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Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, 19 March 2001


In the name of God Amen
  I Nathan Evans of the State of South Carolina and District
of Marion do make ordain and _______ this instrement of wri-
ting to be my last Will and testament revoking all others

Imprimis All my Just debts and funeral expences are to be
punctually and speedily paid and the Legaces herein after be-
queathed are to be discharged as Soon as Circumstances will
permit and in the manner directed

Item to my beloved Son 
Thomas Evans I give and bequeath a tract of Land to be Laid 
of to him from the Lower part of my two Tracts Namely one 
hundred acres from the Lower part of the land I now Live on 
and also One hundred acres from the tract of Land known by
the name of the David Evans Land Adjoining the Land I now
Live on  also I give To my beloved Son Thomas Evan fifty
Dollars to be paid to him by my Executors when he Shall Arive
at the years of twenty one

     I give
Item/ to my Beloved Daughters Edey 
& Zilphey one Neagro girl Named Sarey hur and hur Isue to be 
Equalle Devided betwen them at the time of Mariage or Twenty 
one  also Two Cows and one feather Bed but in Cafe one of My 
Daughters Eadey Evans or Zilpey Evans Should Dey before they 
Come of age or Marrey the Surviveing to have the whoal of 
Said property.

Item I give to my Beloved Wife Elizabeth Evans
Durin hur Natrell Life one Tract of land I purchafed of My 
Brother Thomas Evans and at hur Deceafe To My Son John game
Well Evans also one Tract of Lan adjoining known by the Name 
of the Jefse god bold Land on the upper Syde of the Branch 
one hundred and fifty acres More or lefs to My beloved wife 
During hur life and at hur Deceafe to My Son John gameWell 

Item I give all the Refsedue of My Land on boath Sydes
of Catfish to My Sons William Evans and Nathan Evans To be
Equalley Devided betwen them at the years of Twenty one or
to there heires in Cafe Eyther of them Should Dey under age


Itim I give To My beloved Wife Elizabeth Evans One Neagro
girl Named June During hur Natural Life and at hur Deceafe to
My beloved Daughter Elizabeth Ann Evans

Item I give to My
beloved Sons William Evans Nathan Evans & John gamewell 
Evans three Neagroas to be Devided betwen Them Namely Case
Will & Venus when My Syd Children Shal Come of age

Item I
give and bequeath unto My beloved Son Thomas Evans one feath-
er Bed

Item I give all My Stock of horses Cattle And Sheep
and hoggs Together with all my househoald furniture & whot
Provisions I have on hand To My beloved Wife to bee at hur

Item I apoint My beloved friends Jefsey Legget
and abner Legget Executors of this My Last Will and Testa-
ment and Jefsey Legget gardeen To My Two Dauters Eadey &
Zilpha in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred
and Ten and in the Thirty fourth and thirty fifth of Amer-
can inDepindance as wittnefs My hand and Seal Syned Sealed in
the Preasince of

John Dunnam                             Nathan Evans (SEAL)
David Legett
Jonathan X Rogers

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 62
Recorded May 23, 1810
Thos Harllee
Roll No. 245

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