 1869.

Ann Huggins died Jan 18 1864.
Mrs Mary Ann Smith her sister Sep 30 1864
Mary E Campbell died Sept 8th 1849.
Theophilus Campbell died Oct 6th 1850.
Mary Ann Dudney died Oct 21 1850.
Senior Enos, T. Edwards died Aug 22 1853
Wade H Grice died April 18th 1859.
Morning his wife did May 8 1872.
Charles Websters child June 16th 1872.
Ned Martin died March 4 1872.
Evander Price died March 21 1872.
Elizabeth Goff died July 17 1872.
Ira Norton killed by Gin Jan 2nd 1872.
Mary Lupo died March 4th 1872.
Rev. Charles Betts died April 18 1872.
His wife died June 15 1880.
Barney Rogers died Aug 20 1872.
B. M Edwards child died June 5, 1873.

Posted 2 September 2000 and transcribed from the original notes, typed as 
written by Rev. Campbell

Father Jesse Moody Exorter (?) in the Methodist Church
Died July 12th 1871
His wife Flora died Aug 8 1871
Rebecca White Head died suddenly Oct 8 1868
Father Thomas Rogers died March 22 1857.
Patty his wife who was a Shooter died Nov 2n 1867.
Sarah, Their Daughter died March 1st 1867.
Mary Watson died Oct 12 1872.
Sarah Moody died Oct 22 1872

Jonathan Lewis died Aug 13th 1849
Fereby his wife died March 10th 1859.
Their Children
Evan died March 18th 1877
Margaret his wife died Nov 11th 1887.
Wm S Lewis died June 5th 1885.
Sara Lewis died June 12 1902.

Philip Lupo died Nov 25 1966.
Anna his wife died June 5 1869.
Their children
Wm W Lupo died Aug 15 1849.
Thomas died Sept 28 1862
Caroline died Oct 21st 1891.
Margaret died Feb 1901.
Alen died in 1907.
Martha died about middle of Sept 1908.

W Fuller a merchant at Allens Bridge died May 2nd 1853.
Wm. H. Hodges died March 1st 1857.
Robert Morris died Feb 1st 1860.

Benjamine Shooter died Mary 9th 1858.
Benjamine Harrelson died July 9 1858.
Sally his wife died Aug 23 1871.

John Bryant died Jan 14th 1854.
Father John Rogers died March 27th 1877.
His wife Abley, died July 13th 1876.
Their sons
Trisse (?) died July 20 1900.
F. G. Rogers died suddenly May 14 1902.

The Dugal Carmichael Family
Father Dugal died Sept 22nd 1866.
Caty his wife died May 15 1853.
Their Children,
A C Carmichael died May 1st 1865.
James died July 21st 1865.
Daniel died in the late war.
Mary died Aug the 25th 1874.
Margrett died May 21st 1882.
Flora died Dec the 7th 1885.
Nancy died April 28 1901.
Sarah died in Dec 1905.
Henry L Norton Son in Law 
Nancy, the above, was his wife. 
(written along the side of this family is)
died in Feb 1907 Daniel Lewis.

The Cribb Family
Mother, Elizabeth Cribb died July 1st 1853.
Her husband was John Cribb.
Their children
John Cribb died April 23 1857
Anthony died April 20 1870
Semantha died June 8th 1869
Demcy died June 24th 1877
Anna his wife died Oct 16th 1856
Soldier, Demcy Cribb killed Aug 29 1869.

The Harrelson Family
There lived a man by the name of Lewis Harrelson date not known. His wife was 
name Jane.
They had two sons
One daughter
l. Jesse Harrelson died Feb Sept 21 1852
Hannah his wife died Feb 19th 1862
Their children
E. G. H died March 22nd 1859
Nicy his wife died June 24th 1872
Both in the state of Missippi
Lewis Harrelson died Sept 18th 1884
Celia his wife died Sept 18th 1868
Jesse Harrelson died Nov 13th 1899.
2. Hugh Harrelson died Nov 13th 1899 (this could be Nov, 3th 1899)
Sarah his wife died Dec 18th 1863
Lewis their son died May 21st 1887.
John L. killed in the Late war 1862.

Some whare about or near the date of 1800, There Lived a man by the name of 
George Ford who lived in the vicinity of Allins Bridge who raised a Family, 
2, Sons and three Girls.
The Sons married too sisters by the name of Lupos. Wm Ford married Neoma and 
Nelson married Polly. 
The Girls (Betty married, Wm. Goodyer. 
Samantha, Anthony Cribb
Sally Benjamine Shooter
All Gone.
"To Learn more about Allens Bridge who have owned and lived there Look at 
Page 17 in another Book."

Mother Elizabeth Huggins died March 9 1852.
Her children
Nancy died Dec 3 1851
Catherene died Oct 13 1851
Charity died Sept 30 1870
Wm T Britt died Nov the 5 1888.
Marshall Britt died July 1st 1901
S. L. Huggins died May 6 1907 age 82
E.M. H. died June 28th age 78

Rev Paton G Boman, died suddenly May 24 1891
Mrs Elizabeth Norton died Dec 3th 1882
Braddly Jordon killed in Ga Oct 11 1882
Mrs. Tempy (?) Campbell died Aug 26 1884
Stephen B Martin died Nov 6 1884

 These all one family
Daniel Smith killed by train in GA and buried at Clay Hill Semetry July the 
3th 1892.
Johnie his brother died in Ga Nov 10 1892 and brought home and buried at the 
same place in SC
These are the sons of John Smith
Their mother Celia 
Buried at same place Feb 7th 1900

John Smith died Jan 18 1907(?)

Mary Ann Dudney was born June 17th 1847
Emeline Dudney was born March 21st 1849
Gadi Beaurigard Dudney was born April 1st 1862
Aramatha Dudney the Mother was born June 29 1827
And died March the 16 1906
Emeline Proctor her sister was born Oct 6th 1829
Sara Elizabeth was born January the 29 1832
Eliza Ann Campbell was born July the 19th 1819
Ann Jankins was born Nov 14 1823
Rev Eli Campbell born March 20 1847 
Josephiene Huggins born May 8 1850

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