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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 20 May 2001

South Carolina  )  Henry Beckwith of the same State and District having been 
                )  taken dangerously ill and not having a favorable opportunity
Marion District )  to commit his will in writing did cull in Jno Hamilton 
Martha Hamilton and Thomas Harllee as witnefses to his Nuncupative will which was 
devised in the following manner
first to his beloved wife Mourning Beckwith he gave and bequeathed one feather 
Bed and furniture and four Cows & calves to be chosen by herself out of his 
Stock One young Sorrell mare and to live on the plantation as long as She chose 
and to be supported out of his property next year he also loaned to his said 
wife Mourning during her natural life One negro woman Dinah and her death he 
gave the said Dinah to his daughter Martha Jane
Secondly, To his beloved son Hansel Beckwith he gave and bequeathed a negro 
child which his negro Woman Bede is now pregnant with if it should live to him 
his heirs and afsigns forever
Thirdly to His daughter Francis Redgell one negro woman Named Bede but not her 
child which she is pregnant with which is previously disposed of to his son 
Hansel Beckwith
To his son Amos Beckwith he gave and bequeathed one negro man named Ned one 
negro Girl named Grace and one hundred dollars
he further bequeathed that all his debts which were owing to him should be 
collected and all his just debts should be paid and the remaining part of his 
personal and perishable property should be sold and the monies arising 
therefrom and all the monies arising from my Estate after paying his just 
debts to be equally divided (Except one hundred dollars, which he before 
bequeathed to Amos Beckwith) between his three children Hansel Sarah Pate 
& Rhoda Henderson
He further gave and bequeathed after the death of his wife Mourning to be 
equally divided between his two children Amos Beckwith and Martha Jane Beckwith 
all his lands whereon he then lived at the time of his death 
and lastly he constituted Davis S Harllee & Jno Hamilton Executors 
of his last Will and testament The above Nuncupative will was made and declared 
the 13th of February One thousand Eight hundred and Twenty two and 
in the forty Seventh year of the American Independence in presence of us who 
have hereunto set our hands as witnefses to the same this 16 day of Feby 1822
Witnefses   John  X   Hamilton
            Martha  X  Hamilton
            Thomas Harllee
Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 141
Original Will Missing
Recorded May 8, 1829
Thomas Harllee, Ordy
Roll No. 44

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